Sunday, December 18, 2011

Face Yoga ?

Well, I finally decided to take out time & fulfill all the promises that I made. Here about what face yoga is all about & my experience so far:
Most of them hit the gym, do power yoga or play some kind of sports, just to keep their body toned and stay healthy. The question is what’s the exercise for our 52 face muscles? The answer is Face Yoga. I got myself trained on Face Yoga 3 years back by an expert face yoga certified friend Natasha. I enrolled only because the name “Face Yoga” sounded interesting to me at that time, but today I am a great believe of it, try practicing it often and very soon will start conducting face yoga workshops :)


What is face yoga?
= The human face is a hardworking part of the body and there are about 52 muscles found in the face. Yoga exercises for face is the maintenance routine for motivating muscles and keeping the skin in place. Not only are there about 52 muscles but also a dozen bones, arteries, blood vessels and veins that assists your face to do the work that it need to. Your face muscles absorb and accumulate most of your stress and tension. Unless you allow those muscles to relax, they will get hard and there will be a strained look. Tense muscles also limit the amount of blood flowing to your face and the nutrients it needs by constricting the arteries. Yoga exercises for face plays a key role in maintaining a healthy skin and preventing wrinkles.

How different is face yoga from any other yoga’s?
= The muscles of the face are no different from the muscles of the rest of the body. Just as yoga routines work the muscles in the body, the stretches and movements in The Yoga Face tighten and tone the face muscles-and combat wrinkles.

What are other names for face yoga?
= Faceworks, Facial Workout

What face issues does face yoga solve?
= Face yoga is an effective way of staying away from wrinkles, double chin, fat of the face, aging.

When is face yoga to be done in a day and for how long?
= The Yoga Face is a new and completely natural alternative that can do anytime and anywhere-and in just minutes. You can do it while bathing, cooking, watching TV, waiting for signal on road etc. Just do it when no one is around you :)

Are there any side effects of face yoga?
= The only side effect is if people around watch you while doing face yoga, they might find you weird and may laugh out loud looking at your expression.

What are the benefits of face yoga?
=These exercises for face can help reduce the tension, make you feel and look more relaxed. Increased oxygen, reduce stress, increased muscle tone, wrinkles onset lowered, reduced face fat and complexion improvement.

Where and how can I learn face yoga ?
= Check these videos
Or else mail me at to know about upcoming face yoga workshop.

Which all part of face does face yoga include?
= It include exercises for Forehead, Eyes, Chin, Cheeks, Mouth, neck that help to feel relax from stress, tense muscles and improve blood circulation.

What if I am not a yoga freak, can I still do it ?
= You don’t have to be a Yoga freak, just let loose with those facial expressions and afterwards, your face will thank you.

Snapshot of how face yoga?,29307,1683326,00.html

What do you do in a face yoga class?
= Combination of traditional yoga postures along with face-specific exercises formulated to combat wrinkles through relaxation and tension reduction, and to tone the muscles as a preventive measure. To name few of the exercises:
Eye socket massage - for relieving tension and stress from areas around the eyes.
Cheek Squeezing - improve cheeks circulation by squeezing cheeks and grabbing bits of flesh
Relieving Tension in Forehead and Jaws - relieving tension in your forehead and jaws that could lead to headaches.

"Working out" with fun facial exercises such "Satchmo,"kiss," and the "Lion Face”. Trust me all these exercises would make you laugh a lot out loud and blow kisses to send love around the room.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Don’t regret regrets?

“Things without all remedy should be without regrets; what’s done is done”.

Living a life free from regrets, always looking forward & getting strange to your past all sounds good, but that’s never going to be possible with humans.

So what are your regretting still ?
For not being true to yourself or to others, pretending to be nice in a relationship, missing your flight, leaving your previous job, lying, rejecting a date invite, cheating your dear friend, running away when someone needed you the most, playing with feelings, parents, tattoos, never expressing yourself, your school math scores or for taking our your frustration on the one who unconditionally loves you.
Well I have my own set of regrets & these filled my heart with pain, guilt & sorrow. This was the morning that I accidently bumped into this video of Kathryn Schulz: Don’t regret regret.

The only question I asked myself is “how long do I want to live hating myself, do I want to forgive for all that I did, said.” And then to find the answer I watched this video more than 10 times. It left me touched & with few messages which I found worth sharing with you all.

If you could change your past, do you think your life would have been better than today what it is ?
Friends we don’t have Ctrl + Z button in our life, accept your past as you can never change what you did or said. If your heart is full of pain, there would be no space for you to love people unconditionally. What will you get out of hating yourself; it’s just like a cancer which you implant in your body. It makes you weaker day by day.

Take any regret of your past and you will find saying to yourself: “Can this just vanish from my life”, “How inhuman I was”, “Can I kill myself”, “Why did I do it” and this is an infinite loop in which we live. The regrets you are living with are not as ugly as you think they are, so breakup the loop, move on, let go your fears, forgive yourself, explore yourself to vulnerabilities, risk, take up challenges & opportunities, accept failures & embracement’s if you have to… doesn’t this sound like living.

Make peace with regrets embrace it, in the ocean of regrets we all are together :) Laugh at them, sometime cry but never forget the lessons that these regrets brought in your life. The movie TinTin taught me that there are many around who would call you as failure, inhuman, unsuccessful, and capable of nothing; that’s not what you are. You are what you think you are. Live for your goals, dreams, do your best, feel pain when things go wrong.

The point is not to live life without regrets the point is not to hate yourself. Love all the imperfect things that you do & forgive yourself for all the mistakes & wrong decisions you took, as regrets doesn't remind us that we did it badly, it reminds us that we can do more better.
So go and discover yourself. Know what you want out of life, what you love, what makes you happy & what you want your story to look like. So as we create our story good luck to you all & myself :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Letter... reliving memories :)

Few lines from the sweetest letter that I received from a dearest friend :)

Stay notorious as you were ....

waiting to get mad and laugh for hours together

far from all wicked thought’s in our own world

so holy and child like

Cherishing all those days in our life

Goose bumps remembering those incidents of our life’s

having brightest mischievous smile after playing all those pranks

Repented after doing all, but no more as these are the memories which I relive

I love u deeply and solely ..and believe me when I breadth last the wish I would have is to see you besides me and die laughing so that even god increases the time for me to complete my laugh.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

What it is like being an Entrepreneur?

Well my admiration for Entrepreneurs is an open secret then how could I miss recording my meeting with the wonderful friend Sushrut Bidwai. A tall young gentleman, an entrepreneur from last 6 year by choice. For me he is a guide book for entrepreneurship.

If I have to rewind the video of our meeting, I would look like interviewing Sushrut. So here's the report of the interview:

Being an Entrepreneur gives you opportunity to:

- create products

- do things in your way

- create jobs

- take up many opportunities

- meet smart people

It needs guts to step out of your comfortable zone and face all the risk/challenges you as an entrepreneur would face each day

India’s social elements mainly corruption makes existence of start-ups more difficult

Explore small towns of India to kick off a startup not necessarily always Bangalore or pune

Meet and interact as many people as you can, there is so much knowledge around

Its not an idea but the passion & an intent is what keeps the Entrepreneur going

Glamorous part of being an Entrepreneur:

- Being titled as Entrepreneur

- Freedom to bring in change

- Knowing your limitations

- Inspiration to many

Non-Glamorous part of being an Entrepreneur:

- Risk & challenge in every corner

- Less of social & carefree life

What it needs to be an entrepreneur:

- Passion

- Extrovert

- Just do it attitude

And there is where our drinks got over. We departed and I was back with a thought & smile to stay for ever.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Here goes the things I am thankful for :

… a lovely matured younger sister.

… understanding & supportive parents always taking up my nonsense

… "miss u, love u , can’t smile without u, bored without u" message sending my no mad friends

… caring, admiring, inspiring, motivating colleagues

… my lucky home

… Linked, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, G+ connectors making me more than what I could be

boy genius standing for me

… challenging job

Landmark Education

… Endeavour believing my technical writing

….mentors & X-Bosses making me believe myself

… music enabling to relive my passion

… 250 worth earring named as TinTinee sparking like diamond

…“U r worth it “ messages on my office white board

… for all the smiles & pampering in return for a smile

…“Let’s run away & get married” project plan proposal

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finding its way...

No cry’s and no tears

suffering the depths of pain & guilt

as the journey ends and another cannot begin

soul torn apart

voluntarily picking up memories

trying to hold something in palm & every time it’s gone

perhaps it is just not meant to be here.

In darkness the fear & pains remains,

to be healed only by a love that could cross oceans

with no stars to guide,

believing the power of its existence

love will find its way

just to reach the hidden door of the heart

Monday, November 14, 2011

Why let yesterday's faults overshadow tomorrow's dreams

A well - known speaker started off his seminar by holding up a $20 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, "who would like this $20 bill?" Hands started going up. He said, " I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first let me do this."

He proceeded to crumple the dollar bill up. He then asked. "who still wants it?" Still the hands were up in the air. "Well, he replied. "What if I do this?" And he dropped it on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now all crumpled and dirty. "Now who still wants it?" Still the hands went into the air.

"My friends, you have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value.

Our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the decisions we make and the circumstances that come our way. We feed as though we are worthless. But no matter what has happened or what will happen, you will never lose your value. You are special Don't ever forget it!

"Never let yesterday's disappointments/failures/ faults overshadow tomorrow's dreams"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Holding on with an idea

Certain aspects of an idea that makes me hold on to:

  1. Solving a problem that existed for a while.
  2. Sleepless night with the pleasure & excitement of its implementation.
  3. Non-stop talking about the idea with people around.
  4. Brings newness in the market.
  5. Integrates well with other component’s & products in the eco system.
  6. Unlimited revenue generator.
  7. Attractive enough for everyone to be a part of it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is telecom's voice business dead ?

I think sadly YES, many of today’s voice players will be unless they can stop thinking like Telcos and adapt to new market realities – One of the take away from recently held Capacity Asia.

All Telco executives feel that there are still ways to make money in the voice business, but they aren’t the old ways of making money, and voice players better discover new ways and fast. The voice margins already so low, particularly in market like India, that being in the voice business is almost close to “slavery”. There is major impact from OTT players like Skype on the voice business, but Telcos had no one to blame but themselves for Skype’s success at their expense.

The Voice service providers are “so strangled by the telecoms way of thinking,” seeing India’s voice tariffs, which are so low. I hope that service providers might offer voice for free and make money from it in other ways, such as advertising. But no one will consider this because the shareholders still think like telecoms. They think inside the box when the only thing inside the box is a dead body!

Once a Facebook executive in Singapore was asked, “Since Facebook has 800 million users, why not charge them a dollar a month and make $9.6 billion a year? He replied: ‘That’s a telco’s mindset’.”
“Telcos are not good innovators. But they are good at engineering and operating networks. They don’t make apps, but they partner with those who do and layer our superior network and engineering experience, and come up with a better customer experience.

Telcos probably couldn’t execute a Facebook-like model where the experience is subsidized, but can create a local flavor of Facebook or Skype in ways that those companies can’t because Telcos know the local markets better.

One important point to note that:
1) The success of OTT services depends on the level of broadband penetration, which creates a distinction between developed and developing markets.
2) In Nepal, or India or Srilanka or Pak, OTT is not such a threat yet, so traditional voice is still thriving.

Recently KDDI’s mobile phone tied up with OTT player ie., Skype and want to make Skype as default option for voice on KDDI’s mobile phones. COO of KDDI says “Skype has had a big impact on our volumes, but we realized we can’t stop it, so we had to look at how to generate new business with it,”

So I feel still lot of business exist for Telcos, they can still rock provided they start thinking differently.

Monday, October 31, 2011

What was it in going blind ?

First sight it was

felt different

safe and just so perfect.

knew it was all a planned game

closer as it could get

happier than ever

walking on a path with no sure destination

enjoying all that was coming

it was not the matter of anything less than a heart

touching & feeling it, realized its pureness

fine with all that was coming

fights, irritation, jealously, smiles, tears, completeness

and lots something which is still nameless

hard was it to accept all that was felt

so closed eyes tight to go blind

yes, self-cheated, but still happy

lied & pretended to what it was not

proved all wrong

running away and blaming all was the only safe option

far far away still not from those memories

please set me free, forgive me, unlearn me

move on…

set me free...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

and they all lived happily ever after

Well its late midnight here enjoying moonlight, my sleep seems to be a bit unhappy with me so I decided to hug my blog & write down my thoughts on a sentence which read “and they all lived happily ever after…

I really don’t know who created this sentence…but yes, it’s my favorite line

As a kid I read this in many story books & it used to appear in most of the movies at the end.

But now that I am seeing the world around, this line just seems so unrealistic

Is it because of this, many of us believe that we do not need to work anymore as soon as we find the Mr./Ms. Right.

Is it because of this, so we believe that once we are married, nothing shall go wrong?

Once we are married, it will be IT? ( Happy ever after?)

If people do live happy ever after, then shall we just forget about all other emotion that come with us in one package?

If we do not know how to cry and how to be sad, then how do we learn to be happy? Will Happiness mean anything once sadness has been forgotten?

If I see around, people don’t just live happy ever after once they are married. They are working their marriage in order to learn their happiness.

The authors & movie directors craft a nice story & leave people with an optimistic view that life gets more beautiful when people from two different planet get together to live life together.

So, does it mean they don’t live happily ever after when they get married?

Well, No. They so live happily together if they work it together. But that doesn’t guarantee they will be happy all the time. They may fight, or they may disagree…but if they are both willing to work it out, they usually will come to a happy solution to it.

So how do you work it?

I cannot answer, but I guess that’s why we were born to find out.

Is that why most of us expecting everything should be “RIGHT” once we find the Mr./Ms. Right?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Imagination world where customer is the king

*Please note all the names given below are artificial as we now take a dip into the imagination world J

Lolob Laptop gives me an option to compose my laptop look & feel. WOW, so here I decide what would be the screen size, ask for a keypad that I am most comfortable with choose where my charging & USB points should be and color & style of my preference.

As I am working on what I would wear for my cousins wedding, I get my outfit but instead of I hunting at 20 diff stores to find the matching pair of shoes, Bollywoody Shoes makes me to upload my outfit picture & it delivers shoes of my size, preferred heals inch with matching color & beadwork all in sync with my outfit.

Its early morning & I am as usual getting late to my office, but I have put cloths to wash. As at home we don’t wear watch, standing in front of the machine I mostly keep estimating what the actual time it would be. So Timi Timi Washing Machine provides me an embedded clock & a radio so that I am with time & instead of listening to the noise enjoy Rafi’s songs.

Friends are very important in life, the worst part is that they remember how many times you forgot wishing them on their birthdays, so to save me from this embarrassment my color changing dialer FriendlyBee watch gives me an alert to wish my friends at 12.00 & surprise them.

House is everyone’s dream, a place where they live with their loved ones in happiness. So DreamBuilder gives me a house with the bedroom from where I can view the moon every night & sunrise which greets me early morning in all the rooms as I walk in. A home placed on the 27th floor which rotates as and when I wish.

My mom’s the best cook on this earth, well I think all mom’s are J She dictates the recipe on phone & I write it down on a paper which I would obviously loose. Presenting KquickMic Microwave which gives me a embedded notepad to take notes of all the recipes taught to me by my mom & aunts & pull it out anytime from the database when I wish to cook it again for my guest.

Everyone’s buying a car these days & in a city like Bangalore parking problem is just getting major. Most of the time finding a place to park & later spending minutes in figuring out where you actually parked gets painful. SheCar will be so smart enough that it will take care of finding parking spot & will come driving to you as you start looking out for it.

In this online word I still believe a physical Greeting card means a lot. When my dad gets angry over me Say It greeting cards helps me design a musical card with lovely cover pic of me & my dad pretending to be angry & as he opens, it plays “ayo mere papa ko gussa jab aata hai

Smartphone is supposed to be smart, when I am missing someone badly, ChupChup phone sends “Miss u” message. When I am trying to avoid my boss & he is trying to reach me, it should get into busy mode. With the kind of features these days the phones come out, be assured that the battery can’t retain for more than 20 hrs, so this ChupChup phone will chupke se as I sit over it will convert the body heat to power & recharge the phone ;)

Why is it that I should watch Simi garewal’s TV show “Most desirable” on Sunday 9pm when AirWatch operator gives me an option to watch any TV serial at any time based on my mood.

Nothing like cooking for your love. What if you are not the world’s best chef Nightingale Restaurant will create the ambiance based on your selected theme. Also with the assistance & guidance of world class expert chefs I would cook the entire dinner from my own hands & server it. How special that would be…

Well I am stepping out of this dream world & coming to reality. Sad to realize that when I (crazy) customer asks for some of these products or services, it’s just laugh out. It’s time that Manufactures & Service providers wake up & actually treat customers as King. My only request is design & build a product/service that fit peoples lifestyle & leaves a scope for customization.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love As Eyes See It

Life is just passing by.... do u have a say in it

We try our best to say it all the time. We regret not having said enough of it in our lifetime.

Saying it is one thing. Most of the time, we are just unaware of how looking at them with loving eyes is equally important.

And when they look at you, you know that they love you back.

Love as they see it.

Love as eyes see it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Living as if there is no tomorrow

Steve Jobs died, but because of all his great work and leadership he still lives with his quotes…

When I was 17, I read a quote that went something like: “If you live each day as if it was your last, someday youll

most certainly be right.” It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.

Design is not just what it looks like Design is how it works.

Learn how to rethink your business, reimagine your products, and reset for future success

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something —your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

You cant just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.

I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Dont be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other peoples thinking. Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.

"Vic, unless the Caller ID said 'GOD', you should never pick up during services".

Jobs skipped a meeting to take Laurene on their first date. The only question he asked was , "If this is my last night on earth, would I rather spend it at a business meeting or with this woman?". They have been together ever since :) Ask this question ones to urself & find answers for ur rest of life, "What if there is no tomorrow?"

Just do what you love….stay hungry, stay foolish.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

These are the days of my life.

I had been to Jogimatti which was my first treak ever. Completed a month in Huawei, meeting many new people every day, spending more time with loved ones. Hunting for a new property for investment in Bangalore, playing badminton on weekends, about to enrol for swimming classes “seriously” & my journey is going on. Thought of taking sometime out to note down things that I have realized & experienced more about life.

- Never judge, accept people the way they are, because you finally would realize that you were wrong.

- You cannot always make everyone happy all the time.

- People will never remember what you said but will remember you for how you made them feel.

- Once you make a decision, stick to it.

- It's hard saying goodbye.

- It's even harder saying goodbye to someone while they tell you they love you.

- It's scary when people know you so well, they predict what you're going to do and you still do it.

- Don't look for people to tell you that you did the right thing. If you think it's the right thing, then it probably is.

- Relationships can never survive in boundaries as they are meant to grow.

- Fear is ones biggest enemy; can’t forever keep running away from it. Face it & you shall conquer it. After which the happiness & joy you get is priceless.

- Realize who & where you are. Know where you wanna go…it’s always a leap that you need to take. Go for it & get ready to face all the emotions that come on your way. Trust me it’s all gonna be worth it.

- Bitching behind someone’s back does not make you best. Stand up & speak up upfront

- Always ask a question “Why” and you will discover miracles.

- Try to do those small things just for others happiness. People don’t expect anything but they deserve to be treated with respect.

- Smaller things in life give real satisfaction & joy. It’s just smaller things that the best things begin.

- Feelings can never be manipulated. One who is loved can never be hated.

- Don’t get upset if people make fun of you, be glad that you made them laugh.

- Everyone has their own set of problems, fears, sadness & aloneness what differentiate the best is the way they are dealing with them.

- Trust the one who remains & behaves the same even in your absence.

- If you can’t reciprocate the same at least respect the feelings.

- Give your best in everything that you do and make a difference – work, relationship, sports, art etc.

- No one is perfect, accept your mistakes & work on them. Life always gives second chance.

- Enough of running away, learn to face it…that’s what living is all about.

I'm enjoying myself so! I’m free, I'm happy, no regrets!

My weekend hobby "Moon watching... "

Monday, August 29, 2011

A letter to my best friend

You and me. We wanted to live our lives in a tree. We played ‘aiming the ball inside the basket, hiding ourselves from professors while bunking classes, joined swimming classes just to enjoy the open shower (with our swimsuits on!). We walked every evening discussing what we’ll be, where we’ll be and who we’ll be with. We loved udhari ka vada pav with ketchup & green chillies. We named the trees. We scribbled Arabic bad words on the walls of our college. We love Bishop’s & singing at sunday mass. We love Pune. We lived together for 5 days in the mountains. I enjoyed getting wet in the rain and you hated to see me sneezing. You loved wine & I loved its color. You were my bodyguard & I was your lucky charm saving from dad & mom's scolding. We ate Bournvita powder late in the night. We loved Titanic and sang “Every night in my dreams....” during pyjama parties. I was like of your first love and you let it go. You supported my act of pretending to be a conceiving lady to run away from the cops. You desired to have a daughter like me & I wished a boy who would pamper me more than you. We rocked the dance floor and slapped may boys. We enjoyed spending our weekends with those cute looking orphan kids. Daydreaming of how we would seduce our love by wearing orange bikini saree while walking on the beach. My test car drive & you sitting next to me saying your final thanks giving to Lord. Pulling Bahadur uncles mustache, plucking roses from your neighbors garden & screaming out our favorite DJ’s name at the DJ war….gosh we have done it all. I have lived many lives in this time and enjoyed all that I never dreamt.

Yes, even if you are away from me…. you are in my every smile as I enjoy the rain
… you are in my every tear when I miss you in the dance floor
… no more credit cards can buy me the taste of our udhari ka vada pav

I hate new people loving you. You love new people loving me.
Jaannn Thank you for these memories.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Your handwriting is your mirror... know yourself

I was always told that I don’t know how to judge people… I have this hobby of blindly trusting people and believe me it has never harmed. 2 years back my friend pulled me to Graphology learning workshop.

60+ aged cute looking and totally in love couple hosted the workshop.

Graphology was their PhD topic & were in India to spread awareness about this science. First day we were asked to submit our sample full paged handwriting. During the introduction round I said, “I wish to learn as I want to judge & know people I am dealing with”. On this my teacher told “Dear, u first need to know yourself & let that be the focus for your learning”.
He analyzed my handwriting and it was 95% true. After each class I was getting to know myself better & that was so satisfying. This workshop not only certified me as a “Graphologist” but did change my life at a crucial stage & I can say it is doing wonders for me.

Graphology is something that I have been interested in since then. Graphology simply means study of handwriting to reveal an individual’s personality.
> You can tell about a person’s nature, whether he or she is an extrovert or introvert,
> Whether the person is impulsive, artistic, materialistic,
> Is the person what he really appears to be or are there layers to his/her personality,
> Their strengths, weaknesses what they really are like
> Signature itself talks about you, parents, relationships, career, passion
> Yes, it can also predict future

Handwritings reveals SO much….I am so obsessed with it that I start off as soon as I look at hand written envelopes, receipts, medical prescriptions and even notes scribbled during a meeting –basically anything hand written and I can tell certain things about that person. Certain strokes correspond to different characteristics. A person’s handwriting is more or less consistent with the way he/she is as a person. If you are angry it will reflect in your handwriting. If you are sad, that too shows.

From my graphology experience I have seen people’s life getting more meaningful as soon as they work on their handwriting. Graphology is a science. Hand writing is a neuro-muscular function of your brain. Therefore every thought, and every emotion you feel reflects in your writing. Your brain is used to certain patterns which are pre programmed and it reflects in your writing. We are socially conditioned to be behave in an accepted way, which very often conceal our true nature. But our writing never lies. It is fascinating how much our writing reveals and Graphology continues to enthrall me.

so much so that a love letter becomes a sample in my term of Graphology

Friday, August 12, 2011

Be right in appearance wherever you are - part 2

For a special date:
- Stay natural & look hygienic
- Study the persons taste and select your color & style accordingly
- Preferably red, orange, purple, black colors
- Don’t overdo that’s what will make u sexy
- Let your outfit depend on the venue & time of your date
- Do something with your style which makes u memorable eg: Tattoo,piercing, designer sleeves or scarf, unseen hairstyle, any unique accessory that define u and only you.

Attending a Wedding:
- NO red & too not much of gold jewelry
- Don’t dress up like a bride or groom (even if you are looking out)
- Respect the culture and dress up according to their respective tradition. Eg: don’t drape your saree in a gujarati style in a maharashtrian wedding
- Dress rehearsals is a must if you are the Best Man or Best Woman at the wedding
- If planning to get drunk and plan to rock on the dance floor: Men: avoid layering clothes and blazers go in for Indian ethnic wear. Women: No heavy or lengthy lengha, saree well draped (hope u get what I mean :-))

Getting ready for a Party:
- Birthday, anniversary, house warming, get-together, bachelor, pyjama party, divorce etc all sorts of parties...
- It’s difficult to list down the dress codes as each occasion is different. So ppl have this theme style dressing.
- While sending out the invite do mention the dressing theme eg: Bollywood, Jungle, Traditional , Tribal, Towel, Disney, Geeky, Historical, Rainbow etc

Visiting spiritual places:
- It’s a very sensitive issues, so lets be very careful while dressing up
- Tikkas & Bindis : NO – Church, YES – Gurudwara, A Must – Temples
- Westerns clothes still not well received in south Indian temples
- No designer or branded shoes & sandals… you'll know why

- Be comfortable. Avoid layered cloths & too much of accessories
- Long flight or connected flights carry an extra pair of cloths
- Avoid hairstyles & plaiting of your hair girls
- Shorts, Capri, spaghetti, tunic tops or flowery scarf and a jacket is a must

Movie/Theater show: - The funkier the better… go ahead with all ur experiments. In Spain I had seen bunch of teenage girls with painted face, lovely hats, uniform frocks with pencil heel sandals walking in to the theater… u see how it builds in the right excitement :)

And what for trekking? Well I really don’t know. Allow me to come back to you after this weekend as I am heading for an adventure camp.

Keep experimenting… Style is something you cultivate when you know who you are

Friday, August 5, 2011

Be right in appearance wherever you are - part 1

It’s hard fact that most of the people including you and me judge a person based on what he/she wears. In my case most of the time my judgment has failed badly, as I said in my previous post, styling is more of experiments.

Sharing with you’ll some style tips for these special occasions:

Attending an Interview:
- No oily hair and don’t afford to have a bad hair day
- Avoid red & pink ties/shirts/skirts
- Girls please tie your hair, we are not here to win best hair award
- T-Shirts with bold slogans & prints plzz NO
- Pin your dupatta well & place it in the right position
- No dark makeup & strong perfumes
- No rolled sleeves & appreciate your shirt tucked in

As an Interviewer:
- Dress up causally & just try to be yourself
- Avoid bold colors, preferably White/blue
- Girl interviewing a guy “Please no lip gloss or dark eyeliner”. It’s distracting most of the time
- Stay away from drinks or smoke for a day before the Interview
- No raised colors…let Australian cricketers enjoy that style.
- No red eyes, don’t scare the prospective employee with the company work culture
- Guys don’t go extra miles or fall for doing stuff for your favorite female candidate
- Don’t smell as if you have jumped out of perfume shower, girls like me will faint

First week in new office:
- Don’t try outing new cloths; carrying something which you have always felt comfortable wearing.
- Be sober & not like F-TV models. Take time to understand the company culture & people’s taste with whom you would be working
- Avoid too many jewellery, exception to newly wedded bride :-)
- No bright colors – preferably black, dark blue, off white outfits
- Hair well pinned & no shinny headbands or clips

Participating in a conference:
- As you would be closely interacting with prospective business leads keep your nails clean & use mouth fresheners every 2 hrs
- No deep neck shirts or gowns
- Girls with long hair to be more comfortable go for French braid
- Avoid too much of colorful & mix & match outfits
- Cotton with thin border & no embroidery sareer are total YES.
- Black spegitte with blazers on formal cotton trousers looks NICE.
In a customer Meetings:
- Formal shirts/skirts tucked in with a combination of nice leather belt. Closed shoes a must
- If your presenting use gel to assure that even if you move your hair does not take weird shaped & makes you look funny
- Apply lip moisturizer or lip balm to avoid liking of your lips during the meeting
- Today I see most of them wearing denim jeans and its well accepted but with a formal color shirt or blazer
- Owning side & front slit skirts like me don’t worry - wear leggings. Yes back slit shirts are said to be formal in Europe.

While in a NGO activity:
- No fancy or branded cloths
- No formals just dress up with a simple nice quoted T-Shirt with pair of jeans
- Girls go with traditional Kutras & cotton churidar
- No skin show

Blog is getting lengthy hmmm…. Dressing up for a date, workshop, wedding etc all coming up in the next blog post.
*This is totally based on my experience & my conclusions. You’ll are totally welcome to put in your comments if you’ll disagree.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Only if I would knew when my last day on this planet…is

No, I don’t want to go by this way… can’t see the cancer patients battling with life”. See choose the other path & reached the ICU where her father was hospitalized, early suspect for Malaria. Ohhh Its “Sie” that’s what I called her. One, who married whom she loved, gave birth to a beautiful son, over trusted a friend, became a suspect in the eyes of her husband, got divorced, chose to study again, started staying with her parents and had the guts to fall in love again and fail.

That day Sie wasn’t sure that her life is going to take a major twist. All reports were placed in front of her & the doc says “Your father is in the 3rd stage of cancer, you just have 6 months more”. Didn’t know how to react, asked no questions & went up to her god to ask “Why? Punish me, not my father”.

For a month Sie had almost visited all the top cancer specialist of her city, showed the reports & all had different recommendation & stories to say. She was confused & had lost the meaning of the word “Trust”. She just kept running away from home as facing her father was no easier. I accompanied her one such day to meet one such specialist & that day was the day of conclusion. He saw the reports and said, “Your father is at the last stage, take him anywhere on this earth you can’t save him for cancer forever. Stop torcuring him by getting those all medical test done on him, his body no more can resist. You have 5 months in hand. Make it the best for him. Let him live his life… he is a lucky man unlike us. Imagine what would you do if you knew your last day on this planet…”.

That’s the only day I had seen Sie crying out loud, yes because she had accepted the truth & was all set to batter for her father’s life. After this her only moto was to fulfill all her father’s wishes, major being a MBA. 2 months passed her family or closest people kept this secret from her father. They did all that he ever wished and desired for. Taught days were not very far. His body started giving up, tremendous pain in stomach, blood vomits, cuts in fingers which kept bleeding, hair & body weight loss…

4th month in the mid night when her father was awake she went up to him and said, “Please forgive me for all the pains & hurt that I gave you. We just have 2 more months and I want to live every moment with you papa”. Cancer started playing its game badly and Sie was fighting it well. I salute this woman for never giving it up. Those 2 months, were the worst days of her life. Her father was on the bed 24/7, on saline, could only intake liquid, lost all hair & weight was not more than 36 Kg. He used to cry out loud with the pain & pluck bucket full of blood. Every night she was awake sitting next to her father with her books in hand preparing for 2 exams – MBA & father’s life. Cancer is one should disease which can make a father say to his daughter “Please kill me, I no more can live with this pain…”. Sie’s did all that a daughter could do for her father in those last days. It was his birthday & knowing that it’s her father’s last birthday made all the attempts to make it special. Till date she relives those memories & finds herself in the arms of her father.

The day stroked & he finally got peace when he took his last breath.

I wonder in today’s world where we speak of advanced technology, why we don’t have a treatment for Cancer. Why are the patients forced to die a painful death? Why could we hold on uncle for few more days so that he could see Sie’s MBA certificate?

I would like to leave you with these questions:

What would you do if you knew it was the last day with your parents?

What would you do if you knew your love is embracing death tomorrow?

What would you do for all those cancer patients who are left by their dear ones as they were cowards?

What would you do to not be in the place of Sie?

Life is short…make every moment special for the people you care, who knows if you would get another chance or not.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wardrobe styling & Image makeover workshop

A first impression is built by 55% look, 38% style, tone & body language & 7% what you say. Most of the time what we are and like is never depicted in our outfit. To avoid people misinterpreting you, we need to get our dressing & styling right. I participated in this workshop hosted by iReboot by Babita Jaishankar.

Color Analysis:

According to the color worn people make conclusions that you are conservative/introvert/extrovert, sophisticated, friendly, down to earth, business like. Skin tones are categorized as Cool tones or Warm Toned.

Cool Toned colors recommended – (Blue undertones) Rosy Pink, white, dark brown, true olive, ruddy-pinkish red.

Warm Toned colors recommended – (Yellow undertones) Golden, dark blue & green, ivory, NO black.

Body Style:

Body style is categorized in 4 types:

  1. Hourglass- Balanced hip and shoulder width, defined waist
  2. Triangle – Shoulders narrow than hips
  3. Inverted Triangle – Shoulders wider than hip
  4. Rectangle – Balanced hip & shoulder, no defined waist

After analyzing which body style you fit, select the outfit accordingly. Few tips:

Triangle: Outfit which adds volume to shoulders eg: Padding shoulders, puff sleeves, avoid sleeveless & tube tops, pocket less trousers, no frill skirts.

Inverted Triangle: Outfit which adds volume to hips eg: Frill Skirts, pocket trousers, pleated skirts, trousers, low waist trousers, anarkali kurtas.

Wardrobe basics:

Must have in Men’s wardrobe – Suite, Dress shirts (White & Blue), Trousers fit, Khakis, Statement watch, dark denim, cardigan/sweater, belt, shoes, ethnic wear, Polo’s & Tee’s

Must have in Women wardrobe – Skirt suite/Pant suit, formal trousers, Fitted jacket/Cardigan, Formal shirts & blouses, kurtis & chudidar, black dress & saree, watch, accessories, purse, closed shoes, dressy sandals, denim & tees


Before going to bed apply cleanser (to remove all makeup), apply toner and then moisture which has no SPF. Oil massage hands & legs and some Castor oil massage round the eyes. Morning avoid using bath soap on the face. Apply moisturizer which has 30% SPF with UVA & UVB projection.


Oil your hair once in a week. Add 1 spoon of Castor oil, 2 spoon of olive oil & 3 spoon of coconut oil. Warm it and then massage it. After an hour use shampoo for wash. Apply conditioner and serum after the wash. Hair wash is recommended twice in a week and not regularly.

Quick Notes:

- No pinks, orange and red outfit for Interviews

- A person who dares to dress out of the norm’s has a “I don’t care" attitude

- Thin and lean people fall in cool tone

- Red color indicated assertiveness & dominance, Blue (trust), Orange (no diet), brown (Negative)

- Shampoo with Conditioner is a big NO

- Night cream need not contain SPF

- Girls whose face is longer than compared to neck avoid closed neck outfits

- Darker lipstick makes u look aged

- Guys should read book “Style & the Man”

- Shorter people should avoid mix & match.

- Almond oil is recommended for face message

- Don’t step out without sunscreen

- Cosmetics brand suggested – Mac, Avon, Amway, l’orial, oriflamme

- Drink lots of water and intake fruits & vegetable & avoid cigars, alcohol. Include rock salt in your food

- Never use products having alcohol in their ingredients list

- While travelling to other countries, study about their dress & attire culture. Just because U care J

If you next meet me, don't expect me to be perfectly dressed. Don't believe all that's written about fashion go out try new stuff.... Its all about experiments & welcoming compliments & most of the time criticisms. Stay beautiful!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drive me back… let me…

I have not done some things,
and left others undone.
Drive me back,
let me re-do.

I have not cared for some souls,
and have hurt few others.
Drive me back,
let me re care.

I sacrificed some things,
and lost few others.
Drive me back,
let me reclaim.

I am suffering,
due to someone else’s offense.
Drive me back,
let me punish them.

I have ignored some moments,
and not noticed others.
Drive me back,
let me relive.

I kept silent,
and could never reciprocate.
Drive me back,
let me do justice to self.

I walked out of few life,
and they still can’t move on.
Drive me back,
let me bring back their smile.

I was spied,
and dictated to live life in not so my style.
Drive me back,
let me show them the value of a life.

I feared, shy,
and scared of losing & trusting.
Drive me back,
let and take a chance.

I acted weird,
and made them hate me.
Drive me back,
let me accept the proposal.

I was misunderstood,
and treated wrongly.
Drive me back,
let me teach them how to value a women.

I was trusted,
and made a part of their journey.
Drive me back,
let me tell them, “I am not worth it”.

Inspired by​/blog/2010/12/let-me/