Sunday, July 7, 2013

Joy of Giving!

Every time I shop, the challenge I face is to make space for them in my wardrobe. One weekend I closely looked at my wardrobe & figured out that I had a lot of items that I don’t use anymore.  Few stuff which are out of fashion, some don’t fit me any more …it was getting difficult to tackle the mountain of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.
Many of us feel that we may still wear certain items once more or, that we will grow back in to them if we lose some weight. However, there comes a point that we do really have to face the facts and get rid of a couple of things. Good News is that you need not throw everything in the bin, because there are quite a lot of things you can do with your old clothing:

Donate old cloths to NGOs. Do make sure, however, that you check your clothing is still wearable. Anything with bad stains, holes or tears should not be given to charity, it would just be disrespectful. 
There are a number of organisations that will buy your clothing by weight.  They will provide you a certain amount for every kilo of clothing that they deem acceptable. You could also place your clothing on a number of online bidding websites and let others fight over how much they will give you for it. 
Old clothes, for instance, make excellent rags that can be reused at various places. It is difficult to see something that you really loved and wore with pride turned into a rag covered with oil stains, but that's OK. You could also turn your old clothing into funky jewelry and accessories. The best thing about this is that you end up with something truly original item.
*We need Clothing Bank in India 
It’s not easy to get rid of old clothing, particularly if it’s your favorite brand, however when you give, you make someone else really happy with it, or make a contribution to a better planet. Donations are a very popular medium of giving away clothes to the needy and underprivileged people. It brings personal happiness as well as joy to the beneficiary.
The more you give, the more you have new things coming into your life…so go & enjoy the joy of giving!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


..some fun, when you risk..
..some joy, when you understand..
..some connect, when you fall..
..some excitement, when you explore..
..some life, when you remember..
..some imagination, when you dream..
..some hope, when you loose..
...some pleasure, when you fly..
...some tears, when you laugh..
..some peace, when you forgive!
*Today was one such day where I was asked for forgiveness like never before...