Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why should I Live...

This is an answer to a question “Why should I live ?

This is an answer to a question “Why do u live ?

This is an answer to everyone’s beautiful living

This is an answer to every breath that we take.

Live for what you are yet to receive

Live for the friends you will get

Live for the jokes you still wait to hear

Live for the beautiful travels you are still to make

Live for everything you are not sure about, as it will still challenge your being

Life for tomorrow’s sunrise

Live for the gifts you are yet to receive

Live for the riddles you haven’t yet solved

Live for all your unanswered questions

Live for all your lost battles, as they are your precious lessons

Live for your enemies, as they are there to give birth to you forgiveness

Live for all the ambitious goals you’ve set

Live for the smiles you get every day

Live for the smiles you give every day

Live for all the great ideas you will have tomorrow

Live for tomorrow’s surprises

Live for all the nice words you haven’t yet said to your loved ones

Live for all the books you haven’t yet read

Live for all the unborn challenges you still have to face

Live for all the stories you haven’t yet heard, written or imagined

Live for all your unfulfilled dreams

Live for every single second, as this is all you have, only this infinite second

I am living my life to witness miracles…

Monday, June 15, 2009

Upcoming Events : Headstart Summer and Pune Blog Camp 2009

Headstart Summer 2009

Headstart Summer is coming up on 20th June @ Nehru Center Mumbai. The event would bring together entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, Startups and professionals all under one roof along with industry leaders, VC's and experts.

Headstart features two separate threads: Exhibition and Conference.

* The exhibition thread will have an exhibition of 20 finalist startups from all over the country.

* The conference thread will have startup showcases, workshops and interactive panel discussions.

The conference thread will see the following ensemble of events:

  1. Startup Showcase: The greatest learning for an entrepreneur is to learn from another entrepreneur's story. This will have three-way interaction between a startup, a panel of experts and the audience
  2. Workshops: There is nothing like hands-on learning with an expert who can hand-hold you through the process. We shall see hands-on workshops on "Making One-Pager Business Plans" and "Early Stage Funding" by some of the Industry's leading people.
  3. Interview with an entrepreneur: The last session will be an interaction with a leading entrepreneurial corporate figure who has made it BIG.

What to expect?

  • 20 startup finalists - all going to the demo-pit
  • 9 startups presenting themselves on stage
  • Interaction with industry leaders, angels and early stage investors
  • 100 investors, corporates, partners, organizers
  • 150 startups, techies, entrepreneurs

For reference:

Pune Blog Camp 2

After 2 hugely successful blogcamps, BlogCampPune and BlogCampMumbaiStyle and a gap of 2 years Pune Blogger’s are back with the 2nd edition of BlogCampPune.

BlogCampPune is a FREE unconference focusing exclusively on blogging, organized by bloggers for bloggers. It‘s built upon t

he principles of the famous BarCamp (ad-hoc unconference) focused on sharing, learning and new ideas. This is going to be an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction between attendees.

Date: 27th June 2009

Time: 10:00AM to 5:00PM

Venue: SICSR (Symbiosis) 7th Floor Atur Center, Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony Pu

ne Near the OM Super Market

So Pune blogger’s come and be a part of this event, where blogger’s are gonna share their thoughts on:

Why we blog, Way’s to make your blog popular, Web 3.0, blog for earning money and a best marketing tool.

And many more exciting and adventures topics revolving around the blogosphere.

Register at :

Pass on the word to each and every blogger and also to people who wish to be a part of blogosphere but don’t know where and how to start.

**** "I Started Blogging after I attend the First edition of PuneBlogCamp, and I am sure many will have such stories to share after attendign the Second Editon where Pune is gonna Rock".****

Monday, June 8, 2009

Foster's party at Blue, Solaris Club

Kingfisher ruled Indian beer goers throughout the late eighties. Nineties, too, started with a bang for the makers of Kingfisher beer. And then there came a rival that divided the Kingfisher market.

FOSTER'S India Ltd, makers of Foster's beer.

"Foster's is the world's 7th largest international beer brand, but to date has been under-represented in India". Foster's, a leading Australian brand, has six per cent market in the mild beer India market.

What does this call for – Good Marketing strategy?

Foster's, which started operations in India in 1998, is rolling out a new initiative to emphasis the quality of its beer, apart from this they also believe "If we r the best lets show it".

Thus to promote their brand in Pune, they had organized a invite-only poolside party at Blue, Club Solaris, Koregoan park on 7th June 2009, Sunday at 12:30 PM.

I was invited by IndiBlogger along with some of known and popular Pune blogger’s to be a part of this event.

My camera has brought back some of the action !

Foster's Party had astonishing music by a famous DJ,

free Foster beer, models & media celebrities who sizzled around the Blue swimming pool.

Forget swimming and keeping fit. Your average pool can be your pond of fun, just like what we have here.

The party was a 'splashing success' with some models and celebrities hitting the venue to cool off.

Today, Foster's Lager is one of the fastest growing, truly global beer brands, available in more than 150 countries.

* Do you’ll still have a Question for me “U being a part of UB Group and a Non-Boozer

what were u doing at Foster’s Party?”.