Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Successful Career - Luck or ?????

I have met & seen some few peoples who are really successful in their career.

They have every thing in there life say it ( money, home, family, lifestyle ) infact every thing.

And I just said “You people are lucky “

But today, I realized that they are not lucky, they are people who know how to achieve success,
And in all, they believed and followed all the following key points in their life which my trainer told us to follow - in order to be a good Samaritan or say to have a bright career.

  • Do thing with out holding any expectations.
  • It’s the right time to learn …..learn …..learn.
  • Never look out for promotions or hike it will come on the right time when u deserve it.
  • Never let time be a constrain when any role or responsibility is been given.
  • Just learning is not important but implementing it in real life is important.
  • Speak what your heart believes in…… & not what your friends, family or society believes in.
  • Organization does not depend on a person but a person depends on an organization.
  • Gain the confidence of your seniors.
  • Use your spare time to read some good books.
  • Do not run behind money let money run behind you.
  • Never compromise on your believes or your values.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Free Software v/s Proprietary Software

This was one of my Best Paper Presentation.

Which I did last year, at Inter – Management competition held at PUMBA.

I think I was too young, to speak on this vast & controversial topic, but still I gave my best.

My paper was in favor of Free Software.

Yesterday when I just went through my paper, there were lot many thing which I did not agree today.

It happens many times – we hold an opinion about some thing at some time but as the time passes we change and our view points too, we do not agree to what we believed few days or years ago.

As a Student, I was right to promote Free Software. But as a Developer, if I keep my stand the same & if some one tells me to give away my source code free of cost, which I won’t ever, people will conclude “She does not believe in what ever she says”.

Free Software doest speak of price it is all about liberty.

It gives us freedom :

  • To run the software for any purpose.
  • To access the Source Code.
  • To Redistribute copies.
  • To improve and release your own version.

Richard Stallman was the founder of Free Software Foundation. My research work on Free Software landed me up reading articles on & by Stallman. He was so clear in his though & strong at the point that “Proprietary Software has no future

I was getting crazy about him. For 2 days I kept my topic aside and gathered details about him. Whom ever I met I just kept talking about his, and accidentally I did this with Abi my friend who studied at VIT Vellor. I felt J when he told me that he has met him when he had come down to his college for a seminar on Linux.

Lucky Guy!!!

Ok, lets not loose the track………we were on Free vs Proprietary Software.

Microsoft products is another name for Proprietary Software. Which has License & Renewal License , Product key ……..charged downloads etc……

Impact of Free over Proprietary:

  • Reduction in Number of clients.
  • Lack of motivation to the Programmers.
  • Software Society getting categorized.
If a day comes when a programmer cannot claim copyright on the software he has created and has to make it free, how many programmers will still put in 100%? Free software theory sounds more like communist ideas - everything for the society and nothing (or hardly anything) for your own benefit. Proprietary software sounds more like capitalism.

Even still as of now there are companies like SuSE, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, etc. who are financially doing good on free software, but is everything they dish out truly free? (Lets not try answering this one)There are no free lunches and there will never be.

I am not supporting or discouraging Open Source / Free Software. I think debating over this is point less. It differs from Organization to Organization, Programmer to programmer, Client to Client and finally depend on individuals as to what he or she wants to give back to the society.

What I have decided is to work as a commercial programmer but will also start contributing toward Open Source.

Warning: Please don’t take this post as Sun vs Microsoft or Stallman vs Bill Gates.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Experience at Marathon


I tried it after Marathon run,

I tried it in the evening,

I tried it before my Dinner, I tried it on the dinning table,

I tried it on the bed, I tried it while I was driving to office……………

but failed to get the inaugural line for this post which will best explain my experience at Marathon.

5.30am - Got Up (thanks to my dad who waked me up).

6.30am - Got ready for Marathon with out having Breakfast which was substituted by a cup of Milk & Glucose biscuits.

Dad & Mom were much tensed as it was my first Marathon. They were departing me, the way a parent departs their child when he/she is going to school for the first time.

6.40am - After convincing my parents that I will be fine and wont take up any extra stress or injury, finally I left my home

7.10am - Reached Khanduji Baba Chowk Deccan (Staring point of marathon)

The Atmosphere was very different - saw the camera & the stage for the celebrities all set, participants with the Marathon TShirt , NCC Cadets well placed to organize things, manage the mob & police men’s there for security.

7.20am - Went to the Counter Collected Cap & Chest Number

7.35am - Joined the Charity Run.

7.40am - The inaugural session started.

The marathon was flagged off by Sunil Gavaskar.

Felicitation of all the Celebrities - Bollywood actress Aarti Chabbaria, Vidya Malvade and Sagarika Ghatge & actor Salman Khan, Suresh Kalmadi & Mayor of Pune .

8.15am - Salman Khan Flag off the AIDS charity run. I was in the first batch and got the opportunity to closely witness these celebrities waving their hands & supporting us.

8.45am - Reached Nehru Stadium (The Finishing point)

I was satisfied with my performance as I could finish 4.5 km in 30min.

Saw lots of participation from IT companies in and around Pune in Groups.

10.00am - Reached home

I had a great time running with 30000 athletes & people on the road watching us & appreciating & encouraging us.

Marathon is not over for me……………it will go on.

I aim to participate in the next marathon for Women’s 10 Km Run.I understand that Its not that easy but neither is it going to be impossible, as I am going to continue my practice & maintain a healthy diet.

What made me happier is that listening to my experience Mom & Dad have decided to join me in the next marathon.

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