Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Successful Career - Luck or ?????

I have met & seen some few peoples who are really successful in their career.

They have every thing in there life say it ( money, home, family, lifestyle ) infact every thing.

And I just said “You people are lucky “

But today, I realized that they are not lucky, they are people who know how to achieve success,
And in all, they believed and followed all the following key points in their life which my trainer told us to follow - in order to be a good Samaritan or say to have a bright career.

  • Do thing with out holding any expectations.
  • It’s the right time to learn …..learn …..learn.
  • Never look out for promotions or hike it will come on the right time when u deserve it.
  • Never let time be a constrain when any role or responsibility is been given.
  • Just learning is not important but implementing it in real life is important.
  • Speak what your heart believes in…… & not what your friends, family or society believes in.
  • Organization does not depend on a person but a person depends on an organization.
  • Gain the confidence of your seniors.
  • Use your spare time to read some good books.
  • Do not run behind money let money run behind you.
  • Never compromise on your believes or your values.


Tarun Chandel said...

Hi Bhavya

I think it is very important to keep learning throughout and as we grow it is also important to unlearn few outdated things. The ability to learn and unlearn is very important and that is something that people tend to lose as they grow. They tend to get into stereotypes and refuse to lookout for better alternatives.

In the new year of 2008 I wish that we all keep learning and may we all stay away from binding our thinking in any kind of stereotype. Wish you and you family very happy new year.


vidya renuka said...

Hi bhavya,
Your blog is good.Those qoutes are really useful.Keep writing.Wish u a very happy new year.Let GOD bless u in all ur endeavours..All the best

Timepass said...

Thks for visiting my blog. Belated New Year wishes.Loved ur blog.

Vishal said...

hi bhavya,

well A Successful career !!! its all depend on the person's perception and the people who made little low expectation's they think "its all the matter of luck".. and the people who have higher expectations in their career they always work and earn their breads..

keep on writing...

saikrishna said...

Hi Bhavya

i think your blog is one of the best one i have come across..i too also advice u to concentrate more on the view of u'r page which attracts more viewers...I wish u all the best for u'r future

Bhavya said...

@Tarun: I totally agree with you about unlearn few outdated things. No doubt as the days go & as the generation is moving ahead with new thing & discoveries we need to keep our self updated i.e by learning & adapting to changes.
And the day we start binding our thinking in any kind of stereotype we will be lost and far away from reality.

@Vidya: Good to know that you liked my blog. I am sure if we implement the quotes we can make our dreams come true.

@Lady: Thanks for the appreciation. Hope this New Year bring you lot of happiness & Joy.

@Vishal: Hey ………a Successful career differs from person to person hmmm!!!
It seams your experience is speaking this.
You do believe in luck?
I do believe it ……………(Experience man)
My sir used to say if you expect 100% you will land up getting 80% .
Expect 130% the you will get 100%

@Sai: Nice to Know that you liked my blog.
Tell me why did you like my Blog? Is it because of the contents or because of its look.
I don’t want to attract people by the look & feel of my blog but through my post which shares my thoughts to the society.
Anyways – As per your suggestions I will select a different template
( Probably an attractive one ) :)

You’re wished all the joys
Of a special New Year,
The Kind that is filled
With good health
And good cheer
And, of course, this applies
To each day ahead, too,
For the very best always.
A very Happy New Year 2008.

saikrishna said...

Hi bhavya

one thing i liked most about u'r blog is the content and the way u have presented it in u'r blog.The blog has the technical related stuff and the social responsiblity u mentioned by taking the example of chak de is really fine.The reason for suggesting u for the good looking template is like first impression is the best impression and face is the index of u'r behaviour....

hope u get that point and have a good time

harikrishna said...

hi bhavya,
this is my first blog which i visited from now onwards i will visit and i will post my comments


Bhavya said...

@Sai: You liked my blog because of the contents ......thanks.
It is a famous saying "First impression is the Last or say Best impression"
But it is never true.......
I don't agree that face is the index of u'r behavior....
In fact it is miss leading.

@Harikrishna: Good to see your comment.
I want you starting your blog soon.
Welcome to Blogsphere

Anonymous said...

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