Sunday, September 15, 2013

Learning’s from the Corporate World

It has been a long day yesterday…. Right from interviewing some inters joining my team to attending Bangalore Barcamp - listening to some amazing talks by my friends. Barcamps hold a special meaning in my life and to prove that statement, I started blogging after attending Pune Barcamp 2007 which happens to be my first Barcamp.

As you would know I have been blessed to work with some amazing companies like Oracle, IBM, Motorola, Teleca & Huawei. Barcamp has thought me the art of sharing & learning, thus let me share with you’ll key lessons that I have encountered & adopted during my 6 years of corporate experience:

  •   Truly believe in the company & project you are part of. Until and unless you are not passionate you can never give your best
  •   Instead of your manager, Plan & Strategies your own work
  •   Set targets & benchmarks for yourself. Timely keep a track on our scores
  •   If you feel insecure it’s time to learn & work hard in improving your skill sets
  •   Do things the way no one ever can do it the way you do
  •   Instead of working hard, work smartly
  •   Network & build your brand
  •  Take ownership
  •  Help people working for & with you to grow, they will help you step ahead
  •  Present yourself & your work in the best way possible to management
  • Let failures never define you, but help you get one step closer to success
  • Last not the least – Learn, Share, Contribute, Support & Inspire people around you.

 You will never be remembered in a company for your contributions, but for the way you treated people around.  So have a true beautiful heart and don’t ever forget to carry a smile on your face no matter what the situation is.

Yesterday across the dining table one of my friends said, “You sound very corporate”.
Well I take it as a compliment because my Dear friends I know my business very well.