Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The story of every scar

I am here, sitting at Hong Kong Airport. My flight is in next 6 hrs. So I decide to blog and abreast you all about my first scar.

Every scar has it’s own story
Every scar is a reminder that we have the courage to fight
Every scar is a reminder to learn from our mistakes
We eventually learn to accept it as part of our body.
Every scar is the bookmark of immense pain
Every scar makes us believe in magic

The story of my first scar starts from this beautiful place from Vietnam called DaNang.  Me and my dear friend “Apple” landed early morning. The initial vibes reminded me of my home in Bangalore.  We checked in and went out to have some local breakfast. I saw expats all riding the bike and the Indian in me was like bring it on. Managed to get a bike on rent. The super confident biker in me was like so carefree about everything. Little did I know what was round the corner.

My friend accompanied me while I was driving the bike. We were heading towards the beach & on the Han River Bridge I took the wrong lane. We stopped by to ask some locals for direction & realized we have to take a U turn. I had to cross the road and then take a U turn. As I was doing that a bike from the opposite lane crossed and hit me.  After a few seconds I realized my left leg entire muscle had got ripped off and I could see my bone. It took me time to realize that I have met with an accident. Luckily, my friend was safe.
The locals gathered and they called the ambulance. For the first time I entered the ambulance and I was crying. If I recollect now, I was not crying because of the injury or the pain, I was crying because the confident driver in me was not ready to accept the fact that I had failed and my ego was too high to accept that the accident was due to my mistake.

I was rushed to the hospital, they got my X-ray done. No fracture, so I was taken to the operation room for stitches. I remembered crying and calling out my mom’s name. And this time I was crying because I was thinking how ugly my leg will look now after this and I won’t be able to flaunt my leg and wear shorts. I got 7 stitches. I was discharged and I must tell you Vietnam people are really kind and helpful. The management girl “Christina” came to see me in the hospital and was running around in getting things sorted for us.

We came back to our hostel & make a step was like a big deal for me. That immense pain, I felt it and I still remember how it feels. That’s the time I realized the steps which we casually take, how much grateful we should be for them. I met this girl “Anna” who works in the hostel, she was sitting by my side that night & giving me helping hand when I wanted to walk. She told me no matter how deep the shit is, how much the pain is, try smiling and everything will disappear.  She taught me some very interesting life lessons that came out of her own challenged life.
It’s important to count your blessings
Forgive people who do bad
Give love and be kind to everyone
Sing and smile whenever you face difficulties in life

We were in Vietnam for 7 days and moved to Hoi an the very next day. I could not travel around, but I used to sit in the resort area by the beach side. I met interesting people from various parts of life, connected, and we shared our stories. I had so many strangers helping me during these days.  I had some very sweet guys lifting me when taking steps were nearly impossible ;)

I dedicate this blog to Christina, Anna, all the strangers who helped me on my way and more importantly my lovely friend “Apple”. You realize what true friendship is when people like Apple honor you with their friendship for life. Words are less to describe for all the stuff she did for me …. All I can say…The reason I was able to recover so soon, reached Shenzhen and get back to normal life… is all due to her.
I owe her for every step I take and more.
Thank you Apple for everything.

It’s been 2 months now…
I met with this accident on 9th of Feb
Got my stitches removed on 25th Feb
And I was back to traveling on 9th April

Coming back to the scar …. It’s part of me. I have accepted it.
It’s part of my body now… I don’t think it looks that ugly ;) 
I have not stopped wearing my short dresses or shorts.
I flaunt my scar !
When I look at it…. I know one day every wound will be ok. 
Time will heal everything. 
I have seen my torn muscles & tissues and now I see my scar
I am grateful as I can walk the way I used to before.
I value every step that I can take.
I know the immense pain, I have faced it, lived it
But I also know what it feels to see that pain go off

I want this blog post to give that courage to people who are dealing with their injuries.
I want to inspire people to help others when they are going through difficult times.
I want to let people know, it’s ok, scars are not ugly, they just make you more stronger and different. 
I want people to take care of their health and be grateful of their life, as there are few who don’t have what you tend to take for granted.

Sorry for this lengthy post,  I am off to Singapore. Come back for more stories!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Don’t know why the world judges people appearance without knowing them,
Don’t know why without understanding someones personality, we hate their very existence, 
When ever they try to reach out for help, 
We rebuke them,
It's unfair, we know, we are aware, we just don't make effort to change those thoughts. 
Don’t know why more then humanity it's the void pride - we are found of!