Friday, March 23, 2012

If wishes had wings

If wishes had wings, togetherness would be reality,

holding close in my arms, not my distant view.

If wishes had wings, true love would be truth,

no weep at the thought of our last goodbye.

If wishes had wings, no tears would we cry,

wish didn’t care enough to hurt.

If wishes had wings, heart would find peace,

regardless of hope and passion’s desire.

If wishes had wings, we’d soar ever higher,

join to ignite destiny’s fire.

If wishes had wings, dream I’d secure,

life would be blessed with a meaning.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A heart full of love

A heart full of love

A heart full of music

No fears, no regrets

Lost in its own sweet world

Living its dreams

Still lost

Discovered the living

A heart full of love

A heart full of joy

Smiles & dancing all time

Just no time to hate

Breaths in vacuum

Set to fight all wars

Forgiving, blessing all

Just being oneself

A heart full of love

A heart full of light

A night bright as day

Awake in dreams

Getting gorgeous

Celebrating life

Revelling happiness as it comes

Rejoicing Love

Love life, live life,

Feel love….

World around you changes

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcoming Failures

So how do you handle failures? – Saying it was unfair decision, thinking low of yourself, taking a call of never competing or getting depressed & fighting with your loved ones.

Well, try looking at it in different ways:

- There is always gonna be someone better than you, so just keep competing with yourself

- Someone has to win & someone has to lose, it’s not the matter of luck, it’s about how smartly you play the game

- Your past, background etc really doesn’t matter, what matters is what you want to create for yourself in future

- Don’t compare or get Jealous, the race is long

- Evaluate your failure, look at your drawbacks, learn from those mistakes & fix it next time

- Being present for the given time is curtail

- Let failures never take over you, but the learning should

Don't ever give up
Don't ever break up
Gather the power to fight back
Gather the power to win

Why feel low

Why feel bad

Why feel hurt

Why feel the ends

Life is never the same
It's just a long game
A game that keeps changing
A game that keeps rearranging
A wheel that keeps spinning
From darkness to light

There will be light cause life isn't always bitter
You are unique and best in your own way

Keep the belief alive

Don't ever give up
Don't ever break up
Remember no goal is too far

Keep dreaming

Keep those dreams alive,

Don’t let them die

Noo don’t give up,

No, no, no, no don’t give up

Ohh, no, no, no, no don’t ….give…up

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Now as a Business Developer for Huawei Devices

It’s a BITTER-SWEET!!! feeling

"SWEET" Cos I’M back into the android word as a Business Developer for Huawei Devices &

"BITTER" Cos today I Bid Adieu to my Quality team at Huawei, where I stepped in 6 months back.

Looking back I must say it was a great journey, which gifted me lots of good memories that I will carry. Will for sure miss the smiles and laughter that I shared with my team. Don’t know how to thank them for organizing such a brilliant Farwell party today. Had no idea that they were planning something this this for me, and seeing so many best wishes filling my inbox & nice set of books as a gift from them … felt nostalgic.

It was great getting to know each of them. I’m proud of the days that I spent in, the role I had and the work I did. During the farewell when each of them spoke, I was zapped to know what I meant for each of them and how I touched their lives.

Some like the way I speak with ascent,

Some like the way I smile with watery eyes,

Some like the way I get things done

Some like the way my sandals make noise while I walk

Realized we all leave some footprints in others life... the question is how you do what to be remembered is what will determine your behaviour.

Time to windup all the memories & emotions & move on you start a new journey in my career as a Business Developer.

Thanks to all my friends & online followers for the best wishes … I hope to bring in the difference. Will be in-charge of Marketing, Branding & Business Development for Huawei Smartphones in India from tomorrow :)