Sunday, January 29, 2012

10 things to do before the year ends 2011

This is how my the list looked and in glimpse my experience

  1. Switch off the lights for a min at office floor – This was like bribing the facilities guys. They were sweet to do this for me, but till date they give me that look which makes me say opps

  1. Hug a stranger – Wishes & desires do come true. U never know when God is listening to you. My one such desire came true. For the lifetime I shall remember that touch & words “Take Care Sweetheart”

  1. Offer service at Gurdwara – Spending that half a day offering services at Langer gave so much of pleasure & happiness that I decided to do this often in year 2012

  1. Random call to some number & wish them Happy New year – This was the best of all. The call linked to a college going girl. Luckily she turned out to be friendly & as I wished her I could sense here excitement. When I asked her what’s here wish for this year, she said I want to be blessed with true Love…and I just smiled.

  1. Taste beer – Hmm this was something I wanted to do, to know why people are so crazy about boozing. Trust me I only wonder now why the hell people drink bear when its taste so bad and had all lot of bad health side effects

  1. Visit Gurdwara, Temple & church all in one day – God is everywhere..u just need to feel him.

  1. Candlelit bath – Sorry no details (Censored u see )

  1. Stay up all night long and see the sun rise – This is an experience in all. Gonna witness more of sunrise in the year 2012

  1. Midnight walk on the beach – Had a lovely New Year Celebration at Goa. Lucky enough to have this walk before the year ended…and what a walk it was

  1. Visit Bangalore’s shady area – What all sort of life’s people live…but I always believe the choice is always in our hands.

Death to living….

Today my parents closely escaped themselves from a drastic car accident. These are few of the worlds that my parents shared with me:

Felt what it is like being so close to death. Today just as we returned back to life, we now value it more. Living a materialistic life & trying to build a so called image in society is not what it is. It’s what goodness you leave back before you go for ever. Live to the fullest, love madly, do all that you want to without fear. Don’t fear death; fear the guilt you would have of not doing all that you dreamt when you take your last breath. Death is a fact which you can never change, but what you can change is the way you look at life & your living.

I remembers my professor & later my mentor from my X-Company always saying to me, “You live as if there is no tomorrow”. I lost this kind of me somewhere, but yes, after all that my dad & mom said to me today, sure I will get myself back to living as I used to.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Complicate Life ?

Missing somebody? ...Call

Wanna meet up? ... Invite

Wanna be understood? ...Explain

Have questions? ...Ask

Don’t like something? ...Say it

Like something?...State it

Want something?....Ask for it

Love someone ? ...Tell it