Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rebag: Suitability Design Story

I happened to hear Yi Wang today who is a social enterprise working on sustainability fashion. She is an inspiring woman who has founded Rebag. Here is her story:
What is Rebag?
Rebag is a social enterprise and creative accessories brand which discovers and integrates different elements of fabric, techniques, and accessories across culture and regions.
How do they make Rebag products?
It's through upcycling process which is higher than recycling. The goal is to make current things better than it was before. They not only use used products but also products from access inventory from clothing brands or online stores like Tmall, Allibaba etc.
They re-innovate, re-design to build handbags, phone cases & laptop bags. While in this making journey they engage with social workers, craftsman, designers to promote green life practices & build value added products.
The vision of Rebag?
Yi wants to see rebag become a platform in 5 to 6 years where if you have an old jeans and put this in the rebag the platform can suggest it be redesigned  & produced to be a pillow, bag, purse, pouch, toy etc. A platform for sustainability believers to remake products.
How do they sell?
Online – through their website
Offline – flee markets, clothing fairs, etc

Her advice about building a team?
Hire people who are passionate about your vision
Skilled people who are ready to go through the ups & downs with you in this startup journey
Never compromise when you are trying to hire people as there are talented people out there.
Current business & distribution challenges:
Driving traffic to the website, making the product count as a fashion brand, reaching out to people with the brand vision, figuring out shipping expenses, profit margins and dealing with operational cost.
Current marketing challenges?
Saying the story of the brand, driving traffic to the website. Making people love the products & showcasing it as a fashion accessory.

Her inspirational story:
“We started as clothes refashioning company with jobs of dignity and moved on to become a creative design brand which believes that sharing stories of people and culture behind our accessories products brings inspiration and empowerment.”

She believed that the world needs to embrace sustainability. Thus she started up with Rebag.