Sunday, July 13, 2008

Realization [] real = {Success, Takeover, Happiness, Power, Spirituality}

Post title looks like a java array declaration and initialization. A set of realization that I have encountered in my last weekends and which I know is too late to be talked about.

real[0] = “Success” : Every one has his or her own definition about success. But for me the latest definition of success is “Dinner at Koyla”. 21st June 2008 at 9.00pm our team was at the Pune’s best Hyderabad palace look like restaurant – Koyla not for any meeting or for some reviews but to celebrate the success which our team had achieved due to hard work.. We were accompanied by our Manager - Mayur Nagrani and Operations Head Navin Dass. All in all it was motivating. I realized that I was getting scared of this success as it comes along with lot of expectation. Success takes you to the peak, but you got to be more careful because a slight mistake can take you to a downfall. The pain is more when we fall from great highs.

real[1] = “Takeover”: On 24th June 2008, it was our first client visit from Oracle Corp, the world's third- biggest software maker after taking over BEA Systems Inc for $8.5 billion in cash. VP Mr Christhop was sharing reasons of why Oracle decided to take over BEA. He spoke a lot about business in terms of market share and profit %. One think which every one knew and which he never spoke openly was – this take over will help Oracle challenge IBM for the market lead. I realized that for any business it’s always numbers which matter a lot for eg profit %, assets and liability, penalty and scores. I was taught in my school that quality work cannot be measured but is always appreciate. Is this applicable to this corporate world where people talk mathematically language.

real[2] = “Happiness”: We had a celebration week from 23rd June to 27th June 2008 at office.

Each Day was a special dressing day, like:

23rd June: Seasonal Day!!!! (Dress for the season!!!) People were dressed up well and the funniest part was some on was in his raincoat the entire day J

24th June: Traditional Day – as usual always everywhere rocking

25th June: Filmy Day – I got to meet Lagan’s Amir khan, Mr India’s Mughambo, Tajmahal’s Anarkali and Akbar.

26th June: Funky Day – Miss-Match day were people had a chance to exhibit there fashion designing skills.

27th June: Superior and Subordinate day – where we had to dress up our manager in the most outstanding outfit. I am sure no one will believe, but yes, we had the gauds to dress up our manager in Saree. The entire credit goes to him (our manager) and thus our efforts paid off – our manager won a special prize “The Most Daring Manager” prize.

One thing that just crossed my mind while I was participating in this celebration, “why are we living and working hard’

The answer is = “For money so that we get happiness”. But can money buy Happiness?

I realized in this week’s celebration that its not money but small acts like passing a smile, helping someone and complimenting others can get happiness around us.

Real[3] = “Power”: In the first week of July I have got exposed to powerful things – Python and Yoga.

Realized that Python, being a OOP’s language is simple and can do wonders. I am in just love of it. Still lots to explore.

And the biggest think that has touched me and has started changing my life I believe is Yoga. Its a method to purify you body, sole and mind. You start realizing and feeling your each part of your body closely.

Real[4] = “God”: On 5th July I along with my family had been to Shridi Saibab. We left home at 5.00am and reached Shirdi Saibaba Temple at 10.00am. We joined the Dharshan queue.

I used to always wonder when I was a kid that why don’t we visit Church or Mosque. As I grew up I got an answer to this question, which was very strange. We are preached that God is one, then why do we categories it in terms of religion. But I realized when I was standing in the queue and interacting with few people that we have Shri Sai babs’s devotees of all religions, castes and creed coming to pay homage to Shri Sai Baba.

The queue was very long, in the mid of our queue I saw a old lady – of my grandma’s age looking out for some one and was hardly able to walk due to her leg pain। When I crossed her, she told me that she is looking out for her daughter who she has lost in the crowd. Her eyes said I need your help. As I was talking to her I too lost my parents. I could not see them around. I gave her my support and finally reached the idol. I did get a chance to worship as every one was pushing each other and I was keener about that lady’s legs – that no one hurts her. I finally got my parents and the lady blessed me. Mom questioned me “did you get chance to worship God” and I said yes.

I realized that god is in every one’s sole. I did not worship the idol, but I worshiped god which blessed me when I offered a helping had to the old lady.