Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mobile Developer Conference 2010 - will the real mobile developer please stand up?

Saturday, 27 March 2010 is the day of Mobile Developers.

The first among a series of conferences which talks about what goes into the making of a successful mobile application. The best speakers from the mobile industry will talk about mobile technology and will discuss the future of mobile eco-system.
The talks and panel discussion during the conference have been tailored to provide:

A view on the market for mobile apps focusing on current dynamics, future trends and ever-changing customer needs
- this will assist mobile developers and entrepreneurs to find the sweet-spot for pitching their mobile apps to their target market

An insight to multiple approaches for monetizing mobile apps
- this will enable mobile developers in building apps with higher marketability and choosing appropriate channel for monetizing it

A comprehensive coverage on technologies powering latest mobile app development and testing.
- mobile developers will have a chance to not only enhance their existing technical knowledge but also acquire additional knowledge across other domains of mobile app development lifecycle.

An overview on new mobile technologies and platform like Symbian, Android, Iphone, Blackberry. Rub shoulders with other peer developers, hear experiences and insights on what business model works and which does not, In a nutshell experience the new face and realize the significance of mobile development.

Event is supported by Forum Nokia, OnMobile, MindTree & Teleca.
Conference is at Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore.

For speakers & topic visit Mobile Developer Conference or reach out to Rohit for any queries at 080-41100487 +91-9379446943 (M)

Register early to avail an early bird discount of 25%, the offer expires on 21 March 2010.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My First Public Android Talk

I miss my college days. As a student council member we were responsible of organizing guest lectures, where we used to invite high end profile people from Industries to deliver guest talks. Those talks from the delegate's used to be so motivating and we had good ideals to lookup at. I used to do most of the time introduction of the guest and at times used to give vote of thanks, but never in my dream did I ever thought that I will be on the other side.

But as I say, I live to witness miracles…. I was invited by a good friend Suchitra a faculty at Dayananda Sagar to come down as a guest speaker and address her students. Without a second thought I accept the invite and started the preparation for the talk.

Recently had been given the profile of an Android Evangelist for IBM GBS I decided to talk to the students on Android. This being my first public talk on android, was a bit anxious. Had 50 slides to address, 80 MCA final year students + 10 Faculty members for 90 seconds.

I reached the venue at 11.40 am and there was a student Vijay waiting to escort me. I was at the parking lot, using my cellphone to connect with him. A college facilities officers asked me for the college id card and was confiscating my G1 (Law: Cell phone are not allowed to be used in the campus). I still can’t forget the expression on his face when I said I am not a student but was there to deliver a talk.

Finally reached the MCA block, had some refreshments with the faculty members. Got introduced to MCA and MBA directors and they welcomed me with warm greetings. It was 12 pm and I reached the digital audio auditorium.

A student introduced me so well that I actually took the script from him. He said I did some R & D on you and ur profile is so nice that I was falling short of word to describe you.

Bhavya Siddappa is a System Engineer at IBM and is currently been given the additional profile of an Android Evangelist for IBM – GBS. By Qualification she is a Master in Computer Management, a Gold medalist from Pune University started her career with Oracle as a Weblogic Consultant. Believed in the power of open source and that took her to be a java programmer. With 4 years of IT experience she specializes in Web application security. Currently working in telecom domain for O2 Uk in J2EE and billing tools.

She has been passionate about Mobile Technology and Android platform took way her heart, has it is an open source technology build on java for mobile platform. She is very active in Tech Communities. Apart from her professional career, she is a certified Graphologist and a Face Yoga Trainer. Loves blogging and tweeting which is her technology awareness tool”

Started of with Android Introduction and had some light movements, fun, and exercise to keep the session lively. I shared with them some of my college days wonderful movements and thus the students were able to connect with me. I wanted them to talk from their heart and listen to me with open mind. Ended my talk at 2 pm and the last 30 min was the Q & A session.

The first question asked to me was “R U Married ?” at this I blushed and I said “Yes, to android”.

“Why is it named as Android and what is the story behind the android logo ?”

“Difference between DVM and JVM”

“Can DVM be used in different devices apart from mobiles”

“What are the challenges of the platform”

“Do we have ADT plug-in for other IDEs”

“How secured are self signed android app ?”

I felt that my goal was achieved when a Dot Net passionate guy tells me I want to be an android developer how do I start ?

The vote of thanks from a student was mesmerizing, he said “The talk was WoW and u too are WoW”. The day was flooded with love, respect, compliments and appreciations. This talk made me realize that this young blood is excited, dedicated, passionate, innovative, energetic and have big dreams and a power to make them true, these are the kind of people I need to focus on as an Android Evangelist.

View presentation on Slideshare : Android Anatomy

Android Anatomy
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