Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beautiful bunch of ladies who inspire me

These are few ladies who are unique in their own ways and have inspired me in many ways. I adore & so love each of them.

#wish I hope to meet each of them some day

I really don’t care what rest of the world thinks of them, for me they are women of substance.

Gauri Khan (Family) – Knows how to balance here family & has been a strongest support to her super star husband. Love the way she carries herself in public events and I so envy her for having an amazing love story.

Sushmita Sen (Love) – Just not miss universe but she is one who carries her heart on her sleeves. Loves passionately and is so true to herself. Adopting kids & caring a damn to the society makes her what she is.

Sudha Murthy (Strength) – Simple living and high thinking. An ideal example for how a woman can make a man succeed, make it big from something very small.

Sheryl Sandberg (Profession) – A perfect combination of beauty & brains. A living example of how a lady can hold higher leadership position & can prove her worth in this men domination corporate world.

Sunny Leone (Seduction) – She placed Indian girls in the global map for being hotter than ever. Awesomely beautiful and sexy. Open about her porn movies and is a proud wife.

Nita Ambani (Business) –

For someone age and bank balance is just a number. Multi- talented lady and can justify herself in any field from sports, dance to business.

A women is a combination of talent, beauty, strength, intelligence, grace… one who keep inspiring others in every walk of life :)

Proud of being a women!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Words justify please

Said promise…assumed as commitment

Said memories…assumed as past

Said proud… assumed as ego

Said respect… assumed as weakness

Said friends…assumed as need

Said sorry… assumed as lost

Said dreams… assumed as a wish

Said wonder…assumed as confused

Said truth…assumed as fake

Said try…assumed as a fail

Said we...assumed as I

Said kiss…assumed as sex

Said language…assumed it as racism

Said freedom…assumed as protest

Said space…assumed as divorce

Said cancer…assumed as death

Said like… assumed it as love

Said fortune....assumed it as destiny

So unfair …

can’t words be at least loyal to me....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Closed heart

Not an open heart

No lots of love to give,

A closed heart.

May be fear of losing identity,

May be fear of getting hurt,

May be fighting with pains,

May be filled with past fails,

May be fear of losing the most loved,

May be fear of be taken advantage,




No thanks,

A closed heart,

Can’t force it to open.

An open heart seems kind of a stupid thing at times.



Not believing its feelings

Speaking through the silence

But a closed heart still beats, breaths & feels.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What all did 2011 brought in

Jan: Amazing birthday celebration & lovely, memorable trip to Andaman

Feb: Participated at Mobile World Congress & visited one of the most beautiful city of Spain Barcelona
March: Invited to be a speaker at International WWW conference, Hyderabad. Got to meet many researchers & innovators in the web space.

April: Organized Hack day in Teleca and got recognized & appreciation for the success of the event. Learnt many stuff during this event journey.

May: This month brought in a slight change in my profile. Was enjoying creating ideas & building POCs for the company. Working with R&D engineers across 3 different continents was an opportunity which I loved the most.

June: Presented many android & mobile web talks at silicon India mobile conferences

July: Visited Amritsar - Golden Temple.

Aug: Time was to move on & take up new responsibilities & challenges. Joined Huawei as a Business Process & R&D tools Leader. Joined & did my first adventure trekking camp at Jogimatti

Sep: Enrolled into Landmark Training. A platform which made me realize what life means to many people & how each one is dealing with it in his or her own way. Got to relearn myself

Oct: One such month where I decided to let go of fears & regrets. Learnt that you can never be careful in love, just carry your heart on your sleeves & say "trample"...that’s the chance u take in love

Nov: A dream of hosting Droidcon in India came true. Started salsa classes and enjoyed every bit of it. At work was into managing a project, yes it was my wish of being a PM at the age of 26, it just came true :-)

Dec: List of 10 thing to do before the year ends…fulfilled all of them. Great Xmas celebration. & lovely memorable new year 2012 celebration with best of my people at GOA.

What a year it was…sure of 2012. I shall have many interesting stuff lined-up for myself.

Happy New Year 2012