Sunday, January 11, 2015

10 Learning’s from 2014 – A Chance to do it right in 2015

1. Save & Travel More:
Last year visited - Jaipur, Jodhpur, Delhi, Agra, Bangkok, Vellore, Mangalore, Gokarna…
Each travel brought in a new perception & exposure to different set of culture & people.

My logic says "Travelling actually saves you money". Thus this year I will work hard and save enough money so that I can travel more.

2. Kick-start a project with a clear Vision:
A project which was very close to my heart turned out to be unsuccessful not because we lacked efforts or skills but due to the gap in project vision.

Working towards clarifying the short term & long term vision for a project before it begins.

3. Keep abreast with latest Technology:
When I heard that your Refrigerator can send you email with list of grocery things to buy, I was amazed to know that Internet of Things has not just arrived – people have been working on it since 2010.

Big Data my latest crush, I lose my sleep imagining tones of things how Big Data can change the world in coming years. I hope to get my hands dirty on it soon. 

4. Health is Wealth:
Fast food, late hours of work, lack of sleep and no exercise is causing health issue to all.

If we don’t have a good health you can’t go a long way in life – so I have committed 45 mins each day for workout. Aiming to get that damn abs. 

5. Spend more time with loved once:
We always take our loved ones for granted. When you learn how unpredictable life is, its too late.

Keep the faith, things can change drastically in a year and bring more happiness than ever

6. Faith can do Miracles:
Few incidents that happened to me last year looks like a miracle, but without putting any logic I realized that you got to have faith to make things happen for you the way you want it.

All that I have is bring it on!

7. Don't think ...Just do it:
We all think & try to put logic around before doing anything. We think, we thing, we thing & eventually give up! At the end we regret or land up being normal.

Normal is not cool, just do! If it works - good for you, if it doesn't you will fall & learn more...that's what is life all about. Start living!

9. Slow down enjoy life more:
I was once asked “What you want from life?” & I realized – all that I want is to be happy.

Will not let time pass, instead I will be busy building memories.  

10. Work on Ideas:
I got so addicted to “Shark Tank” that I finished watching all the series in a month. That not only changed my perception towards the way I look at product but also what it takes to bring ideas into reality.

When I see how we live our lives & the kind of product we work with – I know there is a much better way of how things can be done. Let not the fear of failure stop us any more.

I wish you write and draw something that is important and interesting for you...
And if anything goes wrong I hope you get courage to wipe and start again.
Wish you and yours a happy new year!