Thursday, December 11, 2008

I hate to say goodby to KPIT

My goodbye letter to KPIT

Hi All,

"Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show, I laced the track you'll locked the flow. Notorious they got to know that, life isn't always what it seem to be, words can't express what you'll mean to me. Even though we are apart, we still a team."
-Benjamin Franklin

And indeed it "seems like yesterday" that I first walked into the firm's as an Oracle-BEA Consultant last year.

Unfortunately, having oriented you to my location, it is now too late to come visit me. Because it is today that I with heavy heart, announce my departure from our beloved firm. It's hard to believe that so much time has already passed, almost unnoticed, like the flutter of a hummingbird's wings. Deadlines came and went, cases settled, customers + clients + co-workers appreciation mails arrived.

I can say with total sincerity that it has been a very valuable ride. Though I will not miss recording my life at KPIT and the great time that I spend with you lovely people.

I have had the great fortune to work with and befriend some really amazing people, and I hope that you’ll will remain in touch when I'm no longer a four-digit call away.

Wishing everyone all the best.:)

Signing out,
- Bhavya

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bug in Orkut Application

"It seems that you had fun @ the party"
"You looking lovely"
"You make a nice couple"
"Looks like it’s snowing in Germany"

These are the comments that we add when we see photos uploaded by our friends in Orkut.

Every one loves viewing and uploading photos on orkut and it assures security of the pictures by not allowing anyone to copy it and misuse them.
Kind off relieve to every one and thus it’s the most popular Web 2.0 application.
But there’s a bug :(

My Cousin is in Canada, she has uploaded her couple pic which I wanted to copy.
Tried to right click it but never gave me the option to save the picture.
After some attempt i was able to copy the picture.
Guess how......thanks to this bug of orkut.

Just try this...
1.Open a picture in Orkut
2. Drag the picture and drop in the address bar of the Web browser
Let me know if this helps you in copying your favorite picture.

So…… people the message is -Think twice while uploading any of your personal photos as there’s no security. Bad news for all the photo lovers out there.
And Google talks about competing Facebook with this draw back :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

KPIT making its mark @ 5th Pune Barcamp

-> My First Presentation with my close friend Pramila on eLearning 2.0
-> First time 2 girls presenting at Barcamp
-> First time KPIT Guys at Barcamp
-> First time KPIT presenting on Oracle Middleware Fusion and SAML
I experienced all of this for the first time at 5th Pune Barcamp, that’s how this BCP is special for me.

I had 2 sleepless days, busy in preparing, learning and researching on eLearning 2.0
Friday night we were awake and working on our PPT and finally delivered our presentation at 12.30 pm in front of 30 + audience.

The purpose of our presentation was very clear; We wanted to make people aware of eLearning and wanted them to educate others, so that India becomes a major contributor towards eLearning 2.0.

We concluded with an open debate on “Classroom training vs eLearning”
I could say that our presentation was successful as everyone had some thing or other to speak over it, thus witnessing our purpose getting fulfilled.

The Best part for me was to see KPIT guys being there and contributing towards this event.
> Saumajit the Webservices guys delivered a session on SAML
> Tara the Trainer spoke about Oracle Middleware Fusion
> Sadha the youngest employee of KPIT promises me to be a presenter at the next BCP
> Ravish Oracle consultant and an inspired hacker doing live blogging about BCP

All of this and many more made BCP the free camp rocking.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I never knew my life is so beautiful

I have been receiving lots of compliments throughout my life.
Trust me …..half the time or to be very frank every time I never took them seriously.

But I don’t know why, this compliment of my friend from my organization actually made me think and believe it
He said
“ I want a life like Bhavya in my next birth”

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god
Till now I never knew that god has gifted me such a beautiful life.

I don’t want to say much …..but just wanted to thank God through this Post
Thanks a Tone Dear, i will always keep it beautiful

Its like this image – Every one has a different perception at looking at things.
The fact is gods creation is marvelous; let it be Nature or living beings life - Lets just treasure and value it

Monday, October 6, 2008

Global Customer Service Week (CSW) Begins October 6, 2008

October is on and so is CSW celebrations in our office.

It’s an event that’s celebrated around the world to commemorate your commitment to our Client - Oracle’s customers. At India this is going to be celebrated across three cities covering 880 employees!

To show our appreciation and recognize your contributions, our management team has planned a variety of activities around the world as part of the week-long celebration.

Games have been planned for each day, specific to the theme of the day with both winners and runner-up teams winning exciting prizes. I am looking forward for the mega event that has been planned for the final day with loads of entertainment, goodies and lot of food :-)

So here goes….Following are going to be the events for the week…



-->Pick and Dance

-->Role Reversal

-->Parody Songs

-->Mad Ads

-->Mix & Mimic


-->Face Painting

The sad part for me is to compete with my friends placed in different teams, and the surprising part is CSW goal is “ONETEAM ONE GOAL’’

All set for a week long of fun, excitement, learning and above all Customer Focus.

Monday, September 29, 2008

VBCC Alumine Meet 2008

Yesterday we had VBCC reunion in our college classroom. Thanks to Dr.Rodrigues - principle and John - Batchmate, I could see a lot of VeeBees…that’s what students of VBCC were called.

It was a small gathering of around 45 people. There were a few who were about 2 to 4 years seniors to us. I really liked their commitment to come after this many years.

Our Principle welcomed us and sitting on the bench, watching many of my batchmates and listening to his talk brought back quite a lot of memories.. Sitting on the campus katta, fighting for the computers, gossiping with friends, arguments with Doc, standing in a Queue for fee, form and journal submissions, waiting long after college for rehearsals. Every moment seems the Best. I am pretty impressed by the feeling of unity among the alumni. Really, its very important to have a sense of identity and trust me in pune VBCC has a unique culture of itself.

VBCC makes one simple and down to earth. It made me more introspective and observant. Down the memory lane, I know that VBCC has made a big impact in my life.
For a moment, I wished to be at VBCC.. as I was silently walking around the campus, seeing classrooms, labs, library (which was closed) from far, sitting on the staircase and recollecting the group revisions that used to take place 5 min before the exam bell rang.

I told my friend that lets take admission and go back to those days. It really made me nostalgic. I know its not possible, yet, its great to have good memories, longings and a sense of belongingness.
After his welcome talk some of them shared there feeling, happiness and sadness of meeting each other after a long time. Every one said that we don’t want to step out this campus as the corporate life is quite a shift from the sensitive culture of VBCC. Yet, we need to come out of the shadow someday.. so that we could realize ourselves and be ourselves.

Every one had to introduce them self and every one was interested in just know if he or she is married or not. :)
The formal meet came to an end with a promise that we will be in touch with each other and will be there whenever any one is in need of help.
After our Batch's photoshoot we had lots to share and talk but probably didn’t knew from where to start and how to end. We all had to depart, no one wanted to say good bye…so we replaced it with Keep in touch :(

I have so much to wright but I believe I need to start a blog for the same। :)

I also feel bad that why didn't i started my blog when I was in college. I would have captured all my lovely memories in words and on web.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weblogic Scripting Tool (WLST) – Training to fresher

I used to always wonder why people in my office called me WLST Queen.

Guys was it all so that I conduct training for the fresher’s, I would have done it any ways.

Hey, but I had a great time training the fresher’s, oops they shouldn’t be called me they knew a lot about Weblogic.

The management had asked me to share my best practices of handling issues related of WLST.

I had the following topics in my presentation:

-->What is WLST?

-->WLST - Basics

-->Type of cases on WLST

-->Sample cases on WLST

-->Technique to handle WLST case


I totally agree that when we share knowledge, our concepts get stronger. Following is the summary of my training:.


Ans -> A Scripting tool to monitor, manage and configure the weblogic server

Q. WLST Basics?

Ans -> A OOPS language build on Jython libraries, helps in fast performing WLS admin activities which is platform independent.

Q. Types of issues/ cases on WLST

Ans -> Writing a script performing some operations on the server, correcting the syntax errors, troubleshooting the WLST exceptions and understanding why desired output is not displayed.

Q. Techniques of handling WLST issues

Ans -> Replication, WebEx and hands on Python

The best part which I enjoyed was the session where I was discussing my cases and the way I troubleshooted those issues.

The summary of the entire session was that there is no problem which has no resolution। The catch is, you have to identify well before hand the issue gets hot that whether you have the resolution or some one else has it.

The moral of the WLST troubleshooting story is the customer is trying to reach to a destination for which he has discovered a path and finds some obstacles in the way and calls you for help, in this case you do not follow his path, instead discover a easy path which he can walk and meet his destination.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My First Visit to Chhatrapati Sports City at Balewadi

Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports City at Balewadi where the Youth Commonwealth Games will be held, is under massive construction. Balewadi stadium is a very impressive complex for CYG Pune 2008 and is one of the finest facilities I have seen. Looking at the kind of work going on, CYG is doing its best to make the stadium better and it will be on time and ready for the people.

Entry to the stadium in restricted only to the authorized persons: Athletes, Staff, Volunteers, media and other games participants.

The plan to provide WiFi connectivity in CYG, was an innovative idea and challenging too. An added advantage for sports plus internet lovers.

The entire 9 sports venue has WIFI facility available.
In all the entire stadium has 9 sports venues:
1. Athletic
2. Badminton
3. Swimming
4. Shooting
5. Wrestling
6. Boxing
7. Tennis
8. Table Tennis
9. Weightlifting

Among all the above venues I loved Badminton venue. It is so well facilitated that World Badminton Championships can also be carried out.

Each Venue in all has the following facilities:
> Broad casting live from Doordarshan: Cameras are all set by the media which will be covering all the actions live.
> Result printing room: From where the results will be calculated, displayed, announced and printed too.

The roads constructions and gardening are all in full swing. I also liked the idea of having a artificial lake set up.
Will be uploading the images soon॥

Monday, September 22, 2008

My First day as Technical Document Writer @ Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG)

Ask me how it feels being a part of 3rd Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG), the first ever to be in Asia

I reported at 11.00 am at CYG office which is at Senapati Bapat Road.

The office looks awesome having all the banners up on the walls. Before you catch the lift on the ground floor you will find CYG goodies with I love Pune 08 logos.

The goodies include T-Shirts, bags, pendrives, bands, sweatshirt, stickers, track pants and many more। Trust me they are good and worth purchasing, like the once I purchased “PenDrive of 2 GB worth 600 Rs.

I meet a person who is sweeter then sugar – ‘Sonali” an employee working in the Technical Team of CYG. She took me to Rohit’s Cabin where the entire technical team group sits.

I started of reading Concept of operations for functional areas Technology, which introduced me towards the Operations and Functions of technology team in CYG. I used too always say that technology is a part of each and every one but looking at the scope of technology role in CYG I was stunned.

The next document which I started reading gave me an idea of the procedure of inviting, submitting and selecting the biddings from various vendors for different products.

After reading those documents, I realized that behind every event there so much of efforts and planning that’s put in, which we don’t even realize or think when we are watching these events live.

It was a celebration time, the staff along with Chairman of CYG Mr.Suresh Kalmadi were singing Happy birthday song for once of there employees.

The cake and the lunch were good.

I found the work culture of CGY very different of that, what I find in any IT companies from where I come. It has employees of all age group in casuals and are very approachable.

Back to my desk, and started surfing on net.

In the mean while I saw every one under tremendous pressure as the countdown for the games havs begun but still enjoying there work as the D-Day is very close by.

At the end of the day Rohit stepped in with a bit of depressed face from Balawadi as he was not very much happy with the kind of progress done on the site.

He is the technical Director at CYG with who I will be working। The entire team was interacting, I couldn’t understand but just could feel that its very complicated, and there is lots to be done and less time & manpower to work it out.

I have to report tomorrow at 10.00am and probably will be visiting Balawadi to understand the technical process that's carried out. I am all set and geared up for this new job.

Will be for sure keep posting about my job and happenings at CYG।

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Realization [] real = {Success, Takeover, Happiness, Power, Spirituality}

Post title looks like a java array declaration and initialization. A set of realization that I have encountered in my last weekends and which I know is too late to be talked about.

real[0] = “Success” : Every one has his or her own definition about success. But for me the latest definition of success is “Dinner at Koyla”. 21st June 2008 at 9.00pm our team was at the Pune’s best Hyderabad palace look like restaurant – Koyla not for any meeting or for some reviews but to celebrate the success which our team had achieved due to hard work.. We were accompanied by our Manager - Mayur Nagrani and Operations Head Navin Dass. All in all it was motivating. I realized that I was getting scared of this success as it comes along with lot of expectation. Success takes you to the peak, but you got to be more careful because a slight mistake can take you to a downfall. The pain is more when we fall from great highs.

real[1] = “Takeover”: On 24th June 2008, it was our first client visit from Oracle Corp, the world's third- biggest software maker after taking over BEA Systems Inc for $8.5 billion in cash. VP Mr Christhop was sharing reasons of why Oracle decided to take over BEA. He spoke a lot about business in terms of market share and profit %. One think which every one knew and which he never spoke openly was – this take over will help Oracle challenge IBM for the market lead. I realized that for any business it’s always numbers which matter a lot for eg profit %, assets and liability, penalty and scores. I was taught in my school that quality work cannot be measured but is always appreciate. Is this applicable to this corporate world where people talk mathematically language.

real[2] = “Happiness”: We had a celebration week from 23rd June to 27th June 2008 at office.

Each Day was a special dressing day, like:

23rd June: Seasonal Day!!!! (Dress for the season!!!) People were dressed up well and the funniest part was some on was in his raincoat the entire day J

24th June: Traditional Day – as usual always everywhere rocking

25th June: Filmy Day – I got to meet Lagan’s Amir khan, Mr India’s Mughambo, Tajmahal’s Anarkali and Akbar.

26th June: Funky Day – Miss-Match day were people had a chance to exhibit there fashion designing skills.

27th June: Superior and Subordinate day – where we had to dress up our manager in the most outstanding outfit. I am sure no one will believe, but yes, we had the gauds to dress up our manager in Saree. The entire credit goes to him (our manager) and thus our efforts paid off – our manager won a special prize “The Most Daring Manager” prize.

One thing that just crossed my mind while I was participating in this celebration, “why are we living and working hard’

The answer is = “For money so that we get happiness”. But can money buy Happiness?

I realized in this week’s celebration that its not money but small acts like passing a smile, helping someone and complimenting others can get happiness around us.

Real[3] = “Power”: In the first week of July I have got exposed to powerful things – Python and Yoga.

Realized that Python, being a OOP’s language is simple and can do wonders. I am in just love of it. Still lots to explore.

And the biggest think that has touched me and has started changing my life I believe is Yoga. Its a method to purify you body, sole and mind. You start realizing and feeling your each part of your body closely.

Real[4] = “God”: On 5th July I along with my family had been to Shridi Saibab. We left home at 5.00am and reached Shirdi Saibaba Temple at 10.00am. We joined the Dharshan queue.

I used to always wonder when I was a kid that why don’t we visit Church or Mosque. As I grew up I got an answer to this question, which was very strange. We are preached that God is one, then why do we categories it in terms of religion. But I realized when I was standing in the queue and interacting with few people that we have Shri Sai babs’s devotees of all religions, castes and creed coming to pay homage to Shri Sai Baba.

The queue was very long, in the mid of our queue I saw a old lady – of my grandma’s age looking out for some one and was hardly able to walk due to her leg pain। When I crossed her, she told me that she is looking out for her daughter who she has lost in the crowd. Her eyes said I need your help. As I was talking to her I too lost my parents. I could not see them around. I gave her my support and finally reached the idol. I did get a chance to worship as every one was pushing each other and I was keener about that lady’s legs – that no one hurts her. I finally got my parents and the lady blessed me. Mom questioned me “did you get chance to worship God” and I said yes.

I realized that god is in every one’s sole. I did not worship the idol, but I worshiped god which blessed me when I offered a helping had to the old lady.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pune Bloggers Meet

I am too surprised, I cannot believe this, nor can my friends and family can believe this “I didn’t spend my last two weekends in so called second home “My Office”.

Whom all do I need to thank for this –

Pavan Soni - WiCamp Wipro, 30th May 2008

Akshay Surve SocialSync , 31st May 2008

Divya and Suresh – Newly married couple met me on 1st June 2008

Tarun Bloggers Meet , 7th June 2008

I had a great experience and lovely time in all the above meets. Frankly speaking I am falling shot of time to put up a post briefing about the above mentioned meets, but to start off - hers a jest of how great was my yesterday’s day.

It’s always a nice experience meeting up with like-minded people.

Tarun had planned up a Pune Bloggers meet on 7th June 2008.

This time the venue wasn’t a camp, collage campus or some organization, for a change the meet was in a Hotel @ “Hotel Green Park - Baner”.

Jaslene was accompanying me for this meet. We had planned to move together in my car, but as she knows that when I am in the 4th gear I forget where the brakes are, she changed the planed and asked me to set behind her Deo and drove me to the venue (Trust me she is the best driver).

It was the first time I had been to this hotel and the interior looked great. We reached at 12.30 pm sharp and caught a seat where the booking for the bloggers meet was done.

15 Bloggers turned up for this meet. We started off with an Informal Introduction. Hers what they said and I discovered about them in the meet in a passive voice:

Raman -> A senior retired gentleman from corporate, interested in starting off his own blog, inspired by his friend bloggers and finds technology out of his scope. He was very curious about BarCamp – but was surprised to know that it’s to do with technology and nothing to do with drinks or boozing. Looking at him a thought just strike me – when my dad will be of his age will probably start off his blog if not now.

Amit - > Belonging from an Air Force family, for a change is into IT and deeply in love with PHP. Liked one idea of his – on his weekend he keeps 5 post typed out and just publishes them every day. He carried a gentle smile and Thank god didn’t debate with me as he is popularly know for debating with java guys :-)

Priyank - > Blogs about technology and makes it look very simple as he believes that apart from bloggers, people on this earth do not believe in passing out knowledge to others. He is a quite observer and knows how to put across complicated things in simple manner. Looked very excited about the Flex meet and is all set to contribute his best toward the NGO. Kudos to you for coordinating and arranging the venue for the meet.

Krishna - > Looked very young and was very observant. A good listener and totally into Flex.

Rohit -> He never introduced him self directly as a Hacker or as a Project Manger. But said that he blogs at three different places – Personal blog, Google blog not owned by Google and at Club Hack. Believes in multitasking and has all interesting stories about Cyber crimes. Has so far done a good job in organizing of Barcamp, Bloggers meet and Hackclub.

Harsha -> Introduced him self as a lazy blogger and left infosys because people get salary for not working in this topmost MNC. Heard about him that is the best photographer

Pramila-> From ITVidya and by profession a Project manager, and says is barely managing anything. A MBA from MIT. Has her own blog, but is more interested in blogging at others blogs and posting comments. When she had a first look at the SDLC life cycle, that’s the time she knew that it’s a vicious circle in which she will never get into it. Always felt guilty for not contributing any thing to the society and is very much keen in joining Pune SocialSync project.

Shachin -> A proud owner of the blog called “ Tasty Khana”. He has a tie up with almost all restaurants and hotels located in pune. Any one planning for any events, do consult and booking of the venue through this blog. He is also working for an NGO where he and some of his friends teach the underprivileged kids.

Meetu -> Very bubbly by nature inspit of being a mother. Her love for Hindi movies came before love for blogging. Makes it a point to see every movie first day first show. Blogs about hindi movies and her comments about Sarkar Raj was “I didn’t like Sarkar but liked Sarkar Raj”. If ever I decide to watch any movie, will for sure visit her blog to check out if it’s going to be worth it.

Isha -> Introduced her self as Krity’s sister. But to add on to her introduction she is a bengali speaking girl all set for her higher secondary exams.

Krity-> A simple and down to earth girl. A MCA student. Very much into designing then into programming. Is very creative and helpful by nature. Not so far decided to start off her profession in an enterprise manner – believes falling short of publicity.

Jaslene -> Apart from being my friend and a co-member of Great Foundation NGO she is a blogger too. Blog about stock market and by profession a financial analyst.

Tarun -> Popular Blogger, Business Analyst by profession, photographer by choice and Friendly by nature. Blogs about every thing happening in his life, In short his blog reflect his life. A organizer of barcamp and blogges meet. Loves pune but located in Mumbai due to his job. Hates when people calling him blog guru. Nothing can let his spirit down –even if his bus gets punctured or gets delayed for the meet for which he had planed the most.

This was only 30% introduction of these bloggers whom I cam across in the meet. There’s lots to be discovered about them which can be done only through there blog being remotely located.

After the brief introduction we had some interesting questions and discussions taking place like during the lunch:

What’s the difference between blogspot and wordpress?

What do we want to achieve with such kind of meets?

Why is Barcamp named so?

Why don’t we have a NGO helping out bloggers?

How do we treat negative comments in our blog?

How to start with photography as a hobby and career?

Why don’t we have PHP meets as of Java meet?

And many more interaction that took place one to one or many to many in the meet?

We signed out at 4.30pm by exchanging visiting card, shaking hands, thanking the organizers and with a commitment that we will be there and keep contributing our best to the Blogsphere.

In shot this was not and end to our meet, I see it giving a new start like:

Tarun, Harsha and Sumit - Photography group,

Kriti - new assignment from me and Shachin

Amith – PHP group

Raman – kick start to his blog with the assessment of Amit and Priyank

Me and JasuPuneSocialSync

All the best to all for your new assignments!

Looking forward to meet you guys again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Barcamp back in Pune on 17th May 2008 @ Persistent

Hi Readers,

BarCamp is an " unconference" - organized by attendees, for attendees that is taking place for the 5th time in Pune on 17th May 2008.

BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. The name BarCamp was inspired as a complement to FooCamp.
It's an open, welcoming event for geeks to hang out with wifi and smash their brains together.

And with professionals, entrepreneurs and student coming from all over India, this is the best platform possible to discuss new ideas and concepts.

Every one can be a part of this event either by helping to take notes on the wiki, blogging the event, helping to promote the event, or helping with logistics or by attending to the session getting delivered. If you are looking forward to present or deliver any sessions on any topic please be free to update your name at the link given below.

For registrations please log on to

Details about the Venue & Session Schedule is updated on the link.

Looking forward to meet you people out there !!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blogathon Day 3: Entertainment - Need to get Regional cinema beyond Bollywood

India is home to one of the largest film industries in the world. Every year thousands of movies are produced in India.

India is a large country where many languages are spoken. Many of the larger languages support their own film industry. Some of the popular regional film industries in India are Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and Punjabi. The Hindi/Urdu film industry, based in Mumbai, formerly Bombay, is called Bollywood.

The major challenge that the regional cinema needs to address is of how to widen the audience base”.

Many workers from regional industries, once established, generally move to Bollywood for greater spotlight or opportunity. An interesting example of this phenomenon is the famous music director A.R. Rahman. He started his career in Tamil film industry and later moved to the Bollywood.

Bollywood movies were screened with subtitles in not only the domestic but also in the international market, the same could be done to encourage regional cinema.

Screening of regional cinema at subsidised tickets.

The government should taken measures to promote regional movies like rentals in the film city studios on discount, entertainment tax should be waved off.

It is unfair to compare Bollywood industry with regional cinema since the budgets were different. While a regional film’s budget could be between Rs 40 lakh and Rs 75 lakh, a Hindi movie’s budget could run into crores.There is a serious need for the publicity of regional cinema.

The regional film industry needs to plan for corporatisation, financing of movies, distribution and marketing of films in not only India but internationally as well.

Regional cinema industry should consider new mediums like Internet, international film festivals to reach out to newer audiences.

I believe Regional cinema are more prolific, fertile in ideas and acknowledged by world audiences, but is struggling to survive mainly because marketing is its weakest link.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogathon Day 1: Infrastructure - How can we improve the traffic condition in our city?

Let’s take a complete U-turn to make a difference

So called Oxford of East “Pune” for all the good reasons fail to impress common man when ever the talk is about traffic.

Pune’s traffic has gone to the dogs. Total chaos. ………

No one follows the rules as everyone makes their own.


Who is to be blamed?

Pop this question to anyone and the answer could be anything from the traffic cops, to suicidal rickshaw drivers, to the youth who zip around showing off to their girlfriends.

"I realized that to come out of this vicious circle of the 'blame game', not someone, but infact all of us as citizens need to take the initiative."

But the question is who will start and how will the image of pune’s traffic change in the coming time

The Answer is - let’s try out the 10 magical tips to improve our city’s traffic

  1. Public Transport: Use public transport and avoid using private vehicle. Travel together if the destination and time is the same.
  2. Improve the public transport: To attract common man towards public transport have an effective transportation plan. Get good buses, make separate lanes for buses and make it easy for people to buy bus tickets, build peripheral walkways.
  3. Bus Stops to be moved away: We have bus stops after every 1 Km. as a result the bus stops at every stop and adds on to traffic
  4. Alternate way of punish for Traffic Violators: Instead of taking fine from them punish them in a different manner. Like asking them to manage the traffic for 20 min or educating people about the traffic rules
  5. Subways / Skyways : Bring up more no of Subways or Skyways on the roads which face heavy traffic every time
  6. Driver must follow strict traffic rules: Major reasons for traffic are when few people do not follow rules for some reasons and others have to face the consequences. Lets us all keep in mind when ever we are breaking rules, that this is going to be at the cost of someone’s life.
  7. Sign Boards: To be added and improved at all places in the city.
  8. Alternate Roads / route: Provide sign boards to tell alternate way to reach different destinations and divert traffic during rush hours. Lay roads especially on alternate routes to distribute the traffic.
  9. Attitude: Build in a right attitude while driving - avoid driving fast, competing and attending calls.
  10. Accidence: Instead of surrounding around the accident place and jamming up the traffic try to help other to move ahead and free up the place.


I post this in response to a topic provided by Blogathon India. Its an event where Bloggers discuss their ideas and raise their issues and concerns over certain aspects by posting articles on certain topics provided by organizers of the event।

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Unique celebration of Holi and April Fool day @ my office

Holi: The celebration plan by our Business HR was a big surprise to our department. It was a pleasant evening at KPIT terrace as it was drizzling at Hinjewadi. We all gathered at cafeteria were the holi’s natural colors, sandwiches and cold drinks were waiting for us. Every one was busy applied colors on each other. It was a bad luck for our team as we all were in blue ( every Friday our team decides upon the color for the day ) never mind any thing for the cost of enjoyment.

Got back to work, in that colorful Awatar।

Shiva there, with his great Photoshop work in the pitcher.

My Operations Manager comes up to me with a box of chocolate ( KitKat & Dairy milk )

Wished me “Happy Holi” offered me and asked me to distribute it to every one.

I was feeling good initially but didn’t know it was going to be so risky. As I approached every one started picking up two and shamelessly instead of wishing every one Happy Holi I was asking people to take only one. Some were wishing me Happy birthday ….some were not ready for dairy milk as they wanted Kit Kat.

In all I found this unique – never had i heard chocolate been distributed in an organization and that also for Hoil.

I doubt KPIT having a tie up with Cadbury

April Fool: As usual our business HR coming into our department with pink, blue and yellow chart paper. Offering every one and asking up to pin it up on our back. It was all for a game. Where in any one can leave back a comment on that chart – off course taking good about the person.

The person whose chart has the highest no of comments wins the prize.

Every one was excited started running behind each other to add in there comments.

I went to every ones desk with my black pen left back a comment.

This was a nice game as it helps you in knowing what did you like about this person as a result you share the same work location and feel proud to be called as a college.

I don’t know who will win but yes if there would have been a prize for the person who wrote the maximum comments – there is no one to compete me for this।

Monday, February 18, 2008

I was camping @ Pune Barcamp4 on 16th Feb

It’s always been a great experience to be at Barcamp.

PuneBarCamp4 was at ThoughtWorks.

I landed up at 11.15am & got my self registered.

The sessions were in full swing. I attended Ajax session which was presented by Atul and Sumit. When they were taking questions from the audiences I went ahead asking them if they could tell some drawbacks or limitations of AJAX. Some of my misconceptions were cleared when Tarun , Atul and Sumit tried answering my question.

Followed by which I attended a session on Why Ruby presented by Sidu.

He got us introduced to Ruby as:

  • A very simple & easy programming language
  • Strongly & dynamically typed language
  • In Ruby every thing is an Object – Classes too
  • JRuby for Java Developers & IRuby for Dot Net Developers are more stable compared to Ruby.
  • InBuild classes can be reopened.

No doubt Ruby makes life of the programmers easy but at the end let’s not forget that will have to compromise on the Garbage collection & Platform dependence.

After having a wonderful lunch I walked in for a Demo on Webaroo2 by Kiran Thakkar.

Will soon come up with a post on Webaroo2

When Tarun was shooting he asked me about my experience of being at barcamp I said

“I really enjoy being here as we get to meet & interact with like minded people about whats new & hot in the IT World. It is far better then a class room teaching as it has no code of conduct or rules to be followed. Less of theory & more practical overview about tools & technologies.

For those who couldn’t make it up for puneBarcamp4 –


Photos on –

& Videos are uploaded at -

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Great Kick Start ……………Day 1 @ NGO

Can you think of working in an organization which has satisfaction, fun, enjoyment, entertainment in its job profile? Yes those organizations are NGO’s which are driven by its visions & mission to server the society with out accepting any thing in return.

Great Foundation is one such organization

One of the activities undertaken by great foundation & of which I am a part is where we visit Municipal school & help the kids to speak & be fluent in English as their education background is all in Marathi & when they step out of school they find English very complex to deal with.

My team members are :

Arthur Ignatius - SIMS

Nina Gir- Career Forum

Sunil Goel- Career Forum

Dilraj Rehal- IT Recruitments

Jaslene Bawa- Value Notes

We decided to kick start on 9th Feb from Mahadji Shinde School

We all members meet at the school sharp at 7.45am.Landed up at principle’s office where she gave an overview of the kind of students she has in 8th Std.

As soon as we entered into the class all the kids stood up wished us “Good Morning Teacher”। Hey I used to do this in school …….but never thought that a day will come when some one will wish me so:)

I was accompanied by Arthur & Nina.We were addressing 60 students having equal no of boys & girls.

We introduced our self & asked each one to introduce them self.Some were very loud but majority of them were shy.Our target was to create a comfort zone so that they can open up & be more confident.

We told them that we will be with them every sat & will be playing some games, giving some assignments which will polish there communication skills in English.When Nina asked them, do they find this interesting & useful?

One of the girl said yes……."Because today English is a powerful language & if we want to progress & make our parents & country proud we must master it

We started playing dumb charades having two teams – Boys vs Girls.

We gave them words like (School, Teacher, Books, Success) which they have to inact & the team members should guess the word in English.Girls were very smart compared to boys & at the end of the game girls were leading & good to see every one was involved.

After which we started of with associated words where if I say blue they have to give an English word which they can relate with it

eg Blue – sky, water, color, shirt.

Looking at the response of the class we were surprised. They are so creative & think out of the box.Asked them some GK question & played Tanaji says which they enjoyed the most.

The class was full of laughter & bright faces having a close-up smile on every ones face.

We concluded by

  1. Declaring the winning group – Boys won
  2. Assignment – Every body has to come with a paragraph from English newspaper which they will be reading it aloud in front of the class.

While saying GoodBy I could read their faces -

Their eyes said - “ All ways be with us, we want to be some thing in life

Their smile said - We enjoyed it

But if some one could read my eyes at that movement it said -

My life has become more meaningful. Thanks Kids for adoring, respecting & loving me

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NGO – Great Foundation…..I am a part of it

This Post is divided in to 3 Categories:

Sad part:

I used to spend my weekend either shopping or meeting up with my friends at CCD.

While doing this I used to wonder "what am I doing". Some where back of my mind I had a thought running in the background as to - can't I be more productive or do some thing which will help the society.

Thought Process:

By something I mean what I used to do in my college when I was a part NSS.

We used to visit old age home and spend time with the aged people whose kids

have left them at the time when they are looking out for emotional & financial support from them.

At times we also visited Preet Mandir where we interacted with the kids who don't even know who their parents are.

We visit places like malls, Theaters, pubs & restaurants.

But have we ever visited these places which are into darkness & sadness & tried to get a ray of hope or smiles on their faces.


Today I am feeling very fortunate to be a part of NGO – Great Foundation.

Thanks to Jaslene – one of my good friends who met me after 2 year.

She offered me an opportunity to be a part of NGO.

Last Saturday we all committed members meet up with Dr. (Ms) Viney Kirpal the founder of this NGO where she briefed us as to what we will be doing as a member.

We had a round of introduction & a short presentation from every one on there area of interest.

My next post will brief you'll about the goal, mission & activities that will be undertaken by the Great Foundation team.

The meeting was winded up by taking an oath………committing to the code of conduct which will be followed by all of us.

My weekends will be really fruitful – giving me a feeling that I am doing some thing good & giving back some thing to this society.

Trust me it makes you proud of your self when you see your services rendered; help others to make their life more meaningful.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

BEA Product Training ( 2nd Week )

Following is the week 21st to 25th Jan 2008 Presentation Schedule:






21st Jan


Mr Vijay


11.30 am

21st Jan


Mr Shaik


6.30 pm

22nd Jan


Mr Kamaleshwar

Multicast Protocol

11.30 am

22nd Jan


Mr Sai Krishna

Demo on CVS

5.30 pm

22nd Jan


Mr Sandeep

Demo on Log4j

6.30 pm

23rd Jan


Mr Sam Prabhu


6.30 pm

24th Jan


Miss Deepika


6.30 pm

25th Jan


Mr Balaji

Encryption & Decryption


25th Jan


Miss Jayshree

Demo on ANT

6.30 pm