Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NGO – Great Foundation…..I am a part of it

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Sad part:

I used to spend my weekend either shopping or meeting up with my friends at CCD.

While doing this I used to wonder "what am I doing". Some where back of my mind I had a thought running in the background as to - can't I be more productive or do some thing which will help the society.

Thought Process:

By something I mean what I used to do in my college when I was a part NSS.

We used to visit old age home and spend time with the aged people whose kids

have left them at the time when they are looking out for emotional & financial support from them.

At times we also visited Preet Mandir where we interacted with the kids who don't even know who their parents are.

We visit places like malls, Theaters, pubs & restaurants.

But have we ever visited these places which are into darkness & sadness & tried to get a ray of hope or smiles on their faces.


Today I am feeling very fortunate to be a part of NGO – Great Foundation.

Thanks to Jaslene – one of my good friends who met me after 2 year.

She offered me an opportunity to be a part of NGO.

Last Saturday we all committed members meet up with Dr. (Ms) Viney Kirpal the founder of this NGO where she briefed us as to what we will be doing as a member.

We had a round of introduction & a short presentation from every one on there area of interest.

My next post will brief you'll about the goal, mission & activities that will be undertaken by the Great Foundation team.

The meeting was winded up by taking an oath………committing to the code of conduct which will be followed by all of us.

My weekends will be really fruitful – giving me a feeling that I am doing some thing good & giving back some thing to this society.

Trust me it makes you proud of your self when you see your services rendered; help others to make their life more meaningful.


Tarun Chandel said...

This is really good, we should always something to give back to our society. Do share your experiences Bhavya.

krishna said...

that is a great approach to life
blend of tech and compassion.

keep it up
have great time serving and with servers..

Bhavya said...

@Tarun: Working for a social cause, is not only about giving back something to the society, but its more about understanding the world & people around us.
So far I am giving my best & having a great time with the kids. I feel as if I am back to by school days which I miss the most.

@Krishna: Technology makes life of a man easy & agile.
When Technology helps us to live a better life, why can’t we with thoughts, deeds & services make this world a better place to live?

bhavana said...

This is truely great job.
I wished i could join u too.
surely i shall do that some time later.

Bhavya said...

@Bhavana: You too are doing a great job, when you go out of your way to help your friends.
Finish you studies you can be a part of NGO.

CA.Siddharth Ranjan said...

Charity begins at home :-) some times at Old age homes and destitute homes also :-)

Abt the blog:
well organised and nicely presented.
remains crispy till the very end and leaves a sense of satisfaction at the end.
Goads one to go to the next post and see what else...:-)

Bhavya said...

Thanks for the appreciation.
Good to know that you like my posts.
Happy Blogging!

Rachelle said...

Interesting to know.