Saturday, January 19, 2008

Session Summary - DBVisualizer

Mr Sandeep the Presenter for DBVisualizer session kept it as simple as he could, as a result the audiences were left with no doubt or question.

He started with introduction:

DbVisualizer is a database tool useful by developers and database administrators to aid maintaining their databases. The tool supports all major operating systems & a wide range of databases.

DbVisualizer is available in two editions:

  • DbVisualizer Free - for commercial and non commercial use.
  • DbVisualizer Personal - Extends the Free edition with a collection of productivity features (Auto Completion support in the SQL editors

In BEA Weblogic the DBVisualizer is a package which gets installed when we install Weblogic.

To start DBVisualizer we need to see that the Database server is running.

Basic Requirement :

Java 1.4 or above , JDBC 2.0 & database specific Drivers

He showed a Demo on :

How to start the database

View Schemas, tables & records

Add records & delete records

In short supports all SQL & PLSQL Queries।

Best part of DBVisualizer:

  • Free
  • GUI mode to work with database
  • Can work on multiple databases at a time
  • Can view relationships among tables
  • Can work with functions & procedures
  • Generate Reports.

What made me unhappy is that – DBVisualizer is no more supported in WEBlogic 9.x onwards.

As DBVisualizer 6.x is getting released & coming up with more add-on features।
I don’t understand what made BEA exclude it in 9.x version.


hari said...

its really very nice that we are having these session and gaining some knowledge. and bhavya's script about that session is simply superb.
explanation about session is like spoon feeding for those who are not aware of the session
keep doing like this bhavya...

Tarun Chandel said...

Wow you seem to be busy learning a lot of things these days. Good going...

Bhavya said...

@Hari: Thanks for the Compliments.
All the credit goes to the presenters. Its not me but they who are doing a good job of sharing knowledge.

@Tarun: Ya...very true. I am undergoing a Product training on BEA Weblogic. In the mean time our trainer has also gone ahead & arranged some sessions on technologies & tools which are really hot in todays IT World.
Having a Fun time!!!!