Saturday, August 27, 2016

50 reasons why I love China

It’s in total 6 months of me living in China & I have gathered these below 50 reasons why I love my stay in china. All the below reasons are based on my experiences that I have encountered living in Shenzhen & Beijing:
  1. Getting all the attention in public places for being a foreigner
  2. Kids staring at me as If I am an alien
  3. Random strangers asking if I am from India with lots of excitement
  4. Strangers  Complimenting “You are beautiful”
  5. At tourist places young & old people's asking for picture with them – making you feel someone important
  6. At metro strangers taking pictures of me as If I don’t come from this planet
  7. If I was ever lost & asked people for directions…they have walked me down to my destination to assure I don’t get lost.
  8. That big smile on the driver's face when I hop in his taxi
  9. Connected with our Local police officer on Wechat …now he is just a ping away in case I get into any situation.
  10. My team back in office that spoils me & are there to always support me.
  11. Joy & fun in learning Chinese
  12. The eyes which sparkle when I say some words in Chinese to my vegetable vendor
  13. Making new friends coming from all over the world & learning more about their culture
  14. Weekend events -  Workshop,  tech/ startup meetups.
  15. Getting to buy electronics from the city which is called the silicon valley for hardware
  16. Having the coolest boss who is inspiring as a women leader
  17. My Chinese friends who look forward to eat Indian curries cooked by me
  18. When people in china talk so rich about Indian culture & bollywood..,making me feel so proud of the land I belong!
  19. Making genuine new friends and exploring new places in the city
  20. Reliable & easy public transportation which give me more time for myself
  21. Clean beaches & green parks to cycle around
  22. City which believes a lot in recycling & up cycling
  23. Money when you donate plastic bottles in this machine
  24. Wechat – not only for communication but for money transaction & translations
  25. mWallet – no worries of losing money or thrift
  26.  Korea, Japan, Philippines are now easy and cheap vacation destinations.   
  27. Why worry about Google apps not supportive in China when we have apps like Baidu maps, Weibo, WeChat which are way too perfect.
  28. Helpful people all around
  29. Too many options for vegan restaurants
  30. Feeling so safe let it be any time in the day or night.
  31. Freedom to wear whatever you want – as people around give Zero F***
  32. Chinese are amazingly hospitable and more sensitive towards others
  33. From the Great Wall of China to Buddhist temples – china surprises me with its rich culture.
  34. Diverse Landscape
  35. Chinglish – The way Chinese translate single words or full sentences is just too funny
  36. The Chinese doctors prescribe herbs for any ailment and it really works
  37. Random Silliness
  38. Street & talent show
  39. There is always lot of food, alcohol & fireworks with some breath-talking performance talking place all over china
  40. Old couples in evenings practicing dance moves keeping their love alive and making attempts to stay young as they exercise while dancing
Cheese Cake, Avocado, Ackee Fruits, Green tea, traditional music of China, sunny Climate, cute chinese kids, sports clubs, English & Chinese corners. 

Having said that I still have lots to explore in Mainland China. At this time, I am great full for all that I experience here in China & cheers for more 50 reasons that I will explore in the coming months.

Friday, August 26, 2016

This & That Shenzhen

All that it takes to keep our city clean
Tech Expo
Why do we prefer our phones over real human interaction?
You will find artist all around the town
This is how a veggie like me survives in Shenzhen.
No matter what time it is .... lets work towards staying fit 
Learning the art of eating with Chinese chopsticks
Street Dancers & Hipsters