Saturday, September 10, 2011

These are the days of my life.

I had been to Jogimatti which was my first treak ever. Completed a month in Huawei, meeting many new people every day, spending more time with loved ones. Hunting for a new property for investment in Bangalore, playing badminton on weekends, about to enrol for swimming classes “seriously” & my journey is going on. Thought of taking sometime out to note down things that I have realized & experienced more about life.

- Never judge, accept people the way they are, because you finally would realize that you were wrong.

- You cannot always make everyone happy all the time.

- People will never remember what you said but will remember you for how you made them feel.

- Once you make a decision, stick to it.

- It's hard saying goodbye.

- It's even harder saying goodbye to someone while they tell you they love you.

- It's scary when people know you so well, they predict what you're going to do and you still do it.

- Don't look for people to tell you that you did the right thing. If you think it's the right thing, then it probably is.

- Relationships can never survive in boundaries as they are meant to grow.

- Fear is ones biggest enemy; can’t forever keep running away from it. Face it & you shall conquer it. After which the happiness & joy you get is priceless.

- Realize who & where you are. Know where you wanna go…it’s always a leap that you need to take. Go for it & get ready to face all the emotions that come on your way. Trust me it’s all gonna be worth it.

- Bitching behind someone’s back does not make you best. Stand up & speak up upfront

- Always ask a question “Why” and you will discover miracles.

- Try to do those small things just for others happiness. People don’t expect anything but they deserve to be treated with respect.

- Smaller things in life give real satisfaction & joy. It’s just smaller things that the best things begin.

- Feelings can never be manipulated. One who is loved can never be hated.

- Don’t get upset if people make fun of you, be glad that you made them laugh.

- Everyone has their own set of problems, fears, sadness & aloneness what differentiate the best is the way they are dealing with them.

- Trust the one who remains & behaves the same even in your absence.

- If you can’t reciprocate the same at least respect the feelings.

- Give your best in everything that you do and make a difference – work, relationship, sports, art etc.

- No one is perfect, accept your mistakes & work on them. Life always gives second chance.

- Enough of running away, learn to face it…that’s what living is all about.

I'm enjoying myself so! I’m free, I'm happy, no regrets!

My weekend hobby "Moon watching... "