Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What are you attracting?

If it’s good it’s because of some change.

We attract what we are.

If we are happy we attract more happiness, if we are depressed we attract more depression. 

If we are feeling like a winner we attract more wins. If we feel love we attract more love.

It’s based on the simple theory of Law of attraction.

I have witnessed this theory myself … so I think the whole point is all about how you feel, so that it makes you be that and finally you land up attracting it!

So how are you feeling now? What are you attracting?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

What’s best for your Body Clock?

How do you wake up without an alarm clock?
Why does your tummy start grumbling a few minutes past your regular lunch hour?
What time is it inside your body? That’s a harder question. :P
Light coming in through eyes helps the body clock to keep in time with day or night and it resets slightly every day. Knowing how your internal body clock works can help you make the most of your waking hours.  It is quite natural for some people to want to wake up early and get on with the day, while others prefer to take more time and find they function better later in the day.
Having been watching & reading some research reports plus documentaries about Body Clock, few points & undertakings that I wish to share:

Morning 6 am to 10 am: Prefer doing less exertive activity or excises, as there may be more chances of heart attacks. Never skip your breakfast!

10-12 noon: The most productive hours in the day. Try completing all your To-Do’s during these hours.
Afternoon 12 – 2 pm: Complete your lunch & avoid driving on roads. In case you need to don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee to avoid accidents or any kinds of mishaps.
2-4 pm: Any kind of medication during this time will always do wonders. That’s why Kimo treatment to cancer patients is given in this time interval.
4-6 pm: Physical co-ordination, stamina and metabolic rate peak. Perfect time to slate a game of doubles tennis or schedule an early-evening kickboxing class. Best time for sports & gym.

6-8 pm: Guess why most of the pubs have happy hours during this time? Yes! As research says it’s the best time for drinks & dinner.
8-10: Avoid accessing internet, instead read a book, spread time in what you are passionate about like listening to music, painting etc. If not much, spend a quality time with your loved ones.
After 10 pm: Your hours of the day!. Sleep well and time for love.
Work according to your body clock for your best!