Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where I started & What am I now….

I started off my career as a Corporate Trainer while I was accomplishing my Maser’s in Computer Management.
Role as a Corporate Trainer:
- Conducted training for EDS Fresher’s batch in C and VB Script
- Training to HSBC in Core Java
- At Bharati Vidyapeeth University trained the PG-IT students in Java and WebTechologies [HTML,CSS, DHTML, PHP, JavaScript]
- At Asian School of Management was a visiting faculty for DBMS
Role as a Software Consultant:
Did couple of projects naming few – Online Admission Portal, Online Examination and IT School. This is where I got first hand experience in SDLC and a scope to explore Java, JSP, Servlet, JDBC and Struts.
I had become a big fan of WSAD and Websphere. 
Role as a Weblogic Consultant:
Moved on to become a Weblogic Consultant as I wanted to understand more what and how things work on the server side. 
Troubleshooted issues occurring on Weblogic Server 8, 9 & 10.
Found my interest in Python and made WLST my domain.
Later on started working and consuting client facing issues in devlopemnt with WLW.
Got introduced to JSF, JMS, JTA, POJO & Hibernate.
These new Technologies drew me back to the development environment.
Role as a Programmer Analyst:
Did a project for ILO – International Labour Organization. Which not only gave me a come back into development but got me introduced to the secure coding.  
The experience of the race shows that I got most important education not
through books but through my work. I am developing by my daily task, or else
demoralized by it, as by nothing else.
Role as a Framework Architect:
Currently I am into the designing & development of a framework to facilitate rapid
application development for Java open source projects.
A broad layout on the Framework features -
*        User authentication 
*        Single sign on 
*        User & Role management - Role based access to the functionality & access to data.
*        Advanced search
*        Client side and Server side Validations
*        GUI Generator - Listing, menus, toolbar, filters 
*        XML based screen generation  
*        Supported databases - MySQL, SQL server, ORACLE. 
*        All queries will be ANSI SQL compliant  
*        Flexibility to develop business logic in middle tire or database
*        Exception handling
*        Audit trail
*        Logging mechanism
*        Report Generation - Export to PDF & Reporting services and dashboard 
*        Licensing mechanism
*        Security features - Framework will be protected against following vulnerabilities published by OWASP :-     
>   SQL injection
>   Cross site scripting   
>   Malicious File Execution
>   Insecure Direct Object Reference
>   Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
>   Information Leakage and Improper Error Handling
>   Broken Authentication and Session Management
>   Insecure Cryptographic Storage
>   Insecure Communications
>   Failure to Restrict URL Access 
With this being my career journey, I could say “Find a job u love & u will never work for the rest of ur Life.
I remember in my college days when I participated for a Paper Presentation “Open
Source vs Proprietary Software where I said “I support Open Source and 1 day I will
start contributing towards it”
I never knew that this would come true so soon.