Monday, January 19, 2009

Thrilling – Extraordinary – Inventive - Boundless Idea’s @IdeaCampPune2

I found people saying @ IdeaCamp
“I have an Idea”
“No…. I don’t have any Idea!”
“Let’s see what people have to say about my Idea”
“Not sure about my bubbling Idea”
“I am here to support startups and Entrepreneur’s”


People asking Question @IdeaCamp
“What’s this IdeaCamp all about?”
“Who is going to fund my Idea?”
“Who’s helping me in making my Idea the Best?”

Registration started at 9.30am.
First time in a BarCamp – IdeaCampPune2 kicked-off with Birthday Cake being cut by the Birthday Boy – Neeraj Jain
We had to follow the tradition of the BarCamp’s – 3 word introduction by the participants * People exceeding more then 3 words have to treat all Chocolates :)

The first Idea presented by Abhijit Sontakey was loved by Mobile Utility Lovers. Using OnDemand Mobile based Service to get essential things & commodities at your doorstep.

Next was Idea Framework by Hrridayash Deshpande . He explained 4 frameworks in 15 minutes.

  • Idea Validation – Judge your Idea, if it’s Eliminate / Reduce / Raise / Create anything towards the society

  • Platform Rules – Ur Idea must be for a Business Model

  • Wicked Problems – An Idea will be hit if it’s a solution for a social problem

  • People Focus – Idea must not be Technology Centric but People Centric
    For me it was a “Key Mantra” to be an Innovator, and I promise to present an Idea in the next IdeaCamp.

A smart gentleman Anupam Saraph put forth his idea of how all can we do to build a for-the-citizens, by-the-citizens portal for pune CIO-Pune. Audience were convinced with him as its going to be beneficial for the Punekars.

People like me and many always have Questions like “Whose going to fund my idea?
PlanetAikon IDEA had an answer to this. They provide a platform for collaborative ideation and development - includes project mgmt, bug tracking. The best part is, they will only charge possibly a royalty/percentage if/when any one commercialize there Idea.

Quick poll of audience says we had 1/3 students, 1/3 employees, 1/3 entrepreneurs and the two Punetech guys.
They are outstanding and they proved it by there IDEA “Pune Blog”.
Navin Kabra Idea was not only a treat for the Bloggers but also for people who like to keep themselves updated about Pune. It was all about creating a community-run aggregation site for all Pune blogs/news portals using pligg. Daily Best post from various blogs of various sections like – Technology, Science, Sports, Entertainment will be selected based on some algorithm and be published on Pune Blog.

Manas Garg collaborated his logical and innovative idea with PuneBlog. He started his presentation by my favorite saying "Knowledge Grows by Sharing".
Bringing the power of Web Search and Wiki together to build an exhaustive information base on every topic in the world.

After a nice networking session during the Lunch break, the birthday boy Neeraj Jain started speaking on India going green with the use of Green Bags! And death declaration to polythene bags
He had a simple question for the audience as to why aren't people using jute bags?
No one including myself had any logical answer for it, but his idea had a solution for this problem, by using web-2.0 technologies like - orkut, facebook.

Adding to this Go Green concept was Kinjal's presentation on "Green IT".
He provoked many IT people to discuss and think over these questions
> Will Green IT contribute much to Going Green in India?
> Is IT in any ways a big contributor towards Global Warming?

Every thing was Green, even Harsahd’s Timeout bell - doing excellent time management

Later we had Ashish Belagali idea HeadTracker
talking about how to survive in tough times. Tackling the big monster of recession issue.

That Idea got a smile on all IT guys, and to make them smile hard Vijay Patil did a presentation on using Google Transit. It’s a map-based system to figure out which public transport to take to go from point A to point B. He also says if Pune submits public bus transport data, it will be the first city in India to be included in Google Transit

After listening to those great innovative people how couldn’t I get inspired;

My idea was - All good things conclude, but how about having a summary of all this.
I presented my idea, by summarizing all that happened throughout the event.
I could here compliments like “What an IDEA” ;)

We all un-organiser : Harshada, Aman, Kinjal, Abhishek Bowed and Thanked all of them for making the Event a big success.

IDEA is unlimited, like a big ocean, its endless….I feel like I am still swimming over it, and trust me have no plans to come out. If you wish to meet me come and meet me in this ocean; if you can’t swim never mind take a boat :-)