Monday, September 24, 2012


Think a new thought;
Accept a new responsibility;
Memorize a new song;
Try a new recipe;
Plan a new adventure;
Entertain a new idea;
Learn a new language;
Enjoy a new experience;
Make a new friend;
Read a new book;
See a new movie;
Climb a new hill;
Scale a new mountain;
Launch a new career;
Find a new purpose;
Fill a new need;
Light a new lamp;
Exercise a new strength;
Grasp a new truth;
Practice a new awareness;
Encourage a new growth;
Affirm a new beginning;
Discover a new answer;
Dream a new dream;
Build a new life;
Open a new door;
Explore a new possibility;
Capture a new vision;
Start a new chapter;
Seek a new challenge;
Express a new confidence;
Write a new plan;
Turn a new page;
Follow a new direction;
Be a new person;
Radiate a new enthusiasm.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Have Belief In Your Path

You may not know where it leads,
You may not have answers to all the questions,
You may have a past,
You may fear,
You may not see the end,
You may be afraid to take the first step but sometimes you have to simply take it.

Each and every person has a path,
Some will know the way they want to go,
Some will not but within your heart you will know when its right.

Have hope,
Have faith,
Have belief.....

The only thing you should be more afraid of when setting out on your life's journey is not setting out at all.