Friday, April 15, 2016

Long overdue - let's catch up

Let me see, so much has been happening since my last post, which was about M2M. I can assure you I’m as random as ever. Lets go month by month and pick out the highlights! 

I was very particular about not sharing too much personal stuff on my blog…guess I am becoming more of a private person and trying my best to protect the best things that are happening to me. I have also realised that I am not too found of attention and people talking about me.

In the month of Nov after I left OnePlus India, I learnt a very big career lesson. Its not important for which brand you are working, assure that you have good & inspiring leaders. So to all those who wondered why did I leave the company within a year you got my answer.

I also believe “Most companies fail because of leadership.. Never because of product”.
Since Nov my life has been very adventurous. I was working on a project with Vodafone in Chennai. Loving the people, food, beaches & roads of Chennai. Everything was just close to perfect & that’s when Chennai floods came in. That night the rain never stopped. It was pitch dark and no power throughout the city. I was locked in my flat & luckily my area had no water lock. The morning was a terror. I was hearing the news of what was going on in Chennai and to the death stories. I cant describe the pain the city went through ….nor can I hold back my tears as I go back to those days. I had to leave the city the very next day, but I have this regret that I wasn’t around to do my best for the people & the city.  
So, from my learning - if you ever get a chance to do any community service for people please take up such opportunities.

For new years I along with my sister & dear friends travelled to Belum Caves and Gandikota. After seeing the negative side of nature in Chennai I got to see the beauty of nature.
Traveling is fun & more importantly for me it helps me re-defined my perceptions about things, places & people.

It was my first visit to Kolkata –some how I connected to the place very easily. 
Well life was getting easy, less exciting & challenging. So the crazy part of me wanted to explore how life & career shapes up in Shenzhen. So here I am, blogging from my sweet home, road-facing apartment.
So far it has been an exciting journey. Yes, life is not easy here:
- I don’t have free open Internet to surf Google, FB, Twitter, Youtube & many more sites
- For a vegetarian like me, we have very less options to eat outside.
- Hardly people know to speak English & all the signboards are in Chinese text.
- I use an app to communicate with people here.
- Away from Family & Friends.
I left back a very comfortable life back in India, but guess what I love it all.

Do you wonder what makes me like China? Well my next blog post will have some very interesting stories from the life I am living here. Till than take care & love!