Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ohh People Ohh People

Well I was half asleep, and I woke up just to write this post.
The though behind this post is to share what I have felt & observed about people in general. Today one of my friend just made a statement to me saying, “****xyzzzz***** come one Bhavya, you have so many friends around”.

Yes, it true that in last couple of years I have met so many people, connected with them, shared & felt them. I have met people from different countries, cast, religion, state, language. With this believe I can say that indeed every individual is different, some are common, but the fact is all of them who claim themselves to be human have the following in them:
-       - Painful heart which is scrambled, scratched & broken by their dear ones
-       - Living with lots of regrets
-       - Wearing a Mask, what they show is never similar to what’s beneath them
-       - Selfish. What’s in for me? is the question they always ask themselves
-       - Prefer being closer to people who have fame/ money or are very positive towards life
-       - Judgmental towards others behaviours, attitude & outer look
-       - Desire for beauty, sex, happiness, fame & money
-       - Each act or reaction is backed with a selfish moto for self-benefits
-       - Fear expressing themselves
-       - Unsure dreams & desires
-       - Want to be always understood, happy, loved and complimented
-       - Get jealous

Youll are free to comment or argue on the above, but that’s what makes u, me, us human and it’s all fair. You can connect with any person only if you wish and not because you need to figure out commonality between each. Spiritual, emotional & intellectual are 3 broad categories in which you can easily connect with people.
The only rule that I follow religiously is accept people the way they are without any expectations. Isn’t it simple? :-)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Knowing you has been my sweet escape

It was destiny that we had to meet
We were preparing for a journey
Time just passed by when we spoke
Dreams started building up
Future looked amazing & safe in your arms
The best thing ever that could happen to me
Fought with my fears with you
Rediscovered myself with you
Smiled truly with you
Felt you, fear of losing myself held me back
Why did I held back myself
Why did I
Couldn’t acknowledge those feelings
Know that I feel
It’s a bless that I feel all the emotions that exist on here
And I know
I was born to love you
With every single beat of my heart
I will, I do