Monday, July 9, 2007

Missed The Barcamp

Unfortunately I missed the barcamp…….which was held in Persistent
I did register myself for it but due to some reasons could not attend it.
I was looking out for these topics to be discussed in the camp.

• Ruby on Rails
• Agile Web Development
• Cake PHP
• Project Tracking tools and approaches
• Web 2.0

Never mind better luck next time.
I hope guys you had a lovely time.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Some Words of Appraisal

These are some replies that I received from my sir's & friends when I mailed
Them regarding my results:


Heartiest Congratulations!!

Thank you for your kind words, I am sure you deserve more credit than what you are bestowing on me :-)

Keep it up and wish you all the best.

Hello Bhavya,

Heartiest congratulations on your grand success. I wish you all the very best in your further career.

Good to see you blog.

Hi Bhavya,

Good to hear from you and congratulations on your success.
Wish you the very best for all your endeavors.

Stay in touch.

Hi Bhavya,
What a great news???... Congratulations..! .. at last u did .

Hi Bhavya,
Congratulations !!!! Good Show !!!! re... keep it up....

Now I will start telling my frenz..." Hey the Topper gal is my friend " :)


Awesome.. :) congrats.

Dear Bhavya,

Heartiest Congratulations...!!!!

Sorry for wishing you so late...

You've really scored ggoooood marks.

I'm really happy for you.

May God give you many more successes in your life ahead....

Hi Bhavya,

Heartest Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very Very Happy for u....
When is the party??????
All the Best.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Finally I have Done It……

Yesterday I got a call from my friend telling me that your MCM results are out.
And my name is displayed on the net.
I checked it out on this links

And for my surprise it got to see my name stating that I have stood first in Pune University in MCM-2007.
I first called up my Mom & then my Dad.
My Parents told me that I have made them proud… was their dream.
I was bombarded yesterday night with calls from my relatives and my friends.
I cont remember every think what each one said but yes I remember only one word
On this occasion I would like to thank following people with whose support & well wishes this would not have been possible.
Dr Shirode – Director of NICDR
MRS Bapat – HOD of NICDR
Mr Ashish Kulkarni – CEO of SFBL (Scotland)
Mr Satish Talim – Java Guru
Mr Satish Mishra – CEO of Better Labs
Mr Shashank Date – Mentor of Reevik Technologies
Mr Joy Basu – CEO of Amplify Mindware
Col Kaushik – Director of Amplify Mindware
Col Manoharan – HR Manager of Amplify Mindware
Mr Sanjay Walke – CMS
Mr Rajesh – Amplify Mindware

A special thanks to my friends, relatives & students who helped me in all their own ways.
And how can I forget my god who blessed me with knowledge & with such lovely people.

A big Thanks from my bottom of my heart……