Friday, July 21, 2017

Debuted on Medium

Hi all,
I debuted on Medium today, with my first post called, "Brand Stories".
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See you there :)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

To all the Internet haters.

To all the Internet haters,
They say, “I lack Indian Values, have no Indian Culture, Are you really an Indian?
I wonder why they feel it’s ok to slash someone openly on Social Media without even making an attempt to know them?

This couldn't be more far from the truth and from my intentions and values. Yes I, come from India. But, does that mean I can’t take up global roles or create social media content that is universal? Just because I am an India, does it mean I always have to dress up in ethnic attire? 

I love Social Media; it’s my bread and butter. I love being creative and experimenting with new content even if they are not conventional. I used Social media at work and personally. Yes, my profiles are public. I love this space, but today I want to address few things, that I think is not OK. Few people sitting in a room, going all out abusing content creators and when they them self have no point to prove apart from calling people racist, sexist, boosting their egos.

My FB, Blog, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter accounts are all public. You know why, because I want to share my content, stories and I tell them in unique ways. Yes, I am putting myself up there for lot of criticisms, inviting hates comments. I am ok to show that I am vulnerable. Any other way would be inauthentic. The truth is, I do dress up in all the fashions, just because you thing my pics are revealing, does not give any one the rights to judge me by saying I lack India culture.  

I'm really proud of my ethnicity and skin colour. I'm even more proud of my parents and the life they've created. I love dosa. I love pani puri. I love speaking Hindi and (poorly) Kannada, Marathi. I also love dressing up in clothes from the motherland. I love the family values I've been raised with. I love Bhangra and Bollywood music. In other words, don't get it twisted. I'm brown and I'm hella happy about it. And whatever colour your skin is, you should love it too.

I am an Indian, but I would love to be called as a Global Citizen.