Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pune Twitter Meetup – Largest in India so far…

@bhavis is now my pet name… and thanks to Twitter.

I was following many never-met followers. Always wanted to meet-up with them and know them in person. So at WAT Blog Purva, Rohan, Navin and Dhananjay along with me planed to have Pune Twitter Meetup. This would be a social gathering of twitters, out of the web world to an air breathing environment.

I always believe in doing things differently; so decided to make it big and get media attention. FAQ to me on this event:
Q Why do u wanted media to cover this event?
Ans: So that many people who are unaware of this communication tool, join it and make it a best place.
Q Why aiming to make it the Largest Twitter Meetup in India?

Ans: Punekars do not believe in doing small things, we rock and we wanted to prove it this time too.

The Event took place at CCD, FC Road on 7th Feb at 7pm. CCD guys were ready with seating arrangement of 45 people and for everyones surprise 60+ twitters turned up.

The meet witnessed great talks and discussion on:
1. Why and how to use twitter
2. Does and don’ts at twitter
3. Twitter – a Business development tool
4. Exchanging knowledge, updates, ideas and opinions in twitter
5. Green Pune and All information about pune through twitter
6. What if twitter charges for usage?
7. Romance and meeting soulmates via Twitter

We had a good encouragement from Media and thanks to Pune Mirror, DNA and Indian Express.

Coverage by Pune Mirror 8th Feb 2 pg Edition
Coverage by DNA 9th Feb 5 pg Edition

Coverage by Indian Express - Pune Newsline 10th Feb 8 pg

We dreamt…We thought ….and We worked …

“We all Pune Twitter's are winners as we did what we aimed for” Cheers!
Twitter Rocks so do Pune Twitters.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sun Tech Days 2009 in India @Hyderabad & @Pune

Sun Tech Days in India is just around the corner, and so are your opportunities wide open at Sun's Worldwide Developer Conference to develop skills, advance your career in a Web 2.0 world and share knowledge.

It will be held at the Hyderabad International Convention Center, from February 18 - 20.

Hear from the ‘Father of Java’, James Gosling and watch proceedings of the sessions at Hyderabad along with select interactive sessions. Also hear the latest in Java & Solaris Technologies, Java SE and Java EE, JavaFX, GlassFish, MySQL, Opensolaris, (J) Ruby and Rails, NetBeans, Web 2.0.

For more details and registration visit: Sun Tech Days India site

As a very special offering, Sun Microsystems presents Sun Tech Days Plus - a single day snapshot of this 3-day event for developers in Pune.

Venue: Le Meridien, Pune

Time:9:00 am onwards

Date:20 Feb, 2009

For registration visit: Sun Tech Days Plus site

It gives me an opportunity to hear from and meet with some of the brightest technology experts from around the world. It's a chance to network with peers, understand more about what's going on from Sun and the industry.

So don't miss being a part of the largest developer conference in India

If you’ll are planning to attend, do get in touch with me.