Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pune Twitter Meetup – Largest in India so far…

@bhavis is now my pet name… and thanks to Twitter.

I was following many never-met followers. Always wanted to meet-up with them and know them in person. So at WAT Blog Purva, Rohan, Navin and Dhananjay along with me planed to have Pune Twitter Meetup. This would be a social gathering of twitters, out of the web world to an air breathing environment.

I always believe in doing things differently; so decided to make it big and get media attention. FAQ to me on this event:
Q Why do u wanted media to cover this event?
Ans: So that many people who are unaware of this communication tool, join it and make it a best place.
Q Why aiming to make it the Largest Twitter Meetup in India?

Ans: Punekars do not believe in doing small things, we rock and we wanted to prove it this time too.

The Event took place at CCD, FC Road on 7th Feb at 7pm. CCD guys were ready with seating arrangement of 45 people and for everyones surprise 60+ twitters turned up.

The meet witnessed great talks and discussion on:
1. Why and how to use twitter
2. Does and don’ts at twitter
3. Twitter – a Business development tool
4. Exchanging knowledge, updates, ideas and opinions in twitter
5. Green Pune and All information about pune through twitter
6. What if twitter charges for usage?
7. Romance and meeting soulmates via Twitter

We had a good encouragement from Media and thanks to Pune Mirror, DNA and Indian Express.

Coverage by Pune Mirror 8th Feb 2 pg Edition
Coverage by DNA 9th Feb 5 pg Edition

Coverage by Indian Express - Pune Newsline 10th Feb 8 pg

We dreamt…We thought ….and We worked …

“We all Pune Twitter's are winners as we did what we aimed for” Cheers!
Twitter Rocks so do Pune Twitters.


EagleEye said...

Hmm.I know I missed ptu1.Any scheduling to be done for the next ptu?
When ?

Bhavya said...

@EagleEye: So far not final, we shall have it in the first week of April 09.
Keep following for updates.

Vedang said...

"Romance and solemates.." :D :D soulmates i should think. solemates would be people with the same shoe size :D

Bhavya said...

@Vedang: Thanks for noticing… I have actually invented a new word :D
But that could be given a thought, seems difficult but we may have solemates turning out to be soulmates :)

Arcopol Chaudhuri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arcopol Chaudhuri said...

This is so good. I'm not that frequent at Twitter Meetups (aren't they also called Tweetups), but love to, if we discuss as many things. We had a small Twestival, and it was heartening to see people turning up to say.."I read it in the papers and came for it!" :)

Bhavya said...

@Arcopol: I too read about Mumbai Tweetup in the newspaper. Gr8 work.
The only intention about getting the tweetup in the media, was to make plp aware about Twitter and its utilities.

ravish said...

Hi Bhavya, How's life...

I missed the first Pune Twitter Meetup :(

However do let us know when would be the next Meetup.

Bhavya said...

I m as usual having a good time
Hope you too r rocking buddy :)

Tweetup…Never mind, we shall have 1 more soon.
Will keep you posted.
BTW we have PuneBlogCamp2 coming this month.
Will mail u the details.
See u there.

Anonymous said...

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