Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life bit away from Blogging

Firstly I deeply owe apologies to my lovely blog & to my blog subscribers. Yes! I know it’s been really long since I have updated this space. So let me try to justify this 3 months of my life away from blogging.  The following things had kept me engaged:

1.     Travelling to Delhi, Coimbatore, Cochin, Mangalore-
This was the first time I was visiting these cities. I feel in love with the Delhi cold climate, street shopping, Punjabi family culture and not to forget the variety of food that got me to gain 2Kg of weight.  Coimbatore, Cochin, and Mangalore – the tier 2 cities took me by a surprise when I passed through huge malls, Audi showrooms and wide Akers spread universities. These trips made me realize that as a marketer we are totally missing out a huge potential market which lies in the Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities.

2.     Friends destination wedding @ Jodhpur –
That was one of my dear friends wedding and how could one resist when it’s happening in the blue city of India. My trip to Jaipur & Jodhpur was incredible; pics coming soon. The Forts, Palaces, food & not to forget the shopping experience is something that I will remember for the life time.  

3.     Swimming classes –
One of my resolutions for 2014 & to summarize my training, I grade myself C. I felt like I was on moon when I learnt to float – I know it sounds crazy, but that day was the best day of the Feb month J I know how to back float…. I have a long way before I call myself a swimmer – but I don’t know how many feel that this earth is a much calm, peaceful, stress less, beautiful when you are in the water.

4.     Huawei Club expansion –
My work is my passion. “Do what u love & believe in” -That’s what I preach to all the young students I meet during my college visits.  Huawei Club is the project I have been working on for more than 8 months & trust me, never did I felt like I am working (I know my boss is reading this ;))
It’s a project where we are trying to build smart engineers & managers for tomorrow, nurture students ideas & passions, trying to bridge the gap between Academics & Corporate.
It’s a privilege of being a part of such an imitative. I get to meet young super talented students whom I can motivate & in return learn & get inspired from them.
Life @ work is beautiful.

5.     Data Science –
If you have been following my tweets off lately, it’s easier to say that Data Science is not my crush any more; I am in love with it J  Big Data is something that I am learning all by myself & every time I educate myself, my belief gets stronger, that this is the next big impactful technology in the coming years.

6.     Calm person within me-
With time I have encountered quite a bit of calmness in me. It’s so powerful – it lets you handle people & situation smartly. In this new change, I am trying to figure out if expressing yourself is a sign of weakness or strength?

Help me get some conclusion on the above question that’s on mind, till then I say goodnight to the beautiful people out there reading this.

Stay happy & safe till I come up with my new blog update.