Saturday, May 18, 2013

Irony of Life

Sadness to know what happiness is

Failures to succeed  

Noise to appreciate silence

Hurt & pains to get beautiful

Absence to value presence

Losses to gain more

The most beautiful Love, gives the most deepest pain

Unsaying at the right moment

Aging which always doesn't bring wisdom along

No way to happiness, happiness being the way

Product measured by Quality, Performance measured by Quantity

Sunset more colorful than Sunrise          

Good things happening with goodbyes 

Life still being called fair.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Appointed: BOS for Computer Science at Jain University

I strongly believed that the gap between our today’s academic and the industry requirements is very huge. The course syllabus especially in various Indian Universities for Computer science is very outdated as compared to the technology trends & innovations that are happening.

When I was offered an opportunity to change the above situation I just accepted with honors – Glad & very grateful to be appointed in the Board of Studies for the Department of Computer Science at Jain University.
The Board of Studies under the department of Computer Science is constituted by the competent authority for going through certain proposals for introducing new and innovative programmes in the field of Computer Applications and Information Technology.

As I am committed to give my best to this role I plan to bring in the following:

  •       Computer Science syllabus updated with the latest web & mobile technology
  •      More of practicals, workshops & lab sessions. 
  •       Industrial live projects for students to build experience.
  •       Best practices of programming & IT management.

Taking this opportunity to thank Jain University for the belief in me & for driving the change in academics that’s very much needed in the best interest of the students & Industry.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Role, New Responsibilities, New Goals with Emotion UI

I believe “that the best things that you receive in life are those things you never asked for”.

Being enjoying my role as a Business Developer for Strategic Alliance at Huawei Devices; much satisfied I couldn’t have asked for anything better…but destiny proves itself every time.

This month I officially took up a new role -“Business Operation for Huawei Devices Global ROM Emotion UI

Emotion UI:
Emotion UI is a skin over the base android that would define Smartphone experience on all Huawei Devices. It provides various features such as, interesting navigational experiences that can be easily customized based on one’s personal needs, rich pool of personalized themes that bring a more vivid visual experience with interactive animation that can be changed by simply shaking the phone, pre-installed performance enhancing functions, easy Widgets management, and Presets for driving, attending meetings, and outdoors.

The surprise element in the UI is the way applications are managed (moved, installed, or uninstalled) directly from the home screen without using an app launcher. Widgets can be easily added by pressing and holding a blank section of the wallpaper.

My favorite feature is "Me Widget" - a folder of grouped widgets that the user can customize as a single unit providing quick access to favorite contacts, photo galleries, or music player.
Major responsibility of my team would be to:-
  • Brand Emotion UI: Show how apart from hardware Huawei is also very serious about software innovation
  • User Engagement: Get most of the current Huawei Smartphone users to experience Emotion UI
  • Android Upgrades : Release latest android upgrade along with enhanced user experience with Emotion UI
  • Community building: Creating & building fan clubs who will help us in making Emotion UI the best design for smartphone in the coming days.
Like the fact that Emotion UI was not designed to make users say “wow”, but to make them say “wow that's nice and I did that!

Yes! I am very excited and getting all set to deliver my best in this new role.

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