Saturday, May 11, 2013

Appointed: BOS for Computer Science at Jain University

I strongly believed that the gap between our today’s academic and the industry requirements is very huge. The course syllabus especially in various Indian Universities for Computer science is very outdated as compared to the technology trends & innovations that are happening.

When I was offered an opportunity to change the above situation I just accepted with honors – Glad & very grateful to be appointed in the Board of Studies for the Department of Computer Science at Jain University.
The Board of Studies under the department of Computer Science is constituted by the competent authority for going through certain proposals for introducing new and innovative programmes in the field of Computer Applications and Information Technology.

As I am committed to give my best to this role I plan to bring in the following:

  •       Computer Science syllabus updated with the latest web & mobile technology
  •      More of practicals, workshops & lab sessions. 
  •       Industrial live projects for students to build experience.
  •       Best practices of programming & IT management.

Taking this opportunity to thank Jain University for the belief in me & for driving the change in academics that’s very much needed in the best interest of the students & Industry.


Sriram Gullapalli said...

Congratulations. All my best wishes

vidya said...

Good to know :) wishes