Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rational Software Conference 09 - Day 2

Martin Nally addressed the audience about how to improve Software Economy & achieve agility at scale:

Introduced 2 framework to achieve the above

> RCA (Report Collaborate Automate) to complete the project 1 month early.

It is very much needed that the requirements are well defined

> MCIF (Measured Capability Improvement Framework) best practice for SDLC which tells us how to isolate the activities.

He adds that Software economy is balancing risk & opportunity

Neeraj Chandra:- Smart Product for Smart Planet

He started off his presentation with a saying “You can’t cut the way to success”

Innovation is more about solving a problem on ground reality and reducing complexity. Recession is a curse & this IT down turn will end and then we need to take up this opportunity. Future will see Smarter products like

Mobile Computing, Smart Transport, health care, energy & aero-scope. A products major failure is most of the time the embedded software. Concludes by saying that “Rational Software’s are Smart product existing in this yet to be - Smart Planet”

Session on Mashups: Defined as :-Lightweight web application created by combined contents from different app with some new insight. Eg being igoogle and Google Map. Helps in building Enterprise. WebTop is the first mashup application.

Best Practice in Mashup Application is to know what to combine & how to combine

WebSphere feature pack & RAD for Web 2.0 Application Development: This feature has SOA for web 2.0 + Ajax Messaging & Ajax Development feature, DOJO toolkit 1.0 to avoid browser behave differently.

  • Support 3 tire architecture,
  • JavaScript developer Editor
  • JavaScript debugging – Firebug
  • Eclipse integration in RAD
  • DOJO project setup
  • GWT integration not possible
  • Exploring EJB as a REST is easy by just configuring it in RAD
  • WebSphere feature can be used in Eclipse

John Burroughs on Web Security tool AppScan:

Security is recession proof. When market was down security went up. We see 75% Application attacks & 25% network attack. The latest version of Appscan can scan across SOA, DOJO & Flash application. We see only 20% of OS attacks and Web App attacks are 55%. SQL Injection is the No1 vulnerability. AppScan is

the tool which can detect vulnerability at production, build, development phase.

Ø AppScan coding test is integrated at IDE and supports all IDE’s

Ø AppScan for development level editing is a plug-in

Ø They acquired Ounce Labs so that they could do white box testing after which the next version of AppScan released in Oct 08 had code analysis tool.

2009 RoadMap

* Join ISS initiative

* AppScan ISS site Protector

* Solving Enterprise Security Challenge

* Jazz security Software delivery platform

Phase of Security Vulnerability: Coding, Build, QA Testing & Product

Stealing data & gaining popularity amongst pears are the major reason for cyber crime.

Growth in Complexity & Web 2.0 has made security more needed the solution to fight against would be to train the developers in security and more investment in security.

After those 2 days of lab & session packed knowledge bag made me feel proud of being an IBMer and believe that Rational tools need to be more in-use to get agility in place from real world to SDLC.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rational Software Conference 09 - Day 1

Tools can make SDLC agile and economic, IBM Rational Software are the major players. Rational software Conference 09 witnessed 5000 registration for 2 days held at Leela palace on 13th – 14th Aug 09.

Steve Robinson - Real Insights, Real Results: Introduced the contribution of JAZZ an open source forum. He says if all project follow CAR (Collaborate – Automate – Report) framework they will be agile & scaleable

Heyden Lindsey – Driving innovation today: Rational innovation is Smart planet & smarter products. Success with innovation in any project can be achieved by understanding business goals then looking for collection of frameworks & available tools, knowing how to deploy them and lastly selecting meaningful matrix to measuring the performance.

We see lots of software innovations in the area of Electronics, Automation & Aerospace. Cloud computing has 2 sides - on cloud service and service for cloud

On cloud service is where software’s are installed in the cloud and many can access it.

Service for cloud is when a operation is exposed as a service.

Grady Booch – S/W a key to Smart Planet : UML author started with an example, A software which could before hand predict Cyclone or Katrina which will occur. We need technology to change, want it to be a bit smarter which could store huge data, share data and have competency in market.

Lab on Rhapsody 7.5: A tool which will translate UML model language to code.

Lab1: Hello world program by drawing a Class diagrams and writing only 1 line of code.

Lab 2: Build a stop watch

It’s a Model – Driven & UML development

Enables design level debugging having benefit of product & quality

Rational software Architecture is used to build Java based web application from a UML

Lab on AppScan 7.1: A tool to test Web Application Security.

OWASP reports SQL & XSS Injection the highest level of attacks

Lab 1: Hacking cookies information

Lab 2: SQL Injection

Lab 3: XSS Injection

It exposes the security vulnerabilities on URL basis, gives recommendations to resolve.

Session on JCAP: Java code Analyze Program

Developers can automatically inspect their Java source code and improve their Java programming skills as they write their programs via JCAP. It provides descriptive Java patterns explaining error prone code constructs and providing solutions for it.

It checks:

  • conformance to coding standards,
  • misuse of the Java language,
  • best practice conformance
  • code structure and
  • potential bugs at the earliest stages of development.

Session on Ration Clear Case Remote Client 7.1: A software configuration management tool. Has atomic commit, scheduler for build and an option to pick the version of the file. Can share a branch, has bulk checking & checkout option, view update, find merge, new project changes, cross project changes,

Build type: - triggered, scheduled, nightly and build-forge

Give us work from home option, disconnected, can be used in LAN environment, supports web view, notification when the view is updated.

Day 2: Upcoming post....

Monday, July 13, 2009

What we wish in our lives is only true with the Keyboard

1. When we look at our past, we think it could have been much better, we wish there was 'undo (ctrl + Z)' in life!

2. We miss many things in our life and then we wish there was 'find tool (ctrl+F)' in life!

3. At times we mess up our relationship with others, we wish there was 'rebuild all' in life!

4. The conference room is full packed and you cannot get anywhere near that celebrity at the other end, we wish there was 'zoom & view full screen'in life!

5. We love someone and then we marry get married and later at a stage a realization that there is bound to be a mismatch, we wish there was a valuation period' or atleast a 'sample download' or a 'demo version'!

6. We get up early in the morning and see a pimple on the face, we wish there was 'cut and paste (ctrl + X)/ (ctrl + C)' in life!

And the best one is ..........

7. The best part of the keyboard is U & I are together which is not always there in life......

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why should I Live...

This is an answer to a question “Why should I live ?

This is an answer to a question “Why do u live ?

This is an answer to everyone’s beautiful living

This is an answer to every breath that we take.

Live for what you are yet to receive

Live for the friends you will get

Live for the jokes you still wait to hear

Live for the beautiful travels you are still to make

Live for everything you are not sure about, as it will still challenge your being

Life for tomorrow’s sunrise

Live for the gifts you are yet to receive

Live for the riddles you haven’t yet solved

Live for all your unanswered questions

Live for all your lost battles, as they are your precious lessons

Live for your enemies, as they are there to give birth to you forgiveness

Live for all the ambitious goals you’ve set

Live for the smiles you get every day

Live for the smiles you give every day

Live for all the great ideas you will have tomorrow

Live for tomorrow’s surprises

Live for all the nice words you haven’t yet said to your loved ones

Live for all the books you haven’t yet read

Live for all the unborn challenges you still have to face

Live for all the stories you haven’t yet heard, written or imagined

Live for all your unfulfilled dreams

Live for every single second, as this is all you have, only this infinite second

I am living my life to witness miracles…

Monday, June 15, 2009

Upcoming Events : Headstart Summer and Pune Blog Camp 2009

Headstart Summer 2009

Headstart Summer is coming up on 20th June @ Nehru Center Mumbai. The event would bring together entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, Startups and professionals all under one roof along with industry leaders, VC's and experts.

Headstart features two separate threads: Exhibition and Conference.

* The exhibition thread will have an exhibition of 20 finalist startups from all over the country.

* The conference thread will have startup showcases, workshops and interactive panel discussions.

The conference thread will see the following ensemble of events:

  1. Startup Showcase: The greatest learning for an entrepreneur is to learn from another entrepreneur's story. This will have three-way interaction between a startup, a panel of experts and the audience
  2. Workshops: There is nothing like hands-on learning with an expert who can hand-hold you through the process. We shall see hands-on workshops on "Making One-Pager Business Plans" and "Early Stage Funding" by some of the Industry's leading people.
  3. Interview with an entrepreneur: The last session will be an interaction with a leading entrepreneurial corporate figure who has made it BIG.

What to expect?

  • 20 startup finalists - all going to the demo-pit
  • 9 startups presenting themselves on stage
  • Interaction with industry leaders, angels and early stage investors
  • 100 investors, corporates, partners, organizers
  • 150 startups, techies, entrepreneurs

For reference: http://network.headstart.in/projects/headstart2009/project-home

Pune Blog Camp 2

After 2 hugely successful blogcamps, BlogCampPune and BlogCampMumbaiStyle and a gap of 2 years Pune Blogger’s are back with the 2nd edition of BlogCampPune.

BlogCampPune is a FREE unconference focusing exclusively on blogging, organized by bloggers for bloggers. It‘s built upon t

he principles of the famous BarCamp (ad-hoc unconference) focused on sharing, learning and new ideas. This is going to be an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction between attendees.

Date: 27th June 2009

Time: 10:00AM to 5:00PM

Venue: SICSR (Symbiosis) 7th Floor Atur Center, Gokhale Cross Road, Model Colony Pu

ne Near the OM Super Market

So Pune blogger’s come and be a part of this event, where blogger’s are gonna share their thoughts on:

Why we blog, Way’s to make your blog popular, Web 3.0, blog for earning money and a best marketing tool.

And many more exciting and adventures topics revolving around the blogosphere.

Register at : http://blogcamppune.eventbrite.com/

Pass on the word to each and every blogger and also to people who wish to be a part of blogosphere but don’t know where and how to start.

**** "I Started Blogging after I attend the First edition of PuneBlogCamp, and I am sure many will have such stories to share after attendign the Second Editon where Pune is gonna Rock".****

Monday, June 8, 2009

Foster's party at Blue, Solaris Club

Kingfisher ruled Indian beer goers throughout the late eighties. Nineties, too, started with a bang for the makers of Kingfisher beer. And then there came a rival that divided the Kingfisher market.

FOSTER'S India Ltd, makers of Foster's beer.

"Foster's is the world's 7th largest international beer brand, but to date has been under-represented in India". Foster's, a leading Australian brand, has six per cent market in the mild beer India market.

What does this call for – Good Marketing strategy?

Foster's, which started operations in India in 1998, is rolling out a new initiative to emphasis the quality of its beer, apart from this they also believe "If we r the best lets show it".

Thus to promote their brand in Pune, they had organized a invite-only poolside party at Blue, Club Solaris, Koregoan park on 7th June 2009, Sunday at 12:30 PM.

I was invited by IndiBlogger along with some of known and popular Pune blogger’s to be a part of this event.

My camera has brought back some of the action !

Foster's Party had astonishing music by a famous DJ,

free Foster beer, models & media celebrities who sizzled around the Blue swimming pool.

Forget swimming and keeping fit. Your average pool can be your pond of fun, just like what we have here.

The party was a 'splashing success' with some models and celebrities hitting the venue to cool off.

Today, Foster's Lager is one of the fastest growing, truly global beer brands, available in more than 150 countries.

* Do you’ll still have a Question for me “U being a part of UB Group and a Non-Boozer

what were u doing at Foster’s Party?”.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where I started & What am I now….

I started off my career as a Corporate Trainer while I was accomplishing my Maser’s in Computer Management.
Role as a Corporate Trainer:
- Conducted training for EDS Fresher’s batch in C and VB Script
- Training to HSBC in Core Java
- At Bharati Vidyapeeth University trained the PG-IT students in Java and WebTechologies [HTML,CSS, DHTML, PHP, JavaScript]
- At Asian School of Management was a visiting faculty for DBMS
Role as a Software Consultant:
Did couple of projects naming few – Online Admission Portal, Online Examination and IT School. This is where I got first hand experience in SDLC and a scope to explore Java, JSP, Servlet, JDBC and Struts.
I had become a big fan of WSAD and Websphere. 
Role as a Weblogic Consultant:
Moved on to become a Weblogic Consultant as I wanted to understand more what and how things work on the server side. 
Troubleshooted issues occurring on Weblogic Server 8, 9 & 10.
Found my interest in Python and made WLST my domain.
Later on started working and consuting client facing issues in devlopemnt with WLW.
Got introduced to JSF, JMS, JTA, POJO & Hibernate.
These new Technologies drew me back to the development environment.
Role as a Programmer Analyst:
Did a project for ILO – International Labour Organization. Which not only gave me a come back into development but got me introduced to the secure coding.  
The experience of the race shows that I got most important education not
through books but through my work. I am developing by my daily task, or else
demoralized by it, as by nothing else.
Role as a Framework Architect:
Currently I am into the designing & development of a framework to facilitate rapid
application development for Java open source projects.
A broad layout on the Framework features -
*        User authentication 
*        Single sign on 
*        User & Role management - Role based access to the functionality & access to data.
*        Advanced search
*        Client side and Server side Validations
*        GUI Generator - Listing, menus, toolbar, filters 
*        XML based screen generation  
*        Supported databases - MySQL, SQL server, ORACLE. 
*        All queries will be ANSI SQL compliant  
*        Flexibility to develop business logic in middle tire or database
*        Exception handling
*        Audit trail
*        Logging mechanism
*        Report Generation - Export to PDF & Reporting services and dashboard 
*        Licensing mechanism
*        Security features - Framework will be protected against following vulnerabilities published by OWASP :-     
>   SQL injection
>   Cross site scripting   
>   Malicious File Execution
>   Insecure Direct Object Reference
>   Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
>   Information Leakage and Improper Error Handling
>   Broken Authentication and Session Management
>   Insecure Cryptographic Storage
>   Insecure Communications
>   Failure to Restrict URL Access 
With this being my career journey, I could say “Find a job u love & u will never work for the rest of ur Life.
I remember in my college days when I participated for a Paper Presentation “Open
Source vs Proprietary Software where I said “I support Open Source and 1 day I will
start contributing towards it”
I never knew that this would come true so soon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sun Tech Days 09 @ ICC Tower Hyderabad Dated Feb 18 - 20

Memories in the form of Pictures:

This was my first visit to Sun Tech Days and also to Hyderabad.

Hall was jam packed with Audience for the Sun Keynote talk by James Gosling

“Enlighten: You” talk by Father of Java – James Gosling

Help Desk managed by the dedicated volunteers.

Stalls put up by Sponsors and Supporters – Scope to win lots of goodies

Session Speakers / Evangelist. It was worth listening and interacting with all of them.
I wanna be like them ;)

Random pics of the enthu Audience

Friday, April 24, 2009

How it all changed…

Here I am thinking hard about life...
Asking myself questions of which I know I will never find an answer.

How it changed from a maverick college life to strict professional life ?

How pocket money changed to huge monthly paychecks
but then why it gives less happiness ?

How a few local denim jeans changed to branded wardrobe
but then why there is less fun in carrying them ?

How a single plate of Vada-Pav changed to a full Pizza
but then why there is less hunger ?

Here I am thinking hard about life...
Asking myself questions of which I know I will never find an answer.
How it all changed...

How a bike always in reserve changed to a car always on
but then why there are less places to go on ?

How a small coffee shop changed to cafe coffee day
but then why its feels like shop is far away ?

How a limited prepaid card changed to postpaid package
but then why there are less calls & more messages ?

Here I am thinking hard about life...
Asking myself questions of which I know I will never find an answer.
How it all changed...

How a general class journey changed to a luxury journey
but then why there are no vacations for enjoyment..

How an old assembled desktop changed to new branded laptop
but then why there is less time to teach my mom new games ?

How a big gang of friends changed to office mate
but then why do I feel lonely n find no reasons to laugh ?

Here I am thinking hard about life
How it all changed ?
How it all changed ?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment

We all have had our share of embarrassing moments and here are few of mine:

Show 1:
My CAT preparation math faculty was a young fashionable dude, carrying long soft hair. He had a unique style of lifting his hair when they used to fall on his face and its frequency was almost every 5 min. When the class was on, to have some fun around I started imitating his style, and his eye caught my act.

Consequences: He didn’t say a word at that time. Next day I was on my way to class; he stops his bike & takes out his helmet. Guess what ….his head was shaved off. I was embarrassed…my fun turned out to be a sacrifice for someone.

Show 2:
We at college had organized an ex-students get-together, where I was doing a presentation. There was this tall gentleman who gave me his 100% attention… and this continued after the presenting till the dinner too. I told this to my friends and they were all teasing him. Our College re-opened and here comes the embarrassing moment of my life. Our HOD introduced the same gentlemen as our visiting faculty

Consequences: It’s a big story … will take you’ll to the climax. He left our college and syllabus incomplete and went away to Mumbai.

Show 3:
Was in my car, and suddenly a City Honda took a right turn with out an indicator sign. I went ahead and started shouting at him….. and when I watched the person carefully, I was embarrassed to see that he was my School geometry teacher.

Consequences: My sir said sorry… and we had lunch together :)

Show 4:
A school friend of mine comes along with his female friend in a party. Conversation went on… and I started telling her how he used to flirt during school days. I went on and on and suddenly in those 2 seconds of my breath break he interrupted by saying she is the one with whom I will be tying a knot next month…..oppps She started hitting him and I was embarrassed

Consequences: Love wins…. They got married :-)

Show 5:
A meeting was going on. The conference room was filled with 40 people. Client presenting performance report and everyone was dam serious. I suddenly found some thing very funny… I busted out laughing hiding my face. Oppp everyone’s noticing…I covered it up by pretending to read a funny SMS.

Consequences: Client walks down to my desk after the meeting. Says I like ur smile, am I so funny ?

God thanks for saving me from all these embarrassing moments. Hope I never face any such in future, Fingers crossed.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The National Cyber Media Conclave, SIMC

Living the Change

In a world where the rules of the game have changed and change itself has become tangible, the smart thing is to do be the change. SIMC students gave this reality a face in the first ever National Cyber Media Conclave 09 held at Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Pune.

Wonderfully engaging and insightful, the day began with a panel of speakers talking about content in new media. Kiruba Shankar, CEO of Business Blogging, spoke of maximizing the social media connect. Shared his experience about twitter, to prove that social media tools are very powerful. Concluded by saying everyone should have a wish list and must never give it up. Shivam Vij, a Tehelka journalist, spoke of blogging and the changing media attitude towards blogs. “The bloggers fair has replaced the janta ki aawaz as vox pop”.

Cyber news media as the ultimate fourth estate was the message Shiv Bhaskar Dravid, founder of the Views Paper, drove home in his presentation. Being at a very youth stage believes that youth have talent but no platform, here Cyber media fills in the gap and gives unlimited opportunity to them. Cyber media is stronger than conventional media to express public opinion as it is governed by political influences. Predicts future to be Web + Mobile applications. A diploma thesis project ‘Blank noise’ turned into a movement on new media. Reaching out to victims, perpetrators and observers of street sexual harassment, Jasmine Patheja shared “it’s most important to figure out what you want to say, then figure out how you want to say it”.

While the session took a break for lunch, and the audience revitalized themselves with the free red bulls being distributed outside, the panel changed from content providers to branders and marketers.

Rajesh Lalwani, CEO Blogworks TM, mapped out the layers of influence on purchase decisions and elucidated the impact of social media where “for a change even the marketer has jumped into a conversation” with the consumer. Internet as a tool for publicity and mobilization was best described by Rashmi Dhanwani, managing director of Break Through TV, with the Bell Bajao Campaign which deals with domestic violence. “Ours is a very indirect form of activism because we make use of a lot of new media”. Feeding social issues like the evils of deportation through games like ICED (I Can End Deportation) as food for thought to the American public “enable change agents...ICED has been downloaded by people in 150 countries” said Rashmi. The CEO of Switch Media Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Namit Bimbhat brought to life ‘the evolving face of online video’. “There is a huge opportunity to consume video and manage content” which gives rise to an opportunity to create a brand in the long term. “I actually call myself the CEO!” says J. Mahadevan, V.P. Products Bharat Matrimony, for whom CEO spells Chief Engagement Officer! “92% of all digital consumers only buy a product if their peers or social influence have referred it” he said and shared the Social Technographics TM Ladder, a framework conceptualized to establish various segments of users of social media. Based on population distribution of these groups it should be possible to determine which sort of strategy will make sense to reach consumers.

Atul Chitnis, Chief Products Officer Godesic Ltd, made the audience come alive by pulling out gadgets running on Open Source Software from his magic bag of tricks! “The internet is built on OS...in fact the biggest utility value of Internet Explorer is to download Firefox!” Without OS cyber world is empty. OS does not mean its free, a day will soon come when we will be paying to use facebook and twitter… be ready as the “World is Changing”.

I had a word with speakers - Kiruba, Rajesh, Rashmi and Jasmine.

The day ended with an interactive workshop by Kiruba and Rajesh talking about social media, its benefits and responsibilities leaving the young communicators of SIMC with much to think about and action!

[Contribution by Natasha Gulati SIMC Media Trainee]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SIMC presents National Cyber Media Conclave

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune (SIMC) presents National Cyber Media Conclave, 09. Explore the cyber medium through a day long seminar by interacting with industry experts, and meeting like minded entrepreneurs on the 28th March, 2008 at the Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Lavale, Pune.

Contest- Web Wunderkind.

It's an initiative to encourage budding talent in the vast cyber media environs. A one-off chance to present your cranium-tickling business ideas before a comprehensive panel of cyber media professionals and venture capitalists, critically evaluating your business model! Certainly, an experience that every budding entrepreneur is looking for!

The economic slowdown need not necessarily be a time to hold back. It is more than a reason to go out and explore something different. Something big! And there couldn’t be a better time!

Those interested in the above contest can leave ur email id as a comment, where I can send the soft copy of the contest form. The contest would be held in two phases. All the entries received in the first phase would be screened and 5 out of those would be selected for the second phase by a comprehensive panel of judges, who would also be the speakers for our event. Cash prizes worth Rs. 15,000 to be won!

The last date to sending the entries is 25th March, 2009

Lets be a part in rediscovering the ever-dynamic cyber-space…

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pune Twitter Meetup – Largest in India so far…

@bhavis is now my pet name… and thanks to Twitter.

I was following many never-met followers. Always wanted to meet-up with them and know them in person. So at WAT Blog Purva, Rohan, Navin and Dhananjay along with me planed to have Pune Twitter Meetup. This would be a social gathering of twitters, out of the web world to an air breathing environment.

I always believe in doing things differently; so decided to make it big and get media attention. FAQ to me on this event:
Q Why do u wanted media to cover this event?
Ans: So that many people who are unaware of this communication tool, join it and make it a best place.
Q Why aiming to make it the Largest Twitter Meetup in India?

Ans: Punekars do not believe in doing small things, we rock and we wanted to prove it this time too.

The Event took place at CCD, FC Road on 7th Feb at 7pm. CCD guys were ready with seating arrangement of 45 people and for everyones surprise 60+ twitters turned up.

The meet witnessed great talks and discussion on:
1. Why and how to use twitter
2. Does and don’ts at twitter
3. Twitter – a Business development tool
4. Exchanging knowledge, updates, ideas and opinions in twitter
5. Green Pune and All information about pune through twitter
6. What if twitter charges for usage?
7. Romance and meeting soulmates via Twitter

We had a good encouragement from Media and thanks to Pune Mirror, DNA and Indian Express.

Coverage by Pune Mirror 8th Feb 2 pg Edition
Coverage by DNA 9th Feb 5 pg Edition

Coverage by Indian Express - Pune Newsline 10th Feb 8 pg

We dreamt…We thought ….and We worked …

“We all Pune Twitter's are winners as we did what we aimed for” Cheers!
Twitter Rocks so do Pune Twitters.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sun Tech Days 2009 in India @Hyderabad & @Pune

Sun Tech Days in India is just around the corner, and so are your opportunities wide open at Sun's Worldwide Developer Conference to develop skills, advance your career in a Web 2.0 world and share knowledge.

It will be held at the Hyderabad International Convention Center, from February 18 - 20.

Hear from the ‘Father of Java’, James Gosling and watch proceedings of the sessions at Hyderabad along with select interactive sessions. Also hear the latest in Java & Solaris Technologies, Java SE and Java EE, JavaFX, GlassFish, MySQL, Opensolaris, (J) Ruby and Rails, NetBeans, Web 2.0.

For more details and registration visit: Sun Tech Days India site

As a very special offering, Sun Microsystems presents Sun Tech Days Plus - a single day snapshot of this 3-day event for developers in Pune.

Venue: Le Meridien, Pune

Time:9:00 am onwards

Date:20 Feb, 2009

For registration visit: Sun Tech Days Plus site

It gives me an opportunity to hear from and meet with some of the brightest technology experts from around the world. It's a chance to network with peers, understand more about what's going on from Sun and the industry.

So don't miss being a part of the largest developer conference in India

If you’ll are planning to attend, do get in touch with me.