Monday, June 8, 2009

Foster's party at Blue, Solaris Club

Kingfisher ruled Indian beer goers throughout the late eighties. Nineties, too, started with a bang for the makers of Kingfisher beer. And then there came a rival that divided the Kingfisher market.

FOSTER'S India Ltd, makers of Foster's beer.

"Foster's is the world's 7th largest international beer brand, but to date has been under-represented in India". Foster's, a leading Australian brand, has six per cent market in the mild beer India market.

What does this call for – Good Marketing strategy?

Foster's, which started operations in India in 1998, is rolling out a new initiative to emphasis the quality of its beer, apart from this they also believe "If we r the best lets show it".

Thus to promote their brand in Pune, they had organized a invite-only poolside party at Blue, Club Solaris, Koregoan park on 7th June 2009, Sunday at 12:30 PM.

I was invited by IndiBlogger along with some of known and popular Pune blogger’s to be a part of this event.

My camera has brought back some of the action !

Foster's Party had astonishing music by a famous DJ,

free Foster beer, models & media celebrities who sizzled around the Blue swimming pool.

Forget swimming and keeping fit. Your average pool can be your pond of fun, just like what we have here.

The party was a 'splashing success' with some models and celebrities hitting the venue to cool off.

Today, Foster's Lager is one of the fastest growing, truly global beer brands, available in more than 150 countries.

* Do you’ll still have a Question for me “U being a part of UB Group and a Non-Boozer

what were u doing at Foster’s Party?”.


Prats said...

Good Question... I can give an answer :-P but u knw then what it would be called as....

Zeon said...

Its good to hear you guys had a great time. How was the food and barbecue?

Bhavya said...

You better not try answering that.
U and Sahil kept irritating me throughout the party with ur stupid PJ’s and pool side (dot…) talks.
Not any more….will never forgive and forget u….
This is what u wanted naaa, and u r very much OK with it.

Yes, we did have a gr8 time
Veg - Food was good…. Barbecue not tasted .
What we all liked the most is “Coconut water”.

falcon said...

That's what I call a poor marketing strategy!!! Really Poor...

I mean they have this party for
>>emphasis the quality of its beer, apart from this they also believe "If we r the best lets show it".

Now how does the party help it. They already have a name so virus marketing is of no use.

Where is the element of "Customer engagement"

OF 7Ps they have seriously forgotten people.

I know Foster it's good and cheap but if I ever buy Foster, the typical transaction goes like this..

Me: Budweiser?
Shopkeeper (S): No
Me: Kingfisher Premium ( I am not getting what I want so why not go cheap on my pocket)
S: No
Me: Light
S: Ok..
Me: Don't u have more chilled
S: Foster
Me: Ok

Now I don't see how this helps in making me prefer Foster.
If u ask me how is Foster..I'll say good. It is really good but I will always prefer Budweiser.

Free beer may cause me to drink foster but I don't think I will ever ask for foster as my first choice. Foster fails to engage me!!!

I am aware but not engaged.

Secondly, models will always prefer a more premium brand because of their social status and stuff so those people are seriously not the foster's target segment.

And then gals always prefer BAcardi breezer probably becoz of low alcohol content but also it smells less even when compared to beers.

And then, the moment u get high u take a dip in the pool. so u remain sober and sane.

Now let's accept it whenever you pay for really rotten tasting drink, you don't pay for taste. You pay for the chill and for getting dizzy.

It's like u pay hotel for a peaceful sleep and not the bed. The value which foster wanted to emphasize was certainly reduced to half.

I would be more willing to accept the strategy had the timing was around 4:00 when it would be still hot but ppl are less likely to remain in pool forever.

And then there were ppl who were non boozers foster quality crap won't even reach you all.

lastly, they certainly aren't the best. Typical Australian arrogant claim.

Am I stereotyping and cynical ?
yes I am, why can't they give me free beers :'(

Dr Roshan R said...

Had a great time there.. glad to see pics on it online..

Bhavya said...

"Customer engagement" was their right…Plp in the party… who else r u talking abt ?

Every1 has his own choice of drink… of me it is nothing more then plain water ;)

Rest all is very much convincing.
Thanks for pitching in….and giving ur valuable comments.

I am an anti-boozer… asking my frnd to stop getting addicted.
Same applies to you….

Take Care

Bhavya said...

Good to know that u had a nice time...wish we could have met.

I am still improving my photography ;) Thanks for the appreciation.

Had heard abt ur blog... very much impressive.

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