Saturday, February 26, 2011

What’s like being a Technology Evangelist?

Well I have been asked by many this question and then I though let me blog the answer so that next time anyone asking me this, I can redirect them to this page and increase my page hits ;)

It’s a big story of how I wished and dreamt of being an Evangelist, to tell in short: While I was doing my masters I got this craze of being an Evangelist while my classmates wanted to be Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Test & Quality manger, PM etc.

In one of my job interviews I was asked “What’s your dream role?
I said “I want to be an Evangelist
He smiled and said “Why and what do you think an Evangelist do?
That was the point from where I started finding answer to this question:

- A Evangelist (E)is an inspiration for many
- E motivates people to gets their hand dirty into the technology/product
- E is a very close to salesmen but they will shares the facts of the product and technology with the masses
- E plays around the technology and then shares the learning with the world through a blog post, SNS like twitter or in respective technical forum.
- E works closely with the developer community.
- E is a link between a product engineering team and the outside community using and developing code based on the product.
- E shares the best practices and indentify the bugs around the product/technology
- E is a good predictor and has the perfect pulse which feels the market trends.
- E talks in the camps, meetups, and conferences and tries to reach out to max audience.
- E develops demos around the technology and judges the strengths and its weaknesses
- E has to answer all the technical questions and at times have to sit with the developers debugging the code and resolve technical issues.

Evangelist is born to learn, speak, share, sell and inspire the masses towards the technology or product they are passionate about.

My Grandma fails to understand all this and thus for here Evangelist mean being paid for doing social service in Information technology.
When my dad gets to hear a compliment, “I love when your daughter talks technology” then my dad in his heart would be saying “I would have loved to see her as a great classical dancer then a Technology Evangelist”.
So here’s my answer to my dad “I enjoy being an Evangelist, this birth as a Technology Evangelist but promise in my next birth as a classical dance Evangelist”.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mobile World Congress 2011 as expected with less surprises

It happened to be my first MWC and thus you could guess how excited I was. I was sharing the space with the 60,000 people from 200 countries gathered in Barcelona from MWC.

It was a week –long parade of technology, gadgets, networking, parties, celebrations of awards and also the fun of witnessing some innovation and opportunity that mobile brings to business.

I have captured all the announcements, launches of gadgets, introduction of new technology and company’s strategies in this presentation with some pics. Hope you enjoy going thorough them.

However following were the key strong highlights and message that I took back from the event:
Android is everywhere and is getting larger day by day: Google mobile OS stole the show. More than 200,000 ppl a day buying an android phone, confirms how serious is Google about Mobile and how good then can be in marketing too

Games on the move: Sony Ericsson launched its much-anticipated Xperia play handset, which will forever change the way people think about Smartphone’s and mobile gaming. Angry birds with 3D on Windows Mobile phone, will be worth a wait.

Mobile gets social: Foursquare, twitter and Facebook SNS are now a major part of the mobile dictionary. Phones are sensors connected to the network, when we use them, they can help us understand the intent we’re giving to our loved ones.

Noika and Microsoft Friendship: Can estimate the level of commitment as the announcement was on the Valentine Day. As they wished to create a challenger now its goanna be three-horse race. Whose betting on what ?

Mobile Payment: NFC (Near Field Communications) are changing the way mobile devices will be used in future. It provides consumers with a convenient way of buying goods. So the question would be when someone leaves from home” Did u carry your Mobile Wallet?”

World of Tablets: Every device manufacture understands the power of a tablet and thus we see Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry and Apple all in the game. With features like Enterprise, video conferencing tablets will soon become commonplace in offices and homes.

Mobile Web the future: Consumers want to view or access the same content across a number of devices and not to be restricted by any OS, device or network.

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
I have lots of stories to share, some funny and some very interesting. So why don’t ull test your patience meter, till I post them on my blog.

In the mean while enjoy watching my MWC
and Barcelona pics
don’t make an attenp to search me in the pics.
*(For those u don’t know I am suffering from cameraphobia).

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What all did I get back from the Andaman Islands

Note: The content was blogged on the last day of my vacation i.e 23th Jan 2011

As I sit beside the swimming pool, my feet’s relaxing under water, eyes gazing at the clean sky with the full moon biding me farewell; I decided to skip my sleep, blog and wait for my early morning flight from Port blare back home.

Islands – I unwind and found inner peace, I felt fulfilled and I relished in this taste of paradise. I have made up my mind to settle-down in an island after retirement.

Beaches – Loved playing with the waves as they roll in, while a wave crashing into the sandy beaches brings a squeal of delight. Every wave that hit me, made me stronger to fight back and smile over.
Forest – As I drove deep inside the forest, saw few of the tribes, realized its a world for some and who gave us the right to wipe them off and construct IT parks, 7 start hotels etc.

Coconut drink – Natures own soft drink, one of the healthiest drinks and I am happy being a tee-totaler. I can compete with anyone in having the max number of drinks.

Cellular Jail – Dreaded jail with 698 dingy cells, the freedom fighters spirit is very much alive here. Confession: I realized the value of freedom then.

Corals - Its not the debate that if they are marine plants are animals, the fact is they are really beautiful. Some hurts give you pleasure; I felt the same when my foot got hit by a lovely coral. I still have the mark and when I look at it, I just smile.

Mangroves –Rare things are always lovely. Andaman is very famous for them. It’s said the presence of mangrove ecosystem on coastline saves lives during cyclones and storm.

TSunami - It’s the tidal wave which has the power of taking away thousand of life’s at a time. When I spoke to some of the localities, I can still feel the pain deep within their heart. History can never forget this deadly episode.

Volcano - How does one know when the earth is upset or angry with humans? Well the answer should be Volcano. So let’s take care of our lovely planet.

Havelock - Thanks for wishing and blessing me on my birthday. I will dream of this island of heaven, wishing and hoping I will be there again someday.

Snorkeling - I have been a bit of adventurous since my childhood days. How could I miss the opportunity of saying “Hi” to the beautiful marine life of Andaman Islands.

View more pics here: