Thursday, February 3, 2011

What all did I get back from the Andaman Islands

Note: The content was blogged on the last day of my vacation i.e 23th Jan 2011

As I sit beside the swimming pool, my feet’s relaxing under water, eyes gazing at the clean sky with the full moon biding me farewell; I decided to skip my sleep, blog and wait for my early morning flight from Port blare back home.

Islands – I unwind and found inner peace, I felt fulfilled and I relished in this taste of paradise. I have made up my mind to settle-down in an island after retirement.

Beaches – Loved playing with the waves as they roll in, while a wave crashing into the sandy beaches brings a squeal of delight. Every wave that hit me, made me stronger to fight back and smile over.
Forest – As I drove deep inside the forest, saw few of the tribes, realized its a world for some and who gave us the right to wipe them off and construct IT parks, 7 start hotels etc.

Coconut drink – Natures own soft drink, one of the healthiest drinks and I am happy being a tee-totaler. I can compete with anyone in having the max number of drinks.

Cellular Jail – Dreaded jail with 698 dingy cells, the freedom fighters spirit is very much alive here. Confession: I realized the value of freedom then.

Corals - Its not the debate that if they are marine plants are animals, the fact is they are really beautiful. Some hurts give you pleasure; I felt the same when my foot got hit by a lovely coral. I still have the mark and when I look at it, I just smile.

Mangroves –Rare things are always lovely. Andaman is very famous for them. It’s said the presence of mangrove ecosystem on coastline saves lives during cyclones and storm.

TSunami - It’s the tidal wave which has the power of taking away thousand of life’s at a time. When I spoke to some of the localities, I can still feel the pain deep within their heart. History can never forget this deadly episode.

Volcano - How does one know when the earth is upset or angry with humans? Well the answer should be Volcano. So let’s take care of our lovely planet.

Havelock - Thanks for wishing and blessing me on my birthday. I will dream of this island of heaven, wishing and hoping I will be there again someday.

Snorkeling - I have been a bit of adventurous since my childhood days. How could I miss the opportunity of saying “Hi” to the beautiful marine life of Andaman Islands.

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Girish B said...

Awesome collection... nice one!!! Hope you had a great trip!