Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mobile World Congress 2011 as expected with less surprises

It happened to be my first MWC and thus you could guess how excited I was. I was sharing the space with the 60,000 people from 200 countries gathered in Barcelona from MWC.

It was a week –long parade of technology, gadgets, networking, parties, celebrations of awards and also the fun of witnessing some innovation and opportunity that mobile brings to business.

I have captured all the announcements, launches of gadgets, introduction of new technology and company’s strategies in this presentation with some pics. Hope you enjoy going thorough them.

However following were the key strong highlights and message that I took back from the event:
Android is everywhere and is getting larger day by day: Google mobile OS stole the show. More than 200,000 ppl a day buying an android phone, confirms how serious is Google about Mobile and how good then can be in marketing too

Games on the move: Sony Ericsson launched its much-anticipated Xperia play handset, which will forever change the way people think about Smartphone’s and mobile gaming. Angry birds with 3D on Windows Mobile phone, will be worth a wait.

Mobile gets social: Foursquare, twitter and Facebook SNS are now a major part of the mobile dictionary. Phones are sensors connected to the network, when we use them, they can help us understand the intent we’re giving to our loved ones.

Noika and Microsoft Friendship: Can estimate the level of commitment as the announcement was on the Valentine Day. As they wished to create a challenger now its goanna be three-horse race. Whose betting on what ?

Mobile Payment: NFC (Near Field Communications) are changing the way mobile devices will be used in future. It provides consumers with a convenient way of buying goods. So the question would be when someone leaves from home” Did u carry your Mobile Wallet?”

World of Tablets: Every device manufacture understands the power of a tablet and thus we see Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry and Apple all in the game. With features like Enterprise, video conferencing tablets will soon become commonplace in offices and homes.

Mobile Web the future: Consumers want to view or access the same content across a number of devices and not to be restricted by any OS, device or network.

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
I have lots of stories to share, some funny and some very interesting. So why don’t ull test your patience meter, till I post them on my blog.

In the mean while enjoy watching my MWC
and Barcelona pics
don’t make an attenp to search me in the pics.
*(For those u don’t know I am suffering from cameraphobia).


Javi said...

Amazing presentation. A lot of things I didn't realize in the Congress. More focused in new ways of applications than devices.

Thanks for sharing your point of view as always in your blog.

Mayur said...

Your recent blog on MWC is superb!! :)
I m ur biggest fan

Akky said...

I wait to read the miracles you live to witness :)

Santosh said...

Nice presentation.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

-Satosh G

Srinivas said...

Hi Bhavya,

Haven't seen so much of activity in any of my friends list.. Truly amazing and awesome activities which you going through.. honestly, sometime i'm envy of you :-)

All the best and keep it up !
Again.. All the Best and Keep Rocking...

Cheers !

Bhavya said...

@Javi: Glad u liked it and it was nice meeting u at MWC11

@Mayur: Really ! thanks :)

Bhavya said...

@Akky: Eshhh Great thanks :)

@Santosh: Glad u liked it.

@Srinavas: Thanks for the kind words. I like making ppl feel J ;) good luck to u too.