Thursday, December 11, 2008

I hate to say goodby to KPIT

My goodbye letter to KPIT

Hi All,

"Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show, I laced the track you'll locked the flow. Notorious they got to know that, life isn't always what it seem to be, words can't express what you'll mean to me. Even though we are apart, we still a team."
-Benjamin Franklin

And indeed it "seems like yesterday" that I first walked into the firm's as an Oracle-BEA Consultant last year.

Unfortunately, having oriented you to my location, it is now too late to come visit me. Because it is today that I with heavy heart, announce my departure from our beloved firm. It's hard to believe that so much time has already passed, almost unnoticed, like the flutter of a hummingbird's wings. Deadlines came and went, cases settled, customers + clients + co-workers appreciation mails arrived.

I can say with total sincerity that it has been a very valuable ride. Though I will not miss recording my life at KPIT and the great time that I spend with you lovely people.

I have had the great fortune to work with and befriend some really amazing people, and I hope that you’ll will remain in touch when I'm no longer a four-digit call away.

Wishing everyone all the best.:)

Signing out,
- Bhavya

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bug in Orkut Application

"It seems that you had fun @ the party"
"You looking lovely"
"You make a nice couple"
"Looks like it’s snowing in Germany"

These are the comments that we add when we see photos uploaded by our friends in Orkut.

Every one loves viewing and uploading photos on orkut and it assures security of the pictures by not allowing anyone to copy it and misuse them.
Kind off relieve to every one and thus it’s the most popular Web 2.0 application.
But there’s a bug :(

My Cousin is in Canada, she has uploaded her couple pic which I wanted to copy.
Tried to right click it but never gave me the option to save the picture.
After some attempt i was able to copy the picture.
Guess how......thanks to this bug of orkut.

Just try this...
1.Open a picture in Orkut
2. Drag the picture and drop in the address bar of the Web browser
Let me know if this helps you in copying your favorite picture.

So…… people the message is -Think twice while uploading any of your personal photos as there’s no security. Bad news for all the photo lovers out there.
And Google talks about competing Facebook with this draw back :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

KPIT making its mark @ 5th Pune Barcamp

-> My First Presentation with my close friend Pramila on eLearning 2.0
-> First time 2 girls presenting at Barcamp
-> First time KPIT Guys at Barcamp
-> First time KPIT presenting on Oracle Middleware Fusion and SAML
I experienced all of this for the first time at 5th Pune Barcamp, that’s how this BCP is special for me.

I had 2 sleepless days, busy in preparing, learning and researching on eLearning 2.0
Friday night we were awake and working on our PPT and finally delivered our presentation at 12.30 pm in front of 30 + audience.

The purpose of our presentation was very clear; We wanted to make people aware of eLearning and wanted them to educate others, so that India becomes a major contributor towards eLearning 2.0.

We concluded with an open debate on “Classroom training vs eLearning”
I could say that our presentation was successful as everyone had some thing or other to speak over it, thus witnessing our purpose getting fulfilled.

The Best part for me was to see KPIT guys being there and contributing towards this event.
> Saumajit the Webservices guys delivered a session on SAML
> Tara the Trainer spoke about Oracle Middleware Fusion
> Sadha the youngest employee of KPIT promises me to be a presenter at the next BCP
> Ravish Oracle consultant and an inspired hacker doing live blogging about BCP

All of this and many more made BCP the free camp rocking.