Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bug in Orkut Application

"It seems that you had fun @ the party"
"You looking lovely"
"You make a nice couple"
"Looks like it’s snowing in Germany"

These are the comments that we add when we see photos uploaded by our friends in Orkut.

Every one loves viewing and uploading photos on orkut and it assures security of the pictures by not allowing anyone to copy it and misuse them.
Kind off relieve to every one and thus it’s the most popular Web 2.0 application.
But there’s a bug :(

My Cousin is in Canada, she has uploaded her couple pic which I wanted to copy.
Tried to right click it but never gave me the option to save the picture.
After some attempt i was able to copy the picture.
Guess how......thanks to this bug of orkut.

Just try this...
1.Open a picture in Orkut
2. Drag the picture and drop in the address bar of the Web browser
Let me know if this helps you in copying your favorite picture.

So…… people the message is -Think twice while uploading any of your personal photos as there’s no security. Bad news for all the photo lovers out there.
And Google talks about competing Facebook with this draw back :)


Amruta said...

Orkut has disabled image right click for privacy.
But there are lot of other ways to get the image:
1. Save the web page and in the saved folder u will get the image.
2. Use IE and visit images. Now you can get those images from the Temp folder.
3. In firefox Go to Tools => Page Info => Media
Here you can see the image list.
& u r smart enough, just google it & get lot of other solutions.

Pradeep said...

This is a known Bug :)
Do u want to say Facebook is better then Orkut?
U want don’t want people to upload there pics on Orkut?

Vinni said...

ha ha. this is awesome! how did u find out. u must have been trying to save some pic! :P
but i guess u can do it on firefox only. right?

Bhavya said...

@Amruta: Thanks for giving tips & pointers of copying images frm orkut in different styles. I wonder when is orkut planning to fix this issue & respect people’s privacy.

@Pradeep: I know this is a known bug, just wanted to post a different and unreported style of checking this bug. Now answer to your questions:
> I do not prefer either of them (Orkut & Facebook) for many reasons.
> I love people uploading their pic and sharing it with public, but hate when the privacy is not maintained which the networking sites promise.

@Vinni: Trust me.. I am not a Hacker or a Cracker, nor do I intend to. This bug, which I found, was just by accident... while I was playing with my mouse. Yes, u r right: this happens only in FireFox :)

Annkur said...

Hmmm, oops .. I used to see "View selection source for it" :P

anyways, anyone forwarded this to Google? :)

Bhavya said...

@Annkur: Can you let me know how can I forward this bug to Google?

asit dhal said...

another easy tip....

disable javascript
path is tools->option
select contents content tab, here is the place to disable the javascript

Adhip said...

Well, the only way to ensure that you cannot copy a picture that you see in a web browser is by encapsulating them in something like Flash. As long as you are sending a picture down the wire, its being created in your Temp Internet Files somewhere and thus can be copied.

Also, even if you did incorporate all those images in a Flash box or something, someone can always hit PrintScreen and have a copy of the image.

So, do you have anyway to prevent that?

falcon said...

@bhavya and others...

why do u all have to do a break dance to eat ur food...

I am using Mozilla firefox & Vista OS.. I don't know whether it works on other..

>>1. go to the Pic
>>2. left click on pic
>>3. drag and drop the photo on desktop

This trick only doesn't work on dp.. (it works on ur friends list shown in top tight corner besids albums)

I am only on facebook for name sake (0 friends) can't even maintain my orkut :(

but it works also for facebook dp too!!!

remember most of google products are in beta stage... I think they are probably obsessed with the word but there are a lot of bugs in almost all of google application...

Bhavya said...

This trick is the coolest 1.
I agree google apps do have bugs but what I wanted to point out over here is not the bug but make plp aware that when they r uploading their pic, it’s not safe.

So think twice before uploading any pic. A fun / play by a cracker in today’s Cyber Crime world can mess-up 1’s life.

falcon said...

by the way I tried copying ur Dp that u have on the blog and it works too!!!

Bhavya said...

If U want to prevent copy of ur pic's uploaded on the web...the app must disable the right click.
I call it as an Orkut bug because they need to safeguard ur profile, which this pic feature fails to do.

falcon said...

May be it's google bug but I think i have different explaination for this.. jus for the Dp of Blogger.

I am not sure of it and haven't tested it but u jus want to try it!!!

It all has to do with google integration thing.

the Dp of blogger is automatically stored in Piccasa account. And Piccasa is by default all public, until unless u click on private option or something. ( Haven't tried Piccasa yet, as usual ie online crap)

So ur image is by default set to public.. may be u can switch off the public album and check if it works!!!

( Once upon a time even I had an interest in technology Sigh!!! ;'( )