Monday, March 30, 2015

A golden journey coming to an end with Huawei

Before I joined Huawei India all I knew was, that I had enormous passion for Android. My understanding of the OEM space today has strengthened working with Huawei for 3 and half years.

It’s been a golden all my passion, aspirations, desires, ideas all started coming true here. I could actually write a book, if I have to describe the learning’s that I got here....But I shall keep it limited to a post for now & just share some of the key projects I worked on:

MBB Landing Page:

Working as a business developer, partnered with some amazing companies to bring in some cool discounts, gifts, offers for our datacard users. The first web landing page we started monetizing by bringing real value for our customers. Total WIN-WIN

Huawei Club:

The new era of marketing is all about empowering your core fans to talk & advocate your brand. We travelled to many cites, visited colleges, met young minds, engaged with them & as a brand tried to bring in a small difference in the way they learn/adopt technology. Through the club we wanted to make fans feel honoured of being who they are & aspire to be who they wish to be. During this phase...I relived my college days!


The power of fans can take you anywhere..That’s what we witnessed during our partnership with RCB. We were all there in all the possible new channels, newspapers. Getting to meet all the RCB players was a dream comes true for me.


Being in this Smartphone space, I leant that hardware is going to get saturated. The game changer will be the experience an OEM will bring on to their consumers hand via the device. EMUI stood for making user experience simple & make touch more meaning full. Engaging with EMUI users across the global made my belief stronger about the power of social media. The power where you can get your ideas spread across with not limitations.

Honor Launch Event
So grateful to end my journey with some very sweet memories, all that was created during our recent Honor launch event in Delhi. I will forever be a fan of Huawei products & people who inspired me during this journey.

I take this opportunity to thank Huawei for making this journey remarkable & for all the beautiful memories which I will cherish for lifetime.

This is the perfect time, I am ready to finally say goodbye to the corporate world & embrace the start-up life. I will see all my loved ones on the other side...where my life takes a 180 degree twist. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

When you are hurt....

We all have experienced what it feels when we are hurt... most of the time we talk to ourselves & ask one question “Why me?”

We derive lot all of answers but could never get around the logic as to why did we get hurt at the first place.
I have been hurt multiple times; unfortunately I don’t have a permanent or temporary cure for it.

But I have discovered two facts about hurt:
     1.     If you have a heart, you will get hurt
     2.     No one intentionally will ever try to hurt you, it’s all accidental

Having said that, today I am here I am expressing all that’s going in my heart & mind.
As I was hurt, I screamed out loud on streets caring a damn what will people think or say about me.
Has redefined few thoughts & relationships for me.
Lost control over my delivery of words.
Actions, few that I would never ever imaging doing in my wildest dreams.

So here I am HURT!

So what next?

Here are few options that we all have when we get Hurt:
  •          Forgive but never forget
  •          Let go & Forget
  •          Giveup on expectations
  •          Give-up the thing that hurt
  •          Ignore & take all that happens as a bonus
  •          Shield your heart so that when it again happens, u can take it as normal as you could
  •          Accept everything

Well for now – my safest option is to give-up on things that hurt me. I choose to stay happy & I will embrace all that’s going to give me happiness.

Someone once advised me – If you are hurt, keep calm & never express how you feel.

I don’t know how to follow this advice, all I know is I am human, I am authentic, I am very well aware about my feelings. I will express so far I am doing justice to my feelings...after all its all about living & not just being alive.