Sunday, March 8, 2015

When you are hurt....

We all have experienced what it feels when we are hurt... most of the time we talk to ourselves & ask one question “Why me?”

We derive lot all of answers but could never get around the logic as to why did we get hurt at the first place.
I have been hurt multiple times; unfortunately I don’t have a permanent or temporary cure for it.

But I have discovered two facts about hurt:
     1.     If you have a heart, you will get hurt
     2.     No one intentionally will ever try to hurt you, it’s all accidental

Having said that, today I am here I am expressing all that’s going in my heart & mind.
As I was hurt, I screamed out loud on streets caring a damn what will people think or say about me.
Has redefined few thoughts & relationships for me.
Lost control over my delivery of words.
Actions, few that I would never ever imaging doing in my wildest dreams.

So here I am HURT!

So what next?

Here are few options that we all have when we get Hurt:
  •          Forgive but never forget
  •          Let go & Forget
  •          Giveup on expectations
  •          Give-up the thing that hurt
  •          Ignore & take all that happens as a bonus
  •          Shield your heart so that when it again happens, u can take it as normal as you could
  •          Accept everything

Well for now – my safest option is to give-up on things that hurt me. I choose to stay happy & I will embrace all that’s going to give me happiness.

Someone once advised me – If you are hurt, keep calm & never express how you feel.

I don’t know how to follow this advice, all I know is I am human, I am authentic, I am very well aware about my feelings. I will express so far I am doing justice to my feelings...after all its all about living & not just being alive.

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