Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Shenzhen you redefined me.

As I travel the memory lane, I can’t believe that I happened to spend close to two and a half years living in Shenzhen, China.  
I left home (Bangalore) in Sep, 2015
Left Chennai in Jan 2016
And I am leaving Shenzhen in May 2018
I am not moving to far, just across the border. Hong Kong it is!
Moved to a very beautiful house in Hong Kong, but I am still not able to call it home.
This post is not about why I decided to move to Hong Kong, It’s a post to mark down beautiful memories and times that I had in Shenzhen. I did feel Shenzhen has my home, and that’s because of the wonderful experiences I have been living with.
For all those who know Shenzhen, YES, it’s hardware Silicon Valley. When I was moving I had no expectations, but just a plan to move out after a year. Having spent so much time, you know this city gave me more than what I could ask for.  This city is the fastest developing place in China, it’s called the startup hub and more to its feather. But for me it’s a place, which redefined me. When I meet my friends after ages, they see a new me… and to a major extent I have to give the credit to Shenzhen and people I encountered during my stay.
Here is where I learned to be kind and generous to people.
It doesn’t cost a lot to smile and wish someone compete stranger “Good Day” or accept a compliment by staying humble. 
I learnt to be more welcoming towards people from all races.
Got to appreciate the Chinese rich culture
It made me stronger and confident, that’s because of the people around me.
I was very lucky to have a wonderful job, company, boss and amazing team members.  I never felt I was at work, working for MEIZU.
The friends I made, the strangers I encountered, everyone left an impression on me. The newer composition of me is one who is passionate, kinder, empathetic and grateful. China could be a difficult place, but I guess, you need the right people and attitude to make this remarkable place in its own ways.
The redefined me, is used to a world which is automated,
where people don’t any more trade with cash,
where people come from all walks of life, talking different languages,
where failure is just a new beginning,
where challenges are an opportunity to accomplish new things,
where kindness, goodness and smile are means of communiation,
where being real is authentic and lasting.
I am leaving Shenzhen, but Shenzhen is going to be in my heart. Even if I am walking away from the borders, I carry with me this redefined me living in this world that I created.
I never expected my journey to be the way it is…… and I am extremely thank full to everyone for making my journey so incredible.  To be lasting forever, till my end.
I just think that we shouldn’t be scared off to let go of things. 
As you know you will always make more memories.
Cheers to new beginnings. No one has yet figured it out, we all are making it up as we go along, so make it up as best as you can.  Are you ready Hong Kong?