Friday, July 21, 2017

Debuted on Medium

Hi all,
I debuted on Medium today, with my first post called, "Brand Stories".
You can follow me here:

See you there :)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

To all the Internet haters.

To all the Internet haters,
They say, “I lack Indian Values, have no Indian Culture, Are you really an Indian?
I wonder why they feel it’s ok to slash someone openly on Social Media without even making an attempt to know them?

This couldn't be more far from the truth and from my intentions and values. Yes I, come from India. But, does that mean I can’t take up global roles or create social media content that is universal? Just because I am an India, does it mean I always have to dress up in ethnic attire? 

I love Social Media; it’s my bread and butter. I love being creative and experimenting with new content even if they are not conventional. I used Social media at work and personally. Yes, my profiles are public. I love this space, but today I want to address few things, that I think is not OK. Few people sitting in a room, going all out abusing content creators and when they them self have no point to prove apart from calling people racist, sexist, boosting their egos.

My FB, Blog, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter accounts are all public. You know why, because I want to share my content, stories and I tell them in unique ways. Yes, I am putting myself up there for lot of criticisms, inviting hates comments. I am ok to show that I am vulnerable. Any other way would be inauthentic. The truth is, I do dress up in all the fashions, just because you thing my pics are revealing, does not give any one the rights to judge me by saying I lack India culture.  

I'm really proud of my ethnicity and skin colour. I'm even more proud of my parents and the life they've created. I love dosa. I love pani puri. I love speaking Hindi and (poorly) Kannada, Marathi. I also love dressing up in clothes from the motherland. I love the family values I've been raised with. I love Bhangra and Bollywood music. In other words, don't get it twisted. I'm brown and I'm hella happy about it. And whatever colour your skin is, you should love it too.

I am an Indian, but I would love to be called as a Global Citizen.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

What's the real deal about dreaming?

Today, I did post on Instagram my picture with a quote saying, “I am grateful for each breath in and out”.

One of my Insta friend said “Life in every breath”. As we started conversing he also shared one of his readings, which goes like this – “Think about your goals and dream in life and think how your actions are helping you achieve this dream. All your actions should only be in service of achieving this dream.”

So, we all have dreams – don’t we? Some dream of having a family, some dream about their career achievements, for some it’s their startup, product, loved ones, traveling around etc.
Types of dreams are endless; the point is having a (Short term / Long term) dream first and then taking actions towards achieving it. That made me think. Most of us have dreams, but then how many and how often do we work towards achieving it?
Isn’t living about living to fulfill our dreams?

So, what actually happens? Let’s take my example, one of my long-term goal is – before I die I want to build a school/ shelter for orphan age kids. Say even if I am able to give minimum 15 kids a home, family & education I will feel that I accomplished my dream.

This has been my dream, the time when a kid I adopted from an orphan age died due to AIDS at a very early age. He made me realize, what it means to give shelter and a family for an orphan.

After speaking to him, I realized I do have this dream and I believe strongly about it. But what am I actually doing about it? Absolutely…..Nothing.
At this stage I don’t have a plan where I want to start this school, how much will it cost to buy & build a school. How will I raise more money & how will it sustain in the long run.

Let’s not get lost in my dream & it’s planning complexity. The question we need to ask is…what’s the purpose of our living? What gives us that motivation to wake up & concur our days?

They are dreams because they are not going to be easy, so we need to put in every day some effort so that we fulfill our dreams. We need to invest time so that we get closer to our dreams. Else we will find yourself going as the wind blows, living a meaningless life & when we will look back….we wont be happy about how we lost control over our life.

Let me end by asking you to practice 10 mins act. Spend min at least 10 mins to work towards your dream – let it be researching, reading, posting content, or practicing… anything related to your dream.  With this you will slowly bridge the gap between making your dreams come to reality. If we can dare to dream, with our daily efforts we can for sure make them real. 

Cheers to all the dreamers! Good Luck!
Never stop dreaming and more importantly don’t forget to keep working towards it on daily bases.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


It’s such a simple word and equally difficult to triumph.
Why do I say so?
Well, because I wonder
Is it something that I need to chase?
Is it something with in me to feel?
Is it something that I need to pursuit?
Is it something that I need to do to feel it?
Is it something that certain acts can assure you?
Is it a movie, hobby, music, people, as few quotes say?
Is it just something you can just keep aspiring for?
So, is happiness a question or an answer?

Well I might sound a bit confused, lost or profound at this moment. That’s because I am searching for answers and trying to kill the debate that’s going on in my mind.
So, if you think you are happy and you are blessed with happiness… try answering the question for me.
Nothing guarantees happiness – money, love, family, friends, good job, health none of them. You know why? Because, I have all of it. More than I want. Still I am here wondering….
Seth Godin says “An alternative is to be happy wherever you are, with whatever you've got, but always hungry for the thrill of creating art, of being missed if you're gone and most of all, doing important work.”
How do you balance gratitude along with the greed to be the best & have the best?
I think I have encountered happiness very often, but when it’s gone… why does it leave me empty? Tell me why, having such a blessed life I am still conjecturing about happiness. Is it normal or I am I missing out something?

Is it too much when I am asking nothing more, but to be happy, as we all wish?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Be You! Happy Women’s Day

This women’s day I only have one message to all the wonderful & the beautiful souls out there:
Looks, Fame, Beauty, and Money all fades off.
Authentic power is the personality you carry within.

What are we chasing?
Why are we trying so hard for others to accept us?
What is being perfect anyways?
Why are we hiding our vulnerabilities?

Why can’t we….
Express the truth irrespective of what people think…
Speak and be the truth of who we are…
Being able to open up our soul so that the other person can see us.

Let no one else define you..
If they say you can’t ….show them that you can.
Face your fears… and one day you will be so proud of yourself.

I just did.. faced my Camera Phobia Fear.. This is how I feel now :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Meizu at MWC 2017

Meizu Showcases World’s Quickest Fast Charging Solution with Temperature Control at Mobile World Congress 2017

BARCELONA, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2017. Leading smartphone manufacturer Meizu unveiled its latest cutting-edge fast charging solution at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress 2017 in Hall 7, Stand 7K5.

Overcoming a major technological barrier, Meizu introduces the third generation fast charging technology that uses the high-voltage direct charge method. The pioneering fast charging solution, Super mCharge, is a major breakthrough among existing direct charging solutions that enable batteries to top up at a much faster rate.
The field-leading 11V/5A charging connector boasts a maximum power of 55W for an accelerated full charge time of just 20 minutes, providing a significant enhancement in user experience. With Super mCharge, an empty battery can be fully charged in the same amount of time it takes to finish a cup of coffee, freeing up users from hours of time being hooked to a charger or power banks. 
Super mCharge adopts the Charge Pump Principle, applying only 2 groups of conversion circuits to directly output half of the voltage. This increases charging efficiency by 9 percent to 98 percent, and ensures stable performance during charging. With Super mCharge, battery temperature tops at 39(102.2) during charging, resulting in a safer and more reliable charging solution.
The reduced heat-dissipation and current, along with an upgraded data cable capable of supporting 160W, ensure that Super mCharge is both safe and durable. Tests show that its 3000mAh ATL battery retains over 80% capacity after over 800 charge and discharge cycles, giving it a service life of more than two years. It can bear more than 4 times the current of an ordinary battery, which allows it to cope reliably.
Super mCharge is the latest achievement of Meizu’s R&D team in charging technology. It is a solution that is much quicker and more reliable than existing available solutions. Its high-voltage direct charge solution promises to redefine the field.
“Innovation isn’t an easy job, but we believe that success comes from passion. We’ve overcome numerous difficulties and obstacles to create the best technology for all,” explained Li Tao, Supervisor of Meizu’s R&D team.

Super mCharge is not only the fastest charging technology, but the safest one of all.

About Meizu
Meizu is a global smartphone company that designs and produces smartphones created to provide a simple and intuitive mobile experience. 

Meizu expanded into the smartphone market in 2008 and has been committed to developing reliable smartphones and introducing cutting-edge technologies ever since. The company now carries three smartphone lines: the PRO, MX and M-series. Additionally, Meizu has developed and optimized the Flyme operating system based on user preferences.

Currently, Meizu operates more than 2,000 franchised stores in China and promotes and sells its products in many other countries and regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dubai Bash - Photo Blog

There is so much written and said about traveling to Dubai. What more can I say?
Maybe how I felt or what all I saw?
So I have decided to cover this travel journey via photo blog – the pictures I clicked as I was exploring this land.

So I was traveling with my lovely family – Dad, Mom & baby sister. This was planned to celebrate my birthday in Dubai. Sounds so fancy right? Our family is ;)

Here I am looking at my flight from the HK airport – All I was doing was being thankful to God, because I was almost in the verge of missing my flight. ..but I made it!
We took our metro passes on 20th Jan & decided to explore the city. Few bullet points to describe Dubai:
  • Sky raised buildings
  • People from all over the world – Truly International
  • Lots of good-looking people
  • Expensive cars
  • Rich People
We entered the Desert - Sand Boarding and the ride was something I can’t forget… now I don’t want to ride on the roads anymore ;)
My parents were more daring than me when it came to camel riding…yes you can laugh at me.
 Some amazing performance – belly dancing, fireman, dancing horse show
Hina Tatoo  & BBQ Dinner
Burj Al Arab I am coming. The sea was so clean and blue I didn’t feel like leaving that place.
Atlant Hotel – Nothing great just a hotel on a man made island. Well I know it’s a dream for most.. but how about a house on a palm island.
Burj Khalifa – My heart was beating fast as we were going on the 126th Floor. And when we reached the view was mesmerising
Look whose posing?
We drove to Abu Dhabi and visited Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed. I wore a burqa to enter & I loved the entire experience & felt so peaceful.
Dubai has to be magical. U know why? Because this land is not a desert any more. It rained when we visited the Miracle garden.
The only place on this earth where we can talk about golden carpets
Global Village where u can taste & buy anything from any country you want.
Spice Souk Dubai – Each Day has a color, a smell
You want to feel the culture of Dubai – take a Dubai creek boat ride. 
If you want to experience more of the culture – try hunting & tasting camel milk & meat.

Last not the least – I was totally distracted and in a way really amused to see how the local people dress up in Dubai.
It was time to say goodbye to Dubai. We always have a build up perception about a particular place or people ..what I can say is travel so that you know how it will challenge and break all our perceptions.
Dubai inspired me in a way that makes me believe that one must not wait for things to happen.. make things happen. Create your own beautiful life & take full control of it. You can achieve any heights, Dream Big!