Sunday, August 26, 2012

A year with Huawei - An incredible journey

For all those who know me, would also know that completing a year working in Huawei is such a big milestone in my life :-)
Yes, not only does this make me feel happy sharing this news in public…but the fact is that in last one year working for Huawei has been an incredible journey for me.


Aug 2011 is when I joined this Chinese Company and I still remember how bad I was in pronouncing Huawei. Now I m good at it… well this is how we say Huawei and not “Who are we”

Joined as a R&D Tools Leader in Quality team and now currently working as a Business Developer for Huawei devices. So what do I do here…hmmm LOTS:
- Alliances & Partnership for Huawei Devices:
- Identify and qualify strategic alliance partners for Smartphone & Datacard products
- Product Manager for Huawei Datacard Landing Page
- Looking after embedding third party apps & solutions into devices
The best part of this role:
- Getting to meet & talk to some awesome entrepreneurs each day.
- Working closely with R&D Engineers, testers, designers & lawyers which helps me learn new things each day from each of these fields
- When I bump into customers and get to hear good stuff about the products that I work for
- Getting an opportunity to talk business with brands that I am personally a big fan off
…. And many more reasons

Nothing is always perfect on this earth, as in my case I hate when I have to sell rejections to most of the business proposals, feel bad when products don’t do well in the market and face customer’s feedback when the products don’t meet their expectations.
But all this becomes worth-it, when I wake up with tons of things that goes in my mind which drives me to office every day & going to bed with a satisfaction that the work done is taking my company closer to its goal.

More importantly what I enjoy best is working with an amazing team, boss & business partners who make me a better person each day….and the journey shall continue.

Graphology: Art of knowing a character

Slides on Graphology that I planned to present at Barcamp Bangalore 12
I know these slides bring in lot of questions on your mind, like:
- How to analyse handwriting ?
- How does graphology helps in judging a person’s character?
- What does my signature speak about me ?
- How can I help my child be a better confident individual ?
- How I can recruit better people ?
- Can I succeed if I change my handwriting ?

Well, I will answer all these when I get a chance to present this topic next time…