Saturday, May 21, 2016

Instagram at Green Room

Me and couple of my friends in Shenzhen planned to visit today Green Room where they were hosting Instagreen Party!

I am writing this post not because we had lots of fun...because I loved the concept how Social element was well integrated in food & beverage space.

So the concept was very simple: Green Room which is a pure vegan restaurant had 3 Fuji Instax Mini's. We were asked to take pictures from the camera and decorate them with Fuji Instax sticker frames, write our name and hang them up on the sky curtain. 

Each person had to take 4 pictures for each category: Food, Drinks, Person, Atmosphere
For this we had to order food & drinks. Once we got it on our table we started taking pictures from the camera. 
As it was the first time I was trying out the camera - we got some bad focused pictures :(
 The winners from each category will WIN 100rmb gift certificate to Green Room and the most voted for photo over all gets to take home a brand new Instax Mini 8! 
At the end we manged to get our hands on Fuji camera & managed to click some cool & amazing pics. I fell in love with the Polaroid concept. 
                                     As the photos started filling the wall the voting started! 
I was amazed to see the kind of creative pictures people had clicked. 

Concept: I never knew that while dinning involving oneself into an activity with a group will be so much fun. Plus Green House not only got new customers, more orders but smartly make their customers fall in love with the food & place. 

This I would call a perfect art of marketing & sales via Gamification