Friday, August 25, 2017

What makes you perfect?

Well, I am not perfect and I carry all my imperfections as a medal.
I accept and celebrate my imperfections and yes that makes me also vulnerable.
Does it pain?
Yes, it pains. When those imperfections lead to failures, setbacks, and losses.
I don’t know what being perfect is like…but I have found my way to be perfect.

You are perfect when you can make someone smile.
You are perfect when you do well for someone.
You are perfect if you can empathies with someone.
You are perfect if you can accept people for who they are.
You care perfect if you can feel someone’s pain.
You are perfect if you care less of what others would think and be you.

I live with pain, don’t ask why.
Ask how does it help.
I rejoice my pains everyday…ask why?
Only if you are in pain you can feel someone else’s pain.
When you can feel others pain you can truly connect.
Only when you are in pain you value happiness.

I call “Pain” as a blessing in disguise.
Even if you are living in pain…don’t forget to smile always.
Smile because you took a breath now.
What’s the point of being perfect, when pain and imperfection are enough to live in gratitude?

Don’t die before your death.
Try doing good and changing someone’s life, that’s when you are living.
Break out of the routine and do your bit of goodness.

And if you feel you are imperfect in anything don’t worry my friend, you will be ok. That’s how we all are and we need to stop trying to prefect our self’s, instead be grateful of this life and make the most out of it.

Cheers to our imperfections.

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Raj Kiran Singh said...

Wow, that was quite touching, at the same time motivating as well.