Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where I started & What am I now….

I started off my career as a Corporate Trainer while I was accomplishing my Maser’s in Computer Management.
Role as a Corporate Trainer:
- Conducted training for EDS Fresher’s batch in C and VB Script
- Training to HSBC in Core Java
- At Bharati Vidyapeeth University trained the PG-IT students in Java and WebTechologies [HTML,CSS, DHTML, PHP, JavaScript]
- At Asian School of Management was a visiting faculty for DBMS
Role as a Software Consultant:
Did couple of projects naming few – Online Admission Portal, Online Examination and IT School. This is where I got first hand experience in SDLC and a scope to explore Java, JSP, Servlet, JDBC and Struts.
I had become a big fan of WSAD and Websphere. 
Role as a Weblogic Consultant:
Moved on to become a Weblogic Consultant as I wanted to understand more what and how things work on the server side. 
Troubleshooted issues occurring on Weblogic Server 8, 9 & 10.
Found my interest in Python and made WLST my domain.
Later on started working and consuting client facing issues in devlopemnt with WLW.
Got introduced to JSF, JMS, JTA, POJO & Hibernate.
These new Technologies drew me back to the development environment.
Role as a Programmer Analyst:
Did a project for ILO – International Labour Organization. Which not only gave me a come back into development but got me introduced to the secure coding.  
The experience of the race shows that I got most important education not
through books but through my work. I am developing by my daily task, or else
demoralized by it, as by nothing else.
Role as a Framework Architect:
Currently I am into the designing & development of a framework to facilitate rapid
application development for Java open source projects.
A broad layout on the Framework features -
*        User authentication 
*        Single sign on 
*        User & Role management - Role based access to the functionality & access to data.
*        Advanced search
*        Client side and Server side Validations
*        GUI Generator - Listing, menus, toolbar, filters 
*        XML based screen generation  
*        Supported databases - MySQL, SQL server, ORACLE. 
*        All queries will be ANSI SQL compliant  
*        Flexibility to develop business logic in middle tire or database
*        Exception handling
*        Audit trail
*        Logging mechanism
*        Report Generation - Export to PDF & Reporting services and dashboard 
*        Licensing mechanism
*        Security features - Framework will be protected against following vulnerabilities published by OWASP :-     
>   SQL injection
>   Cross site scripting   
>   Malicious File Execution
>   Insecure Direct Object Reference
>   Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
>   Information Leakage and Improper Error Handling
>   Broken Authentication and Session Management
>   Insecure Cryptographic Storage
>   Insecure Communications
>   Failure to Restrict URL Access 
With this being my career journey, I could say “Find a job u love & u will never work for the rest of ur Life.
I remember in my college days when I participated for a Paper Presentation “Open
Source vs Proprietary Software where I said “I support Open Source and 1 day I will
start contributing towards it”
I never knew that this would come true so soon.


Anonymous said...

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Aditya said...

I am proud of your success... the main reason being, you aimed to be the best in what you do... and you are on the right track to achieve that.

Not like me who aims and thinks about a lot of weird and varied things to do and stays mediocre at all of them :)

You are the master of your field!

falcon said...

Impressive profile my lady..

but there seems to be some problem with the post.. I mean the words are being cut ( like it is an image being cut and pasted) from the right side.

Correct it ..plz

Bhavya said...

Thanks for the good words :)
U R an IIT'n and I am sure u have a bright future.
Just be focused.

Thanks for the appreciation :)
Didn't get u :(
Kindly elaborate the problem.

falcon said...

open ur blog in Firefox u'll get it!!!

i can only see

>>This is where I got first hand experie ( that to half e)

next line>>I had become a big fan of WSAD and Websphere.

>>Which not only gave me a come back into development but got me introdu

falcon said...

By the way I jus think u got a loyal reader of ur blog!!!

Don't u?

Kranthi Kiran said...

Thanks Bhavya for sharing and wish you all the good luck for your endeavors.

Bhavya said...

Thanks for bring that into my notice.
I will correct it.

If I have an award to be declared like "Loyal Reader" for sure it goes to you :)
Keep visiting buddy....

Bhavya said...

Thanks for the appreciation and good wishes.
Plp like ull make my life more meaningful.

Zineb Bendhiba said...

Hi Bhavya,
I just took a look to your blog, and I like your personnality and the career you had.
It's so rare to find a real geek woman.
I'm a newbie and I hope I can have a career as yours.
Have a good day

Anonymous said...

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Bhavya said...

Thanks for the appreciation.
Whatever u can see is so far my struggle, yet more to achieve :)

U too can achieve gr8 heights...just know ur goals and be focused.

All the best!

Archana Hole said...

Hi nice to see ur blog.
I 'm also a Naralkar X student.

Heard about you a lot during the college....
Good to see u shining like a star.
U make us proud