Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Most things in life are moments of pleasure and a lifetime of embarrassment

We all have had our share of embarrassing moments and here are few of mine:

Show 1:
My CAT preparation math faculty was a young fashionable dude, carrying long soft hair. He had a unique style of lifting his hair when they used to fall on his face and its frequency was almost every 5 min. When the class was on, to have some fun around I started imitating his style, and his eye caught my act.

Consequences: He didn’t say a word at that time. Next day I was on my way to class; he stops his bike & takes out his helmet. Guess what ….his head was shaved off. I was embarrassed…my fun turned out to be a sacrifice for someone.

Show 2:
We at college had organized an ex-students get-together, where I was doing a presentation. There was this tall gentleman who gave me his 100% attention… and this continued after the presenting till the dinner too. I told this to my friends and they were all teasing him. Our College re-opened and here comes the embarrassing moment of my life. Our HOD introduced the same gentlemen as our visiting faculty

Consequences: It’s a big story … will take you’ll to the climax. He left our college and syllabus incomplete and went away to Mumbai.

Show 3:
Was in my car, and suddenly a City Honda took a right turn with out an indicator sign. I went ahead and started shouting at him….. and when I watched the person carefully, I was embarrassed to see that he was my School geometry teacher.

Consequences: My sir said sorry… and we had lunch together :)

Show 4:
A school friend of mine comes along with his female friend in a party. Conversation went on… and I started telling her how he used to flirt during school days. I went on and on and suddenly in those 2 seconds of my breath break he interrupted by saying she is the one with whom I will be tying a knot next month…..oppps She started hitting him and I was embarrassed

Consequences: Love wins…. They got married :-)

Show 5:
A meeting was going on. The conference room was filled with 40 people. Client presenting performance report and everyone was dam serious. I suddenly found some thing very funny… I busted out laughing hiding my face. Oppp everyone’s noticing…I covered it up by pretending to read a funny SMS.

Consequences: Client walks down to my desk after the meeting. Says I like ur smile, am I so funny ?

God thanks for saving me from all these embarrassing moments. Hope I never face any such in future, Fingers crossed.


KunSeh said...

Nice article :)
Are these really incidents from your own life?

Bhavya said...

Trust me... I have many such.

Specially more of the last type... I don’t know why but I am the only person laughing and especially at wrong time & place :(

If I write all of them…. the readers will be embarrassed

FreeSpirit said...

I guess some of these can also be memories which u will cherish, discuss & laugh, as u move ahead in life. :)

Bhavya said...

That’s True….
I was almost smiling when I was writing this post.
Never can I ever forget those movements in my life, some had a drastic change in my life.
Yes, But life has to move on with these experiences.

Annkur said...

Ah nice concept, I got some similar- Probably time to share it on my blog :)

Bhavis, we should have this in parts .. part 1, part 2.. wht say?

Bhavya said...

Thanks for the kind words :)
So this Gadget lover will also be blogging personal stuff.
Part 2 shall be interesting to be seen in ur blog.
Looking forward for it buddy...

Annkur said...

sure... I plan to take my own sweet time to recall incidents. But there are plenty, will need to choose the best ones.

btw I already blog personal stuff on annkur.com :)

Bhavya said...

Hey I have been following http://onlygizmos.com/

Anyways thx for updating me.
I shall now follow annkur.com :)

Kranthi Kiran said...

Nice thought and well articulated.. It's very hard to believe the First and a similar incident (Show 5) happened to me also :) ..Enjoyed reading your blog.

Bhavya said...

I though I am the only crazy person on this earth who can laugh aloud in public with out any humor around.

Nice to know you too share some of these incidences in your life.
I am sure you will agree with me that they r so embracing that you at times start hating ur self.

But it all part and parcel of Life… Live it to the fullest :)

Avinash Joshi said...

Superb.. You are quite lucky..

I liked the Show 3 the most :)

Bhavya said...

Thanks … Yes, I was lucky in all the situations...may be that's why I am so far alive :)

Just pray Show 3 does not reoccur ever in my life again :P
I cant be lucky every time naa ;)

Mayuri said...

hmmm show 2 - why does it sound as if I have heard this ?? ;) anyways .. nice summery .. :)