Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Session Summary - Ajax For Beginners

The Session was delivered by Mr. Kalyan.

He started of by briefing us on the basic difference between MVC Model 1 & MVC Model 2.

MVC1, is architecture which does not include struts frame work in it, whereas in case of MVC2 it includes struts frame work.

Apart from that

In MVC1 architecture only one controller is responsible for both business logic and to send control for the other model components.
Where as in MVC2 the business logic is separated from control components. And only one controller is
responsible for taking all the requests and responses. And Servlet acts as a controller.

He introduced us to Ajax by saying “Ajax is a catchy name for a type of programming made popular in 2005 by Google. Ajax loosely stands for Asynchronous Javascript And XML, but that just sounds like techno jargon to many people.

The First Question raised by him to the audiens was

Difference between Asynchronous & Synchronous ?

Smart Answer was the difference is equivalent to the difference between Hotmail & Gmail.

One thing that I liked was when he said that if you grade your self

In HTML 2/5 & Javascript 3/5 & in CSS 1/5 you can play with Ajax.

After building the Background for Ajax he discussed some core topics of Ajay.

  • Various Browser supports to Ajax
  • Page update without using Javascript, PHP and XML but with XMLHttpRequest object
  • A brief tour of the important principles of Ajax
  • How does Ajax work & gave us an real time scenario where he used Ajax
  • How to know whether the browser supports XMLHttpRequest object
  • Properties of the XMLHttpRequest (onreadystatechange, readyState, responseText)
  • An example He designed an JSP page having only one textbox and as soon as the user will enter the number immediately the tables will be displayed on the same page।

He concluded by saying that Ajax is in demand & has many Advantages but use it only where required.

He also entertained some Questions from the audions.

Q. Advantages of AJAX.

Q. Where to use AJAX & where not to use AJAX

Q. What are the limitation of AJAX

Q. Is DOJO a part of AJAX

In Short:

For me this session was useful as it got my basics clear on as to what is AJAX & at the end of the day when I walked out of the training room a sense of satisfaction that probably I can go through it more in detail & implement it in some of my application & no more AJAX sound scary to me……….:)


kal said...

Hi Bhavya its sounds grt from U about AJAX and my message,

I thanks alot for this grt Job I wish u keep going on and JUST DO IT and keep transfer ur knowledge.

God Bless U


Amruta said...

Nice article.
But to know the actual power of AJAX I think you need to implement it.

Bhavya said...

@Kalyan: You session has enlightened me to write so well.
People say we increase our knowledge by spreading & sharing it across...
I am just increasing my knowledge by sharing it.

@Amruta: You are a Javascript & AJAX guru. Its my honor to get compliments from you on my article.
Yes, you r right technology can be well understood by implementing it.