Sunday, February 10, 2008

Great Kick Start ……………Day 1 @ NGO

Can you think of working in an organization which has satisfaction, fun, enjoyment, entertainment in its job profile? Yes those organizations are NGO’s which are driven by its visions & mission to server the society with out accepting any thing in return.

Great Foundation is one such organization

One of the activities undertaken by great foundation & of which I am a part is where we visit Municipal school & help the kids to speak & be fluent in English as their education background is all in Marathi & when they step out of school they find English very complex to deal with.

My team members are :

Arthur Ignatius - SIMS

Nina Gir- Career Forum

Sunil Goel- Career Forum

Dilraj Rehal- IT Recruitments

Jaslene Bawa- Value Notes

We decided to kick start on 9th Feb from Mahadji Shinde School

We all members meet at the school sharp at 7.45am.Landed up at principle’s office where she gave an overview of the kind of students she has in 8th Std.

As soon as we entered into the class all the kids stood up wished us “Good Morning Teacher”। Hey I used to do this in school …….but never thought that a day will come when some one will wish me so:)

I was accompanied by Arthur & Nina.We were addressing 60 students having equal no of boys & girls.

We introduced our self & asked each one to introduce them self.Some were very loud but majority of them were shy.Our target was to create a comfort zone so that they can open up & be more confident.

We told them that we will be with them every sat & will be playing some games, giving some assignments which will polish there communication skills in English.When Nina asked them, do they find this interesting & useful?

One of the girl said yes……."Because today English is a powerful language & if we want to progress & make our parents & country proud we must master it

We started playing dumb charades having two teams – Boys vs Girls.

We gave them words like (School, Teacher, Books, Success) which they have to inact & the team members should guess the word in English.Girls were very smart compared to boys & at the end of the game girls were leading & good to see every one was involved.

After which we started of with associated words where if I say blue they have to give an English word which they can relate with it

eg Blue – sky, water, color, shirt.

Looking at the response of the class we were surprised. They are so creative & think out of the box.Asked them some GK question & played Tanaji says which they enjoyed the most.

The class was full of laughter & bright faces having a close-up smile on every ones face.

We concluded by

  1. Declaring the winning group – Boys won
  2. Assignment – Every body has to come with a paragraph from English newspaper which they will be reading it aloud in front of the class.

While saying GoodBy I could read their faces -

Their eyes said - “ All ways be with us, we want to be some thing in life

Their smile said - We enjoyed it

But if some one could read my eyes at that movement it said -

My life has become more meaningful. Thanks Kids for adoring, respecting & loving me


InkTank said...

feels nice reading ur post, while seeing some actual contribution n difference being made by ppl, i am sure u must be feeling satisfied after this session u had in the school... wish i had a less hectic job, so tht i cud do some tiny bit too

Bhavya said...

Thanks......for the appreciation.
Trust me, every day at NGO is a learning and a lovely experience.
It the only time when i feel my life is worth it and meaningfully.

Do not worry, as you have the strong desire to work for a social cause -
Time and opportunity will drag you towards it.

CA.Siddharth Ranjan said...

Bhavya, hats off to u:-)

i am going to face a similar situ very soon when i'd start teaching a batch of Std IX students, which includes my cousin, whose English is poor.

Yr blog post is beautiful for it speaks of action and compassion.

Bhavya said...

All the Best for your teaching career.
And thanks for all the appreciation.

Its only people like us who can make a big difference on this world as we think of giving back to the society with out any returns.